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Yoga mats at ÖKO-TEST: Every second is recommended. Image: Pixabay

Yoga is possible without a yoga mat, but it is rather uncomfortable. A good yoga mat prevents yogis from sliding around when they move from the “looking down dog” to the “inclined plane”. In addition, the hard floor becomes considerably more comfortable, knees as well as wrists and ankles are at least felt to be relieved by the padding. Skin on hands and feet come into direct contact with the mats. In this respect, it is also important that the mats do not contain any dangerous pollutants.

ÖKO-Test has 18 Yoga mats checked for ingredients and other defects. Many of the mats were convincing: Almost every second yoga mat scored “very good”. Nevertheless, some yoga mats contained dangerous pollutants, especially the best-known manufacturer of yoga equipment only managed one “insufficient”. The good news, however, is that the cheapest mat in the test, the Domyos Yoga Mat by Decathlon, received the top grade. The test was carried out by ÖKO-TEST and in the issue 01 / 2019 published for the first time.

You can read this in this article: We present five very good yoga mats from the test field in detail. Then we explain the test procedure and clarify which types of mats are available. Finally, there are tips on materials, cleaning and care.

Yoga mats at ÖKO-TEST: 8 of 18 are very good”

Although yoga is actually an Indian philosophical teaching, the body-related aspect of practice has developed into a trend sport in the western world. In so-called hatha yoga, you go through the asanas, i.e. body positions that build strength, flexibility, balance and muscle endurance. Tools for this include blocks and belts, but also yoga mats. ÖKO-TEST checked them for ingredients and any other defects. Every second mat was rated “very good”. You can read all test results and the complete ranking in the complete ÖKO-TEST article, which you can also call Single item (2, 50 Euro) can be purchased.

Yoga mats in the test: selection of the winners at ÖKO-TEST . 03. 2020)

Surname Plastic recommendation Recommendation made of virgin wool recommendation made of cork


Domyos Yoga Mat Club

Hessnatur Yoga Mat Lamb Lamb

Deuser yoga mat with cork

Overall Rating

“very good”

“very good”

“very good”

For which yoga?

all types of yoga

Kundalini, calm hatha yoga

all yoga -Species


round 25 Euro

round 110 Euro

round 35 Euro

Most popular shop

To the shop (Decathlon) To the shop (Hessnatur) To the shop (Amazon)

Price tip: Domyos Yoga Mat Club

  • Source: Image: Decathlon

    Price tip: Domyos Yoga Mat Club

    Value g: “very good”:

    Offers the best price-performance ratio, no pollutants or other defects.

Attractively priced
100% recyclable
Easy to transport
Made in Taiwan

The Domoyos Yoga Mat Club achieved the rating “very good” in the test. Although it is made of TPE plastic, it does not contain any pollutants nor does it show any other defects.

The mat measures 185 x 60 cm. This is roughly the average of a yoga mat. If the postures are more expansive, you may touch the floor outside the mat.

Domoyos is the yoga house brand of the sporting goods dealer Decathlon. This has the mat produced in Taiwan. The cost of the mat is round 25 Euro , which is why we recommend them as our price tip.

Very good and very cheap: The plastic yoga mat from Decathlon. Photo: Decathlon

Recommendation: Deuser yoga mat with cork

  • Source: Image: Amazon

    Recommendation: Deuser yoga mat with cork

    Rating: “very good”: None found hrlichen ingredients or other defects. Comes with carrying case.

Anti-allergic and anti-static
Of course u nd very little smell
No information on the country of manufacture
plastic underside

Also Deusers yoga mat with cork surface achieved top rating “very good”. The ingredients proved to be harmless and the testers found no other defects.

The special thing about the Deuser mat is the cork surface, which, according to the manufacturer, promises a particularly pleasant feel and dimensional stability. This makes them particularly easy to grip and resistant.

Thanks to the included carrying strap, the mat can be taken to every yoga session. With 183 centimeters in length and 61 centimeters wide, it corresponds to the average dimensions of a yoga mat. However, Deuser does not declare a country of manufacture. For round 30 Euro there is the yoga mat with cork surface to buy.

Grippy and resistant thanks to cork: The Deuser yoga mat achieved the top rating in the test. Photo: Amazon

Recommendation: Hessnatur Yoga mat lamb

  • Source: Image: Hessnatur

    Recommendation: Hessnatur Yoga mat lamb

    Rating: “very good”: Yoga mat made from lamb and cotton . Produced in Germany.

Manufactured in Germany
Bad to transport
Not vegan
Treated with optical brighteners

Also rated “very good” is the Hessnatur Yoga mat lamb . This mat also comes with a new wool top. In contrast to the Bausinger yoga mat, the bottom is not made of plastic, but of cotton. Although it does not contain any harmful ingredients, it has another shortcoming: optical brighteners.

The lamb mat measures 190 x 70 cm and is therefore larger than the average. You can get the mat directly from Hessnatur for round 110 Euro .

Cuddly yoga mat for relaxed yogis: The mat made of lamb pile from Hessnatur also performs very well. Photo: Hessnatur

How much do I have to spend on a good yoga mat?

The test field on yoga mats moves between 25 and 130 Euro. However, an expensive price does not mean better quality. Of the 18 Yoga mats achieved eight the rating “very good”, the price of which ranges from around 25 to round 110 Euro. Cheap and expensive models can also be found in the yoga mats with the rating “satisfactory” to “insufficient”.

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Yoga mats in the test: This is how ÖKO-TEST tests

In order to evaluate the mats, ÖKO-Test took the help of seven specialized laboratories. They examined the different materials for all ingredients. Every material has advantages and disadvantages. Plastics can be problematic plasticizers such as PVC or polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) contain. When producing rubber, so-called vulcanizing, Nitrosamines arise. These are suspected of causing cancer. Also contains natural rubber latex proteins , which is problematic for people with latex allergies. The supposedly safe new wool is often Insecticides treated so that moths and other pests stay away from her.

Found questionable or even carcinogenic Fabrics in the yoga mats lead to devaluation. ÖKO-TEST listed the products with the same overall rating of “very good” alphabetically. You can see a selection of these mats here. The order is not related to the evaluation.

The result of the test shows that you can often not go wrong when buying a yoga mat. However, the grade “unsatisfactory” is disappointing for the Lululemon The Reversible Mat . This contained nitrosamines and other potentially harmful substances. Lululemon is one of the leading manufacturers of yoga accessories and clothing worldwide.

Eight yoga mats convince ÖKO-TEST Image: Pixabay

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What is a yoga mat and how does it work?

A yoga mat is a mat that can be rolled up or folded down and thus offers a non-slip, soft underlay during yoga practice. Because of this, it resembles a simple sleeping pad. Yoga mats can be made of plastics such as T PE, or made of natural materials such as cork or new wool.

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What types of yoga mats are there?

Yoga mats differ from each other in two aspects: the material and the type of storage. Both are quickly explained.

  • Storage type:

    You can either fold a yoga mat for storage or roll it up. Both types have advantages and disadvantages. A foldable yoga mat saves space and is therefore more convenient to take with you. However, these mats are usually not as comfortable and do not shield sensitive knees from the floor as well. A yoga mat to roll is usually thicker and more comfortable, but it is also bulky. There is almost no difference in price.

  • Material:

    Yoga mats are made of different materials. Most models are made of plastic, but you can also find mats made of natural materials such as cork or new wool. As already explained above, however, all materials have positive and negative properties: virgin wool or cork can be contaminated with pesticides, while problematic, carcinogenic substances such as PAH and PVC can also be found in plastics.

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Buying a yoga mat: what should you watch out for?

If you want to buy a new yoga mat, you should be aware of the following aspects:

  • size:

    Depending on how tall you are, you may also need a larger or smaller yoga mat. As a rule of thumb: up to a height of 1, 80 m is enough for a common yoga mat with the dimensions of 180 cm x 60 cm. If you are taller, you should look for an XL yoga mat. These measure up to 200 cm in length and 100 cm in width.

  • Slip resistance:

    A safe stand is essential for yoga. When you move through the asanas, you don't want to slide around with your hands or feet. That is why you should refer to the “non-slip” declaration for the yoga mats. Certain materials are also easier to grip than others: plastics, natural rubber or a natural rubber-jute mixture are suitable here.

  • Material:

    Yoga can be sweaty sport, especially if you move from the looking down dog over the high lungs to the various warriors and back again. With your mat you have constant skin contact over your hands and feet, sometimes your legs and arms. On the one hand, the material should therefore be easy to clean, but on the other hand it should not contain any dangerous ingredients. Therefore, avoid PVC mats.

Yoga mats are made of all sorts of materials. Image: Gettyimages / flisak

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Cleaning yoga mats: How do I care for my yoga mat?

Depending on the material, you can clean your yoga mats in different ways. In principle, however, you should disinfect yoga mats after each practice and allow them to dry well before stowing them again. Cleaning may be a little more intensive once or twice a year.

  • Care Spray: There are special ones Sprays that can be used to remove sweat, dust and other dirt from your mats. These sprays gently clean the mats so that they remain non-slip and do not change the structure of the materials.

  • Can the mat be put in the washing machine? Yes and no. You should not machine wash natural materials such as rubber, jute or cork. Not all plastics are suitable for this either. Therefore, pay attention to the manufacturer's instructions.
  • Home remedies from baking soda and lemon juice: If you like to practice in the green, you may have already discovered grass stains on the mat. You can get this away with a mixture of baking soda, lemon juice and water. To do this, mix the juice and powder with water and dab the mat with the paste. After a short exposure time, wipe the mat. The stain should now be removed.

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Alternatives to the yoga mat: Isn't something else possible?

If you are not yet sure whether you want to indulge in practice, you can alternatively use other mats. Many yoga studios also let you borrow mats if you are still undecided and shouldn't have one yourself. Alternatively, however, you can also use a sleeping mat or similarly padded, non-slip underlay.

The most important questions about yoga mats at a glance:

What is the best yoga mat?

In the test, eight of 18 Yoga mats “very good”, including models from Adidas or Nike. We still recommend the Domyos Yoga Mat Club by Decathlon. This not only received the rating “very good”, but is with a price of around 25 Euro also one of the cheapest mats from our test field.

How much does a good yoga mat cost?

A good yoga mat costs between 25 and 110 Euro. So you can see that the price doesn't really say anything about the quality of the mat. Therefore, when buying a yoga mat, look not at the price but at the ingredients. These say more about the quality of the mat.

How do I clean a yoga mat?

After each practice you should spray the mat with a yoga mat spray, wipe it and let it dry. These special sprays gently remove dirt, sweat and dust from the mat without affecting the structure of the materials.

What is Yoga?

Yoga is a philosophical teaching, which comes from India. It belongs to the six classical schools (Darshanas) of Indian philosophy. So-called yogis practice physical and mental exercises that are supposed to lead body and mind and lead to self-knowledge. However, yoga not only has a relaxing effect on the mind, it also promotes muscle building, balance and concentration.

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