The new gameplay of ‘Ghost of Tsushima’ boasts its brutal combat and customization options

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Ebenizer Pinedo – May 14, 2020 – 23: 41 (CET)

Sony and Sucker Punch shared a new gameplay for ‘Ghost of Tsushima’. The video, of 18 of duration, teaches us the mechanics of exploration, combat and personalization.

El nuevo gameplay de ‘Ghost of Tsushima’ presume su brutal combate y las opciones de personalización

Sony had already told us that during the current week, would share a new and extensive gameplay of Ghost of Tsushima . The company kept its promise and Sucker Punch, the developer studio, took advantage of 18 minutes to tell us about his game. The material gives us a look like never before at the main mechanics of the title: its exploration, the combat and the overwhelming customization options. Of course, they boasted the shocking audiovisual section, captured on a PlayStation 4 Pro.

As you can see in the video, Tsushima Island offers a wide variety of scenarios. You will come across all kinds of natural landscapes to small urban centers. Due to the wide dimensions of the terrain, the player will be able to set markers and the wind will It will guide you to the desired location. The developers made it clear that, being Ghost of Tsushima a video game of open world , we will always have full freedom to explore it at our leisure from the beginning ; there will be no limitations. You can do it on foot or riding a horse.

When it comes to combat, Ghost of Tsushima will offer us multiple movements and strategies to face the enemies . For example, we can go direct against them using our swords. However, we also have the option to opt for stealth and surprise them. Jin, as the protagonist has been named, can throw objects at a distance to distract rivals. Then you can attack them from behind with a special move. The mechanics will surely remind you of Assassin's Creed .

Did you expect to customize your samurai? Well Ghost of Tsushima includes Leftover options to modify Jin's appearance . Beyond changing the 'look' of the protagonist, the developers mention that the selection of armor will influence your style of play. The best thing will be to study the advantages and disadvantages of each one to use them in our favor. In the same way you will find “Charms”, which are abilities to improve your conditions during combat. That is, exploration has a deeper mechanics than just moving from one place to another.

To finish, the game promises the most spectacular “Photo Mode” we have seen so far . It will even be possible to keep the background movements and edit them until you get the best shot. Are you a fan of black and white cinema? Ghost of Tsushima offers you the option to change the entire adventure to grayscale, so you will enjoy a more cinematic experience. The title, which will also be the last major exclusive to the Playstation 4, will be available next 17 July.

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