USA would be preparing a lawsuit against Google due to its “monopoly” of Internet ads


AND. P. – May 15, 2020 – 23: 54 (CET)

According to the 'WSJ', USA. is filing a lawsuit against Google for exploiting its search dominance to create a monopoly on internet ads.

EE.UU. estaría preparando una demanda contra Google debido a su «monopolio» de anuncios en internet
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The United States Department of Justice, together with various states of the North American country, are preparing a lawsuit against Google , as reported The Wall Street Journal . According to the aforementioned media, the authorities concluded that those of Mountain View created a monopoly on internet advertisements . The legal process would be approved this summer, while the investigation would be completed in the fall.

It was last March when Senators Josh Hawley and Richard Blumenthal launched an investigation against Google for their dominance in the advertising sector. Both politicians believe that the technology giant has total dominance of digital ads thanks to its total control of the search market . “Having more than 90% of the global search market share, opportunities for anti-competitive behavior are substantial, “they said in a letter.

However, the most important part of the document has to do with the supposed practices of Google to maintain the leadership of the sector. According to the rulers, the company committed “illicit means” to dominate searches. In fact, they recalled the movement of the European Union in 2017, when Google was fined 2. 700 millions of dollars (2. (millions of euros) for violating competition rules.

Until then, it was the largest sanction for a technology company in European territory. “What Google did is illegal under EU competition rules. It denied other companies the opportunity to compete on the merits and innovate. And even more importantly, it denied European consumers a genuine offer of services and the full benefits of innovation, “said then Margrethe Vestager, EU Commissioner for Competition.

A great blow against Google

If the demand of the North American government proceeds, would be one of the most significant efforts of the United States to regulate the activity of Google . The Wall Street Journal explains that, so far, the company has already delivered close to 100. 000 documents to collaborate with the investigation. However, surely some company executives will get involved in the coming months to defend the company's position.

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