This is how spectacular the new gameplay of ‘The Last of Us Part II’ looks

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Alberto Martin – May 20, 2020 – 17: 11 (CET)

Sony shows what The Last of Us Part II looks like in a new gameplay just one month after the release of the expected title.

Así de espectacular luce el nuevo gameplay de ‘The Last of Us Part II’

The Last of Us Part II is about to hit the shelves, both physical and virtual. One of the most anticipated titles of the current generation of consoles will come to PS4 on next 19 June after delays , but with one of the more spectacular graphics sections.

In this sense, Sony has shared a new gameplay of the expected The Last of Us Part II , proving that the Naughty Dog title delay was fully justified judging what the PS4 title looks like:

The new trailer with gameplay of The Last of Us Part II arrives just two weeks after its highly anticipated trailer for launch, focused on the figure of Ellie. The game will test the player's ability through a title that continues the adventures of the first installment. The new title looks much superior to the previous one both in gameplay and graphics, and it is expected that in its own plot as well.

No more delays for The Last of Us Part II

Much darker, bloodier and, of course, more adult, it is postulated as the most important launch of the last stretch of life of PS4, and that together with Ghost of Tsushima, are the two exclusive ones that end the current generation of consoles before the presentation and launch of PS5, which is expected later this year. The last great Naugthy Dog game for this magnificent generation.

Neil Druckmann himself, CEO of Naugthy Dog and director of the game confirmed that the title is ready and that no further delays are expected for his arrival on PS4. The confinement by coronavirus has had a major impact in releasing many of the titles, with several delays for fall and with this delivery one month after its original announcement, set for the month of May itself 2020.

The game launch is set for 19 June 2020, although it can already be booked in most physical stores and on the PlayStation itself Store for online download.

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