Whatsapp: 18 tips and tricks for using Messenger

Whatsapp is by far the most frequently used messenger in Germany. We'll tell you how to get the most out of the app .

Whatsapp is an integral part of everyday life for many people. In total, the messaging app belonging to the Facebook group has around 1.5 billion monthly active users worldwide. As a rule, they should know how to write text messages or send voice messages, but Whatsapp now offers a whole range of other functions. In the following we want to show you some of them and also go into the most important setting options.

Whatsapp: Blue checkmarks and last online

Since 2014 show blue Checkmark in a WhatsApp chat that the corresponding message has been read by your counterpart. In itself, this is a handy feature, especially when it comes to telling someone something that you don't need a direct response to. But unfortunately there are those incorrigible contemporaries who simply don't want to see that you can't or don't always want to react immediately to one of their messages. For them, a blue checkmark is an open invitation to ask or even criticize why they can't get an answer to their message.

Blaue Haken zeigen an, dass eure Whatsapp-Nachricht gelesen wurde. (Screenshot: Whatsapp Web)

Blue ticks indicate that your WhatsApp message has been read. (Screenshot: Whatsapp Web)

If you are in contact with such people for whatever reason, you can consider whether you should simply deactivate the blue ticks. To do this, go to Settings> Account> Privacy and deactivates the read receipts. But be careful: Then you will no longer see if someone has read your messages. In addition, you can also ensure in the same menu that Whatsapp no ​​longer shows when you were last online. However, you should note that you will still be shown as online if you really are. Only the time of your last Whatsapp usage will no longer be shown to your contacts.

How to mute group chats

Loved and hated: Group chats are an easy way to chat with friends or relatives. Depending on how informative the people in a group are, the many notifications can get annoying very quickly. Fortunately, you can also mute groups. To do this, you have to click on the menu icon in the upper right corner of the group. Then you select the menu item Mute . Now you can choose whether you want to “mute” the group for eight hours, a week or a whole year. You can also specify here whether you still want to receive notifications from the muted group.

Pin WhatsApp chats: How to keep your favorites

If you don't always want to scroll through the chat overview to find the message history with a certain person or the favorite group, you can also fix individual chat histories in the chat overview. The respective chat is then displayed at the top – even if there are more current messages in other chats. On Android you have to press a chat longer. Then several icons appear above the overview. The first shows a thumbtack. If you select them, the chat will be fixed. On iOS, you have to swipe from left to right over the desired message history to see the option.

Memorize posts for later

Depending on how active your chat contacts are, interesting links or pictures can quickly get lost in the flood of messages. Conveniently, you can also save messages for later. To do this, press the respective message longer and then select the star icon in the top bar. You can then call up messages marked in this way by using the – Icon pressed and there marked with an asterisk selects.

Oops: How to delete your Whatsapp messages

If you have accidentally sent a message to the wrong recipient, there is now the option to delete this message later. To do this, press and hold the corresponding message and then select the trash icon. Then you have to click on delete for everyone . But be careful: You can only delete messages up to about an hour after being sent.

Giphy: Use animated GIFs directly in the WhatsApp chat

Whatsapp also supports animated GIFs. (GIF: t3n)

If you want to pimp your text messages a bit, you can now include animated GIFs. The highlight: Whatsapp allows you to access the GIF search engine Giphy directly via Messenger. Under iOS you have to enter a chat and click on the plus icon. Then you choose Photo / Video Media Center and choose below the magnifying glass symbol GIF off. On Android, the function is a little more sensible: If you select the emoji overview in the text input field, you will find a GIF icon at the bottom of the image. The Giphy search and results will then show you this instead of the on-screen keyboard.

Create your own GIFs with Whatsapp

If you want, you can also create your own GIFs with Whatsapp. To do this, simply select the camera symbol in a chat and then hold the virtual shutter button down to record a video. Then the clip will be displayed again and you can convert the video into the popular moving image file format by pressing the GIF lettering. You can also edit the video length here and enhance the GIF with texts, emojis or drawings.

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