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Conclusion from 22. 01. 2020

The gaming monitor ViewSonic XG 270 QG is almost entirely positive in the test. The image quality of the WQHD monitor is impressive, and the monitor also scores with sync technology from AMD and Nvidia. The equipment and ergonomics are also great, but the power consumption could be lower – especially in standby mode.

Good–price Relationship
FreeSync and G-Sync
pivot function

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Test scores from the CHIP test center (Was standing 22. 01. 2020)

ViewSonic XG 270 QG in the test: FreeSync and G-Sync combined

Gamers who wanted to synchronize the refresh rate of their monitor with that of their graphics card had to be careful to buy a monitor that matches the graphics card. Because while AMD's FreeSync only worked with graphics cards with AMD chips, players have to resort to an Nvidia card for G-Sync. But the time for this decision ends. Because the ViewSonic XG 270 QG dominates alongside others new monitors both sync types. Furthermore, the 27 – inch IPS display with a resolution of 2. 560 x 1. 440 pixels and a refresh rate of 165 Hertz. With only 1 millisecond latency, the XG 270 QG very responsive and offers great color space coverage: We measure at sRGB 99, 9 percent and with Adobe RGB 98, 1 percent. The image quality is not outstanding, but overall good. For an even better picture you have to dig deeper into your pocket, like our best list shows.

The ViewSonic XG 270 QG delivers a convincing test result. Image: ViewSonic

Flexible thanks to pivot

The ViewSonic XG 270 QG can be adjusted in height and angle and also controls a pivot -Function. This allows you to move the monitor around 90 degrees and show content in a kind of portrait view, which can be useful for texts or chats, for example. A USB 3.0 hub is also on the plus side, and in addition to the two HDMI ports, there is also a display port. Ultimately, energy efficiency is the only test category that drops. 49, 3 watts in operation in unchanged standard mode are still okay, but there are monitors that consume less. Again, the attractive price-performance ratio is convincing. For round 800 Euro you get a good overall package.

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Alternative: price-performance winner

Good quality at a very low price is offered by the ViewSonic XG 270 For approximately 550 Euro. The 240 – Hertz monitor can only be used in 1080 p, but also has FreeSync and G-Sync on board. Despite higher brightness and more contrast, the overall picture quality is worse than that of the ViewSonic XG 270 QG. But you don't have to do without the great features and the pivot function. And with 36 Watts in operation and 0.2 watts in standby, the energy balance is also good.

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