Three products to sanitize your home in times of COVID-19

At this point, practically all of us are clear about the measures to be followed to avoid catching the coronavirus, a disease that has devastated the entire planet and that has completely transformed the habits of the entire world.

Leaving shoes at the entrance, not touching our eyes, nose or mouth when we are on the street or washing our hands thoroughly several times a day are some measures that we can all do at home. However, having a completely aseptic home and without virus remains , is easier with these three objects that Banggood presents to us and that, in addition, has a reduction in its price for all Hipertextual readers.

Xiaomi Automatic Soap Dispenser – 10, 96 euros .

As we have previously said, washing hands is essential. However, many will agree that touching the soap pot with your hands can be a little uncomfortable, as well as being unhygienic if you do it with dirty hands. For all of them, Xiaomi has put the automatic soap dispenser on sale. Just put your hand close to the sensor and a soapy dose will come out, enough for hand washing. If we need more soap, we can repeat the process. A clean and comfortable way to wash your hands and that now also has a significant discount.

Using the discount code BGYOTU 11 (before making the payment) your final price is 10, 96 euros.

Ozone generating machine – 54, 06 euros

Ozone has become the cleanest way to sanitize an area. Disinfectant products such as alcohol or bleach, of course clean, but they are products that can be toxic. In public places such as restaurants or waiting rooms, ozone machines are increasingly used. Now you can also apply the same method at home with this Banggood machine, with a price of around 50 euros.

Ozone generating machine

Using the discount code BG6OZONE (before making the payment) your final price is 54 , 06 euros.

Sterilizing machine – 32, 29

If in the previous point we have treated the sterilization of spaces and environments, now we present you with an object sterilizer. The main advantage is that it combines disinfection power and a folding format, which will not take up much space in your home. You can disinfect toys, dishes and any not too bulky object in a simple way in an estimated time of 60 seconds. It includes a disinfection module that can be replaced when necessary and USB rechargeable batteries so you can forget about batteries.

Using the discount code BGMHDCD (before making the payment) your final price is 32, 29 euros.

About Banggood

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