Which water bubbler is better? SodaStream vs. MySodapop

top dog gets new competition

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SodaStream and MySodapop in comparison

The advantages of sparkling water are well known: You don't have to lug heavy boxes into your home, you don't have to bring empties back and you also protect the environment. The soda stream with its chic glass carafes was previously the top dog on the market for water aerators. But with MySodapop there is now serious competition. And at a low price of only 80 Euro. We let both water bubblers compete against each other in the practical test.

SodaStream vs. MySodapop

Den Sodastream Crystal 2.0 with two glass carafes is regularly available for Amazon promotional price of just under 130 Euro. In the official Sodastream shop you pay a whopping 160 Euro – and one only gets a carafe. The MySodapop Sharon model is already available for around 70 Euro, two glass carafes are included as standard.

Visually striking: The Sharon model from MySodapop is a whole lot smaller and also lighter than the Sodastream. The top dog scores with its carafe mug made of stainless steel, which is also an advantage when it comes to handling. With MySodapop, the bottle is snapped into place for bubbling. Instead of the container, there is a so-called “bottle shirt” that you have to put around the bottle with every sparkling process.

Which water bubbler our tester likes best can be seen in the video above.

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