Xiaomi launches an intelligent drinking fountain for pets that is controlled from the mobile

Xiaomi lanza un bebedero inteligente para mascotas que se controla desde el móvil

Xiaomi released a new version from your smart pet drinking fountain . This water source of up to 2 liters will keep your dog or cat hydrated and can be controlled from the mobile. Inside there is a filtration system with four layers to keep the water clean, as well as a temperature control.

The idea of ​​a smart water source was the company's idea at the end of 2018, when it launched low crowfunding a drinking fountain under the Kitten & Puppy brand. Now the Chinese manufacturer returns to its Youpin platform to offer a new version with good features and a breakthrough price .

The Xiaomi Smart Water Dispenser has a 2-liter tank with a filtration system that operates the 24 hours. The four filters inside allow to separate hairs, garbage and other fine particles , as well as chlorine and heavy metal ions.

Water is constantly moving thanks to a sloping design tray. Its operation is silent ; according to the specifications it has a noise level of 30 dB so as not to distract you. Another interesting feature is that can work connected to a power bank . Xiaomi says that it consumes 1 kWh per 10 days and has within it a battery of 500 mAh.

Xiaomi's smart drinker is controlled from the mobile

An important feature is that integrates with other Mijia products , the Xiaomi sub-brand. Through an app we can control the smart drinker and we will be notified when the water is running out . Also integrated is an LED that alerts if the liquid level is low or the filters must be replaced .

Due to its dimensions and weight, the Xiaomi smart water dispenser is focused on dogs and cats of average size. The power system and circuits are hidden at the bottom so as not to take risks. In case of connecting it to the electric current it will be worth covering it to prevent your pet from biting it.

At the moment this drinking fountain is available on the Youpin platform , for just 169 yuan, which is equivalent to 22 euros or 571 pesos. If you are interested you should go to an external distributor, although the price could be doubled as it happened with the previous version.

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