Why is Edgar Wright's Cornetto Trilogy so called?

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Cesar Noragueda – May 16, 2020 – 3: 15 (CET)

This is the explanation that three of the comedies of the English director Edgar Wright are considered the Cornetto Trilogy and what his name is due.

Por qué se llama así la Trilogía del Cornetto de Edgar Wright
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Cinema, like human life itself that reflects or joyfully reimagines, is full of coincidences, of decisions that are made by arbitrary coincidences and that allow us to enjoy it more. One of them is the seed of the Cornetto Trilogy carried out by British director Edgar Wright , author of Scott Pilgrim against the world (2010) or his most accomplished work to date, Baby Driver (2016). This trilogy is made up of comedies Zombies Party (2004), Fatal Weapon (2007) and Welcome to the end of the world (2013)) , which have two protagonist actors in common, Simon Pegg ( Ready Player One ) and Nick Frost ( The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn ).

The explanation of its name is as follows: Wright had raised the Cornetto, a cone ice cream that the Italian company Spica devised in 1959 and now owned by the British-German transnational Unilever, as a hangover remedy for Ed (Frost) based on his own post-binge experiences. Thanks to this coup, the company gave them ice cream as well For the party after the premiere of the film, so Wright and Pegg decided to add other references similar in Fatal Weapon to get more free ice cream , a couple of allusions to the beneficial joke of Zombies Party . But it does not work. And a clever film journalist was attentive to these details and raised them in an interview.

trilogía del cornetto edgar wright
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Wright wanted to explain it to reporter Tom Hudleston from Time Out trilogía del cornetto edgar wright Londoner in August 2013: “ When we were promoting Fatal Weapon , someone noticed the Cornetto connection [con Zombies Party] ”, and asked us if we were going to do a trilogy. And I said: «Yes, it will be like the trilogy Three colors from [Krzysztof] Kieślowski, but with three flavors ». It was a silly joke from an interview that was recycled and repeated. ” In this way, instead of Blue (1993), White and Red (1994), was the bloody strawberry of Zombies Party , the Cornetto with the blue cops of Fatal Weapon and the green mint chocolate from “the little green men” and the science fiction for Welcome to the end of the world .

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