Ubisoft sues Apple and Google for infringing copyright

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Luis Miranda – May 19, 2020 – 4: 40 (CET)

  • Ubisoft sued Apple and Google for refusing to remove a shameless copy of 'Rainbow Six Siege' from their app stores 'Area F2'.
  • The French company accuses Apple and Google of profiting financially from this game.

Ubisoft demanda a Apple y Google por infringir derechos de autor

Ubisoft sued Apple and Google by infringing copyright by refusing to remove a game from its app stores. According to TorrentFreak , the French company launched against Area F2, an idiosyncratic copy of the game Rainbow Six: Siege which is distributed free of charge in the App Store and Google Play.

Although the demand is focused on the Chinese developer Ejoy, owned by Alibaba, Google and Apple are complicit in refusing to eliminate the game. Both ignored a DCMA complaint filed in late April specifying that Area F2 infringed copyrights.

The problem with Area F2 Not that it's a clone of Rainbow Six: Siege , but being free it benefits with micropayments . Thanks to the policies of the app stores, Google and Apple would get the 30% of that income .

“Ubisoft is informed and believes, and on that basis alleges, that Google and Apple have received (and while AF2 remain available will continue to receive) substantial earnings in connection with the game and, furthermore, that each has sent or intends to send a portion of those earnings to a foreign bank account maintained by Ejoy and retain the rest for himself as profit. ”

Google and Apple obtain economic benefits, according to Ubisoft

The French publisher claims in its lawsuit that Apple and Google have real and constructive knowledge of the infringement . Since they obtain a financial benefit, they cannot claim a safe harbor under the section 512 of the DMCA.

The complaint was filed in a District of California court last Friday. The document states that Area F2 , developed by Ejoy, is an illegal copy of Rainbow Six Siege in all aspects.

Those who know the game just have to look at the screenshots found in the Play Store to realize the similarity. Ubisoft accuses that all elements of the game are cloned from the original .

Area F2 copied almost everything , down to the layout of maps, sound effects and advertising material. If we look at the icon of the game we will realize that it is an inverted version of the logo of Rainbow Six Siege

Chinese clones are an evil that dates back to the beginnings of app stores. This situation is delicate since Google and Apple are involved as accomplices. Coming from a dealer as big as Ubisoft, things shouldn't be taken lightly.

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