The films that Wes Anderson recommends you to spend these days

Besides an extraordinary director, Wes Anderson is also a passionate lover of cinema. One also, who openly admits that one of his great hobbies is enjoying again and again his favorite selection of movies , like any other movie fan worth his salt.

Thus, the health emergency of the coronavirus and the necessary compliance with quarantine, allowed Anderson to go through his personal film library again, and to devote effort and time to recommending to his fans his classic historical and contemporary favorites, which considers that every lover of a hundred must see at least once . From Do the Right Thing of Spike Lee, to What Price Hollywood by George Cukor, the director's list of film preferences encompasses the best and choicest in Hollywood history.

IndieWire echoed Anderson's full compilation of recommendations. That during these days he has commented on his state of mind after the Cannes premiere of The French Dispatch was postponed when the festival was canceled. The director – who last participated in the film event for the premiere of his remembered Moonrise Kingdom – participated in a film and quarantine survey that led out the newspaper New York Times . In which, in addition to talking about his future projects and some details about how he copes with mandatory confinement, he shared some memories about the festival and his experiences.

“I have a 4-year-old daughter, so like many others in our situation, I am now a part-time hobbyist teacher,” Anderson told the newspaper. “Much of what I'm reading has to do with ancient Egypt, dinosaurs, insects, and the Amazon rainforest. But also: Patricia Highsmith, James Baldwin, Elmore Leonard and a book about pests. ”

Wes Anderson's selection with jewels from the cinema


In addition to his humorous comments on domestic life, the director also shared an interesting list of the movies he has enjoyed during confinement , including an elegant selection of the best of cinema and also, a curious look at the way Anderson understands the seventh art.

Anderson listed the movies that have accompanied him on the most difficult nights. In addition, he added the titles that, in his opinion, should be part of the collection of any cinema lover:

  • Alice Adams , by George Stevens (1935))
  • Beat the Devil , by John Huston (1954)
  • Nothing Sacred , by William A. Wellman (1937)
  • Do the Right Thing , by Spike Lee (1989)
  • The Long Voyage Home , by John Ford (1940))
  • A Story From Chikamatsu , by Kenji Mizoguchi (1954)
  • La Grande Bouffe , by Marco Ferreri's (1973)
  • Passionate Friends , by David Lean (1949))
  • Station Six-Sahara , by Seth Holt (1962)
  • What Price Hollywood , by George Cukor (1932)
  • Winter Kills , by William Richert (1979)

An unforgettable experience

For Anderson, cinema is a total experience and as such is part of his life on many different levels. In the same interview included with the survey of the New York Times , the director spoke about his experience at the festival, and especially about the feeling of profound wonder that caused him the possibility of living the cinema as a magical journey through all kinds of records.

“Thierry Frémaux [el director del festival] really knows how to organize a film festival. There were good movies of all kinds from all over the planet, and what could be better to see 251 perfectly restored minutes of Once Upon a Time … in America on the shores of the Mediterranean? ”, he commented. For Anderson, who received a standing ovation and was celebrated as one of the great promises of cinema in the future, Cannes became a look at cinema from a deeper and artistic angle.

Searchlight announced earlier this year that it would premiere The French Dispatch in Cannes, ensuring the quality of state-of-the-art piece pure from the director's new film. A news that Thierry Frémaux confirmed in several interviews. And although Cannes canceled its dates this year due to the global emergency caused by the coronavirus, it is more than likely that before the end of July, it announced a shortlist, as a tribute to the participants who had already chosen to be part of the Festival.

Most likely, Anderson's new work is one of the most important premieres in this compilation.

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