This teenager is using real autonomous car technology to drive in GTA V

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Alberto Martin – May 20, 2020 – 11: 57 (CET)

By adapting the real autonomous driving software, this programmer has managed to improve driving in GTA V.

Este adolescente está utilizando tecnología real de coches autónomos para conducir en GTA V

GTA V is one of the best-selling titles of the decade and one of the games that leave more space for developers to create authentic special worlds. We show you its possibilities recently with this mod thanks to the fact that the game can be downloaded for free.

However, and although fiction prevails over all things, the truth is that the world that GTA recreates gives space to experiment with real physics or special behaviors that give greater realism to the game. In this sense, a teenage programmer has managed to take advantage of the game's driving system … using real autonomous car technology.

And it is that due to the chaos that is often generated when driving within the game, this developer has looked for a way so that, using the algorithms that teach autonomous cars to interact with the road, driving can be simplified and in the game and make it less chaotic. That is, without accidents at each traffic light.

Thus, they have managed to use adapt open source driving software to control vehicles in Grand Theft Auto V:

A virtual self driving car, @comma_ai openpilot driving in GTA V. Add your favorite game!

– littlemountainman (@littlemtman) May 4, 2020

The main problem is that for it works correctly, it is it is necessary to place a camera system inside the car that sees the road and can analyze the situation, something that is not so simple in GTA, since the cameras, although interior, are limited in field of view. Also, the cars in the game do not have telemetry that can be used, other than speed.

As the developer has told Vice, this has created special difficulties. It took two weeks to code the steering wheel and environment control. Of course, now you have a version of Openpilot that works with Grand Theft Auto as if it were a real car.

And thanks to him we now know that GTA V and its chaotic driving can be used to train artificial intelligence for autonomous cars … and vice versa.

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