You can now download free PowerToys Run for Windows 10, Microsoft's ‘Spotlight’


Alberto Martin – May 19, 2020 – 17: 57 (CET)

PowerToys Run is a search engine launcher available free for Windows 10

Ya puedes descargar gratis PowerToys Run para Windows 10, el ‘Spotlight’ de Microsoft

One of the most important news for those who like to go further in their operating system are the Windows PowerToys 10, which we recently explained to you. However, until now there was no direct way to launch these utilities from any corner of the system, something that Microsoft's BUILD has ended.

The official launcher of PowerToys for Windows 10 is now available for download . It works similarly to the Apple Spotlight but going one step further and offering the possibility, beyond searching to launch applications, of running the small PowerToys utilities.

PowerToys Run: the most interesting Windows utilities 10

In this sense, the PowerToys launcher comes to replace the hitherto Win + R shortcut but offering advanced functionalities. This utility includes quick search of applications and files in Windows, complements like a calculator. Also the ability to find running processes without resorting to the administrator.

At the moment it is a first version somewhat more limited than expected, but it allows you to say goodbye to most tasks in the search bar of the Windows start menu. However, Microsoft intends to provide PowerToys Run with more functionality. Similar to what offer Spotlight plug-ins on Mac or apps like Alfred.

PowerToys Run can be downloaded through Microsoft's own repository on Github, and as we say it is a first version that will receive updates soon with new functionality, although today it is a more interesting tool to facilitate the use of the system In day to day.

Along with PowerToys, Microsoft has also launched a utility for remapping keys in Windows, called Keyboard Manager PowerToy. It is a utility that allows you to change the keys even in shortcuts. Requires Keyboard Manager and PowerToys to run in the background for operation.

A more interesting alternative for remapped temporary or to change the behavior of certain apps.

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