The keys to the success of Netflix ‘Valeria’ is not the plot: it is a pre-pandemic life

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Monica Redondo – May 15, 2020 – 13: 00 (CET)

The series 'Valeria' is the new Spanish bet on Netflix and one of the reasons for its success is the representation of life before the coronavirus.

Las claves del éxito de ‘Valeria’ de Netflix no es la trama: es una vida pre-pandemia

The series Valeria has entered stomping on Netflix. It has been the last Spanish production for the streaming platform and, since it was released last Friday, it has maintained almost all week the number 1 in the ranking of the most viewed series. The hook worked: a writer in crisis, a married couple in the same situation and the appearance of a boy who promises to throw everything into the air. The story of Valeria (Diana Gómez) is intertwined with that of her three friends. But the series has a fifth protagonist: Madrid .

Based on the novels of Elísabet Benavent , Valeria has not shone in the critics, nor other Spanish productions did it on the platform such as The cable girls . But that has not deprived them of their success in audience. In the case of this latest premiere, the plot is wrapped within a Madrid that is now nostalgic . The four friends drinking in a bar, the downtown squares, the nightlife and that light that beautifies the city streets in early spring and summer.

A life without pause that is reflected in the lives of the protagonists, who enter this whirlwind from the most stimulating to the most frustrating parts, such as the price of rental of apartments in the city. A strategy that is not new and that has given rise to comparisons with the classic Sex in New York .

The series begins in May, just the month we are in, but with the difference that this year is being nothing short of extraordinary. Quarantined and during a global pandemic . And Valeria gives us that memory of cities as they we remember and we are so eager to recover. The stories of love -and also heartbreak- and the challenges of a group of girls about to enter their thirties. All the fears and emotions are lived in the streets of the capital, which accompanies the protagonists as one more friend.

And this has been, without a doubt, one of the keys to success from the Netflix series. If we were not confined and Valeria would have been released in the normality of Before, Madrid could have gone more unnoticed. It would have been a detail that many would not have noticed. But this series has come at the right time, when it seems that we start dating of this impasse and we have, now more desire than ever, to relive the city as we did before.

Valeria Netflix Madrid

Would the series have reached the top of the ranking without the coronavirus? Surely yes. Everyday scenes between friends, love affairs, job challenges and sexual encounters. The cocktail with enough ingredients to attract a large number of spectators .

However, Valeria has earned a number considerable of detractors, especially the readers of the Benavent saga and who have criticized the adaptation Valeria Netflix Madrid from Netflix. In addition to other understandable criticisms such as the representation of the four friends. Without going any further, Valeria does not have a stable job at the beginning of the series but lives in a more than cute apartment. And in the city center.

But, while we can be watching a series that the critic describes as mediocre, Valeria has the plus of taking us to a Madrid full of life, with the terraces full and the bars all the way to the top. And without masks . To a Madrid to which we will return and that this series makes us want even more.

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