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iPhone models: the chronological order

Would you like to buy a new iPhone, but have lost track of the numerous models? We clarify the big iPhone comparison and show you which iPhone suits you best. In the video we take you on an iPhone journey through time.

iPhone comparison 2020: These are the best models

Not so long ago, it was quite easy to keep track of iPhones: after the iPhone 4 came the 4s, followed by the iPhone 5 and 5s, and so on further. But at some point the Plus models mingled with it. A little later it became a Max, the numbers became letters, then numbers again and suddenly a “Pro” was added. If you still want to keep an eye on things here, you need a cool head. We help you in our large iPhone comparison and give you purchase recommendations for the iPhones of the last generations.

iPhone SE: The smallest member in the iPhone comparison

While new iPhones are traditionally introduced in the second half of the year, this model was somewhat out of line: The iPhone SE was created on 21 , March 2016 presented and combined the technology of the iPhone 6s with the design of the iPhone 5s. Only the then new 3D touch was missing. This model is still supplied by Apple with software updates and therefore also runs with the current iOS 13. However, there is an update to iOS 14 probably ready.

Apple no longer officially offers this smartphone. Remnants from larger dealers have also been cleared for a long time. In order to still be able to get hold of this iPhone model, there is hardly any way around used markets. There, however, the smartphone will only be around 100 to 150 Euro traded. As a reminder: The RRP for the iPhone SE was around 480 Euro for the smallest storage variant with 16 gigabytes. For 64 Gigabytes have already been 580 Euro due.

Who should use this iPhone? This iPhone is really hard to recommend. Although the SE offers a great form factor for fans of compact smartphones that are hardly built today – a fact that we regret. However, the smartphone is no longer future-proof in comparison with the newer models: support ends after the next major iOS update at the latest, the battery life has never been outstanding and the rest of the hardware, including the camera, display and processor, is no longer up-to-date .

The compact and inexpensive alternative – unfortunately out of date Picture: Apple

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iPhone 7 and 7 Plus: The home button went digital for the first time

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus were on 16. September 2016 and followed the model line of the direct predecessor iPhone 6 and 6s Plus: Again, almost the same, renewed hardware was installed in two housing sizes, which only differ in battery capacity and display resolution. However, a crucial difference between the two models is new: While the model with a 4.8-inch screen size still uses only one camera on the back, the 5.5-inch model comes with a second lens. This enables telephoto recordings with a factor of 2x.

Also new: For the first time, the Apple-typical home button was no longer installed as a physical button. Instead, the group used technology that had already been installed and combined 3D touch with the vibration motor. The user was realistically simulated a button without actually pressing one. The functions of the “button” remained the same.

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are no longer officially sold by Apple and are no longer sold in shops. So there is hardly a way around eBay classifieds and Co. There is the iPhone 7 for around 250 to 300 Euro and the iPhone 7 Plus for 300 to 350 Euro offered. With iOS 13 the two models received their fourth major software update. Thus, users will still be offered at least one, if not two, major iOS updates on their cell phones.

Who should use this iPhone? If you are looking for a cheap iPhone or a second hand cell phone that is still up to date, you can take a closer look at throw the iPhone 7 or 7 Plus. When buying a used car, however, pay attention to the battery performance (Settings -> Battery -> Battery status): The models did not have the longest-lasting batteries anyway and used them may have significantly less capacity. You may have to add the cost of replacing the battery to the top. However, if you only long for the old design with a home button, you should rather use the next cell phone.

The smaller iPhone of the seventh generation still had to get by with a single camera on the back. Picture: CHIP

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iPhone 8 and 8 Plus: More like an iPhone 7s

As on 22. September 2017 the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus were introduced, not much has changed externally compared to the predecessor. More specifically, nothing has changed in terms of design: same display sizes, same camera design, same digital home button and still no headphone jack. The name “iPhone 7s” would probably have been even better for the model. However, it came back with the latest hardware: This included, among other things, a newer processor and improvements to the camera. In addition, Apple uses wireless charging for the first time.

The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus came with iOS for the first time 11 and have since been supplied with two major software updates. So you are up to date for a while if you look at the 2017 he cell phone only today. The eighth generation iPhones are also the oldest models that Apple still sells itself. On the official website, the manufacturer has the smaller model in the basic version 529 Euro, for the larger model will be 649 Euro due. Compared to the 799 respectively. 969 Euro RRP at the market launch has already done a lot here. Nevertheless you get for over 500 Euro already different, mostly significantly better smartphone.

Who should grab this iPhone? Apple lovers who yearn for the classic design with a home button will get the with the iPhones eighth generation the latest devices that Apple has ever sold with this look. Of course, these models can also be used as second cell phones, but you should consider whether a cheaper iPhone 7 (Plus) will not. For all other purposes, the buyer should take a little more money in hand and buy a more current model.

Dual camera, wireless charging and much more: Nice technology, but already installed in the iPhone 7 (Plus) Picture: CHIP

To test the iPhone 8

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iPhone X: Ouh, and there is one more thing …

For the anniversary of the iPhone 8 (Plus), the manufacturer showed according to the traditional phrase “Ouh, and there is one more thing” (“Oh, there would be something else “) the iPhone X (read: iPhone 10). Thus, the manufacturer showed on 22. September 2017 Three iPhones in one evening for the first time. In contrast to the other two models, the iPhone X has done a lot more: a completely new design, a larger and longer display, for the first time with OLED technology, hardly any display edges, no more home button, the face recognition “Face ID” and the first smartphone with the now widely used notch. For the first time, Apple is installing a larger display than that of its previous Plus models in a housing the size of its regular models.

The iPhone X was also first used with iOS 11 shipped and is currently with iOS 13 up to date. Software updates will be received for a few more years before Apple unplugs its first fullscreen iPhone. The RRP of the smartphone after the release has washed, however: In the basic version with 64 Gigabyte, Apple let the model 1. 149 Euro cost. For 256 Gigabytes of storage space were even 1. 319 Euro due. In the meantime, the smartphone can no longer be bought from Apple itself, but many retailers carry the 2017 flagship still in the range. Depending on the retailer and conditions, you can now get the smartphone for still handsome 500 to 800 Euro.

Who should this iPhone to grab? If you want to enjoy the finest design language that Apple currently offers in the cheapest possible way, that should take a look at the iPhone X. Even as the main device, the model is still doing well and as a transfer model from the old to the new design, the X is an excellent entry: All newer iPhones since the iPhone X can be operated identically.

Characteristic of the new display design: the notch at the top of the screen Picture: CHIP

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iPhone XR: The affordable, expensive iPhone

At the 12. September 2018 Apple also showed three new iPhones, one of which was called XR. After the release of the iPhone X, many voices were heard that the prices for an iPhone in the new design were significantly too high. Apple responded by launching the iPhone XR. It came in the same design language as the iPhone X: no more home button, a full-screen display with notch at the top of the screen and the new Face ID. However, buyers have to accept some disadvantages compared to Apple's flagship models: the display does not rely on OLED, but on IPS technology, the resolution is lower compared to the top models, the display edges around the device are significantly thicker and the second Camera lens on the back is missing.

With a 6.1-inch screen diagonal, the iPhone XR fits exactly between its two flagship brothers in terms of size, but has an RRP of 849 Euro in the basic version the cheapest model. This smartphone appeared with the iOS operating system in the version 12 and is therefore at least according to Apple to iOS 16, if not even until iOS 17 supplied with system updates – after all, the sales figures of the model made waves. In any case, you do not have to worry about the currentness of the smartphone. In addition, the “entry-level iPhone” scores with its flagship brothers with a massively better battery life.

Apple itself continues to sell this smartphone on its website and still requires around 699 Euro. However, many retailers offer the smartphone cheaper in their range. Depending on the shop, the iPhone XR is placed around 500 to 600 euros on the table.

Who should use this iPhone? Especially at the price of 500 to 600 Euro, the iPhone XR is a strong recommendation. The long battery life, the still raging performance and the potent camera bring the buyer almost everything he can expect from a cell phone. Compared to the more expensive models, however, the second camera lens is missing and the user has to accept some disadvantages in the display experience.

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iPhone Xs and Xs Max: Apple runs out of ideas

Also on 12. September 2018 The models iPhone Xs and Xs Max were introduced. While Apple previously used the “Plus” suffix for its XL models, “Max” has now been created for this iPhone generation. But apart from a larger screen size with a higher resolution and a higher battery capacity, the two models do not differ from each other: Both the Xs and the Xs Max use the same processor with the same amount of RAM, the same camera lenses and the same software are installed. And in terms of design, the Xs has done nothing compared to the iPhone X: Visible from the outside, o b it is an iPhone X or Xs, borders on an impossibility.

Apple's iPhone Xs model series is also no longer sold. After the release, buyers for the basic model were awarded 1. 149 Euro for Cashier asked. For more storage space, an RRP of up to juicy 1. 649 Euro due. In the meantime you can find models for around the on eBay and Co. Euro, which however still is is a big stick of money.

Who should grab this iPhone? Almost no one now: Who on the slightly better processor and the other small upgrades compared to the iPhone X or can do without XR is better advised with one of these two models. However, if you want the best of the best and would like to spend a little more money on a smartphone, you should instead look at one of the latest iPhones instead.

Apple iPhone XS and XS Max in the review

To test the iPhone Xs

To test the iPhone Xs Max

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iPhone 11: Even the last iPhone now has two camera lenses

While Apple threw letters at the previous iPhone generation, the manufacturer returns to the numbers for the current generation. The iPhone 11 appeared on 20. September 2019 and represents the direct successor to the iPhone XR and is accordingly Apple's “entry-level smartphone” again. The front of the cell phone looks confusingly similar to the predecessor, only on the back do differences become clear: The Apple logo moves to a centered position and even the cheapest iPhone now comes with a second camera lens, which ensures wide-angle shots. The battery life has improved slightly compared to the XR and the hardware has also been brought up to date.

Since the smartphone is part of Apple's current line-up, it will be still enjoy many software updates. So the device is always future-proof. To an RRP of 799 Euro came the iPhone 11 launched a few months ago. Thus, Apple has asked for the entry-level series of its smartphones right from the start 50 euros less than the XR. However, it is worth looking at other retailers, because contrary to what you are used to from Apple, the iPhone undergoes 11 a price drop already.

Who should use this iPhone? If you want the latest hardware and a future-proof smartphone without spending a four-digit amount, you can use the iPhone 11 well advised. It offers great performance, great battery life and a great camera. However, as is already the case with the iPhone XR: Compared to the top models, the buyer gets a much worse LC display and thicker display edges. Size, form factor and notch have remained the same.

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iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max: Damn good and damn expensive

The iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max represent the best of what Apple currently has to offer. The models were also on 20. September 2019 presented. The front is still identical to the iPhone 11 built up, but has on the back a lot done: Instead of the shiny glass come the iPhone 11 Pro and that 11 Pro Max with a matt back, similar to the Google Pixel 3 (XL) , a wide-angle camera has been added to the two camera lenses and the battery life has improved massively: more than 50 percent compared to the predecessor is now on top of it. So it is not surprising that both iPhone Pro models were released in January 2020 can be found in the top 5 of our best list and only two smartphones from Samsung must give up.

Like that 2018 he flagship Line The iPhone comes up from Apple 00 Pro and 11 Per Max with juicy prices: the smaller model starts in the basic version with not really affordable 1. 149 Euro. For this, the buyer receives 5.8 inch screen diagonal and 64 Gigabytes of storage. For 256 Gigabytes of storage space are already 1. 319 Euro due. If that's still not enough, you can use the internal memory for further 230 Euro double again to half a terabyte. For the larger model, additional 100 Euro due. For the maximum equipped model, Apple demands a more than proud price of 1. 649 Euro. Lower prices will also rarely be found at other retailers at the moment.

Who should use this iPhone? Anyone who is willing to spend a sum that is absurdly high for a smartphone will receive a top smartphone in return from a globally renowned manufacturer: Hardware and software are perfectly coordinated, materials and workmanship are of very high quality and software updates are guaranteed for a few years. However, you should survive to see if you are still on the iPhone 12 (Pro) wait can, because major innovations are expected for this generation: Apple may be installing an iPhone for the first time 90- or even 120 Hertz display, 5G could be on board, as well as a ToF depth sensor. There could also be some changes to the design and the wide notch could shrink significantly.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro (Max) in review

To test the iPhone 11 Per

To test the iPhone 11 Per Max

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