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Wireless headphones with their own transmitter are an alternative to Bluetooth. Image: Sennheiser

Wireless headphones with transmitter and receiver are still an alternative to Bluetooth devices. When it comes to connecting to a television or stereo system, conventional radio technology offers advantages because manufacturers can optimize the transmission of the audio signal. Our recommendations for wireless headphones can be found here, based on tests and assessments by Amazon users.

Wireless headphones are practical and convenient, but there are differences in the radio standard: Bluetooth is now widespread, but the standard primarily focuses on the greatest possible compatibility. Bluetooth devices must adhere to precise guidelines, especially with regard to the frequency range of the radio waves used. As a result, there are restrictions on the transmission flexibility. Radio headphones are sometimes not affected. Since they bring their own radio transmitter, the manufacturers can better optimize the transmission of the radio waves.

Radio headphones therefore still have many advantages, especially with TV sets and hi-fi Stereo systems. All you need to connect a pair of wireless headphones is an analog audio output, usually a 3.5 mm jack. The radio transmitter is plugged in there, which usually also serves as a charging station for the wireless headphones. Bluetooth support is now available in many devices, especially in smartphones and tablets, but this cannot be taken for granted with older TVs. Wireless headphones always fit as long as a jack socket is available.

Based on the popularity of the devices and their rating by users at Amazon, we present you with wireless headphone recommendations . If you prefer to use a pair of Bluetooth headphones, please help our leaderboards and our Advice on buying headphones .

wireless headphones

Price-performance tip Middle class tip Top class tip


Thomson WHP 3001 BK

Artiste ADH 300

Sennheiser RS ​​175,true)/,true)/,true)/


approx. 35 Euro

approx. 70 Euro

approx. 185 Euro

customer rating



Over- Ear



240 grams

250 grams

310 Gr amm

battery life

up to 8 hours

up to 20 Hours

up to 18 hours

Radio transmission





Max. 100 Meter

Max. 33 Meter

Max. 100 Meter

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The best noise canceling headphones in the test

Inexpensive wireless headphones: Thomson WHP 3001 BK

Thomson WHP 3001 BK (price-performance tip)

  • Source: Thomson

    Thomson WHP 3001 BK

    The Thomson WHP 3001 BK is a wireless headphone with good price-performance ratio, the sound quality is satisfactory.

Very good range
Convincing End of sound quality
Good wearing comfort
Unfortunate design of the charging cradle
Analog transmission prone to failure
Low maximum volume

Among the wireless headphones without Bluetooth the Thomson WHP 3001 BK (at View Amazon) one of the bestsellers on Amazon. With a price of around 35 Euro it is one of the cheapest models. The analog transmission of the radio signal in 863 – MHz band uses three channels, from which automatically or manually the best frequency can be selected to reduce interference. The headphones have a theoretical range of 100 meters, for operation in the apartment the manufacturer only gives 20 to 30 meters. The battery life is about 8 hours at medium volume.

Amazon customers praise the price-performance ratio of the device. You don't get the very best sound for the price, but the sound quality is satisfactory. Many users emphasize the good range of the headphones, which also transmit through several walls and ceilings without any problems. The background noise present in analog headphones is also noticeable with the Thomson – but not annoying. The installation is simple and the headphones usually sit well on the head.

The less high-quality processing of the Thomson WHP 3001 BK noticed quite a few Amazon customers, the device rattles a bit and did not show a long lifespan in individual cases. Most of all, users criticize the insertion of the wireless headphones into the charging station. Many owners are disturbed by the fumbling until the Thomson is correctly placed on the charging contact and charges. There are also the technical problems of analog radio transmission: If several devices use the same channels, reception is quickly disturbed. Some buyers also criticize the low maximum volume.

The Thomson WHP 3001 BK is a popular cheap wireless headphones. Picture: Thomson

Mid-range radio headphones: Artiste ADH 300

Artiste ADH 300 (middle class tip)

  • Source: Artiste

    Artiste ADH 300

    The digital radio headphones Artiste ADH 300 has a good sound and is comfortable to wear.

Good sound quality
Stable audio transmission
Long battery life
WLAN interference possible
Processing not convincing
Low maximum volume

Under The mid-priced headphones with digital radio transmission enjoy the model Artiste ADH 300 (view on Amazon) for the price of around 70 euros of great popularity among Amazon customers. The radio broadcasts here in the 2.4 GHz band, which is used by many home electronics devices, including WLAN routers. This gives the headphones a good signal over a maximum of 30 meters, but interference is possible if there is too much data traffic in the popular frequency range. The manufacturer promises a battery life of up to 20 hours.

Most Amazon customers are convinced of the sound quality. According to the experience reports, the headphones are well made and comfortable to wear. Not all, however, certify that the device has a long lifespan. There is disagreement about the volume. The maximum volume is too low for some users, but other customers report that the headphones always select too loud a standard volume when switched on. An impairment of WLAN reception when operating the headphones in the 2.4 GHz band is noticeable in isolated cases. However, more modern routers also use the 5 GHz range. The majority of the reviews on Amazon are positive, the negative opinions are sharp. The perceived quality of the China device divides people's minds.

The Artiste ADH 300 is a well-rated wireless headphone at a fair price. Image: Artiste

High-end radio headphones: Sennheiser RS ​​175

Sennheiser RS ​​175 (upper class -Tip)

  • Source: Sennheiser

    Sennheiser RS ​​175

    The Sennheiser RS ​​175 convinces with its sound, the wireless headphones are technically mature.

Very good sound
Trouble-free transmission
Long battery life
Limited wearing comfort
Range partially limited

Sennheiser can usually convince with the sound quality of its audio products, so it is with the radio headphones RS 175 (view on Amazon) for around 185 Euro the case. In addition, the manufacturer also attaches importance to the technical sophistication of the device. So despite digital transmission technology, a maximum range of 100 meters specified € “But only if there is visual contact between the transmitter and receiver. The range, on the other hand, is reduced if the headphones spark through walls. Despite using the 2.4 GHz band, Sennheiser promises hardly any interference with WLAN reception because the headphones automatically determine which channels are not used. The battery life is with 18 hours specified.

The Sennheiser headphones score with the Amazon customers with their good sound. Even many of those users who had technical problems with the headphones concede good sound quality. The bass, for which there is an additional boost, is praised for the surround sound and the good isolation of the ear cups from outside noise.

In general, however, comfort is often negatively mentioned. The padding is not sufficient for many users. Since the headphones are quite heavy, the charging contacts in the headphone bracket in particular push the head uncomfortably from above. At the same time, several users mention that you sweat quickly under the tight, closed plastic ear cups. Problems with WLAN interference are actually not mentioned, on the other hand, the effective range of digital audio transmission does not satisfy all users. Some users also see the strong bass negatively.

The Sennheiser RS ​​wireless headphones 175 is suitable for more demanding users. Image: Sennheiser

Wireless TV headphones: Sennheiser RS ​​2000

Sennheiser RS ​​2000 (TV headphone tip)

  • Source: Sennheiser

    Sennheiser RS ​​2000

    The Sennheiser RS ​​2000 is a good TV radio headphone, especially for people with hearing impairments.

Lightweight design
Good sound quality
Easy handling
wearing comfort impaired
Possible noise
Non-replaceable battery

In addition to over-ear radio headphones for wireless music listening in the apartment, there is a special form of TV headphones. These are intended for hearing impaired people who need audio support while watching TV, but do not want to wear bulky headphones all the time. The headphones of the Sennheiser RS ​​2000 (view on Amazon) only weighs 90 Grams and consists of in-ear earplugs with a fixed chin strap, in which a compact battery and the receiver sit. This should exert as little pressure on the ears and head as possible. The battery life is shorter, as is the range. For this, the headphones for round 140 Euro designed for easy use.

Many Amazon customers mention that they bought the headphones for relatives or are hearing impaired themselves. The vast majority of users are satisfied with the sound quality. Added to this is the convenient operation for users with little technical skill. However, there is criticism of the comfort: According to the experience of many users, the earplugs quickly feel uncomfortable and even painful. Due to the rigid construction, the bracket presses hard on the ears. In addition, outside noises are audible and the receiver rubbing against clothing produces disturbing noises. The non-replaceable Li-Pol battery is also a criticism.

The TV headphones Sennheiser RS ​​2000 is especially helpful for people with hearing impairments. Image: Sennheiser

The differences in radio audio transmission

With wireless headphones you have the choice between digital and analog wireless connection. At a analog transmission there may be a slight noise, the so-called background noise. However, the range for an analog signal is significantly larger – the manufacturers usually give between 50 and 100 meters. The analog signal can even span several floors. However, the further you are from the base, the stronger the noise becomes.

headphones with digital signal sound much better. However, they have a much shorter range and behave differently in the event of a signal deterioration: If you move too far away from the transmitter, the sound breaks off directly. Of course, you have the best quality when you have visual contact with the radio transmitter, but this is not necessary. Different with Infrared: There must be a line of sight between the transmitter and the receiver – but infrared headphones have almost disappeared from the market.

There are, of course, sources of interference: Not only walls and ceilings degrade the signal, the WLAN router can also interfere with the transmission, since the devices operate in the 2.4 GHz Frequency range can get in the way. In addition, radio headphones with an analog signal often transmit on specified channels. If a family member in the next room or the neighbor on the other floor already uses radio headphones, the reception may be disturbed. This is usually not the case with a digital radio connection. The latter is recommended anyway because of the better sound quality.

The problem of signal delay

When you watch a video, you naturally want the picture and sound to be in sync. Depending on the type of transmission, there may be signal delays, the Latency . The safest method is still the wired headphones, there is usually no latency here. With radio, there are sources of interference and there may be delays due to signal processing. Latency is usually not noticeable with wireless headphones, which is why many users in film and television still swear by it.

With the strict specifications of Bluetooth, however, a noticeable latency can occur. Whether users actually perceive the asynchrony between image and sound differs from person to person. However, if you want to prevent latencies in general, your Bluetooth device must support a special audio codec: aptx low latency. The aptx codec was developed to transmit broadband audio losslessly in Bluetooth, the “low-latency” variant promises a maximum delay 32 Milliseconds, that is within the technical specifications for TV productions.

Examples of Bluetooth headphones that use the codec aptX low latency support, are the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless , the Aukey B 80 or the Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H9 . A Overview of suitable headphones can also be found on the website of Qualcomm, the rights holder of the aptX codec.

Other features of the wireless headphones

One advantage of Bluetooth technology is its compact design, which means that there is a wide range of lightweight and mobile headphones. With conventional wireless headphones, the receiver needs more space, and the devices are mainly available in two Types : Over-ear headphones with receiver in the auricle and in-ear headphones, with a bracket with the receiver on the chest. The latter are specially designed for use on the television. In general, the devices are bulky.

Normally you will find exchangeable NiMH batteries in AA or AAA size in the radio headphones. These are charged when the headphones are in the base station or are hanging. In some cases, a cable is included with the devices to continue wearing the headphones while charging. Of course, you don't have much freedom of movement. The battery life depends on the technology, the batteries used and the selected volume. The bandwidth is therefore wide: cheaper devices only last for 8 hours in wireless mode, more expensive radio headphones up to 20 hours.

Bluetooth headphones pay particular attention to outdoor mobility. You can only use the normal wireless headphones on the go because of the bulky transmitter station. The Area of ​​application for radio headphones is clearly outlined: Connected to the stereo system, you can listen to music wirelessly throughout the apartment. If the transmitter is attached to the television, you have peace of mind while watching films and do not bother anyone. Use the wireless headphones on the computer, there is less cable clutter and more freedom of movement, especially for gamers.

Bluetooth headphones

If you are satisfied with regular Bluetooth headphones, then you will find the best wireless headphones without active noise reduction that we have tested in the following list.

Which wireless headphones are recommended?

The Thomson WHP 3001 BK is more solid Wireless headphones at an affordable price of only 35 Euro. You get better sound quality and more comfort with the Artiste ADH 300 for round 70 Euro. The expensive but high-quality Sennheiser RS ​​ comes from sound expert Sennheiser for round 185 Euro.

How does a radio headset work for TV?

The radio headphones do not need a Smart TV with a built-in radio module because they bring their transmitter with them. Instead of a cable headphone, you plug the transmitter into the audio output of the TV, usually a 3.5 mm jack connection, and then receive the TV sound on the radio headphone.

Which is better: radio or Bluetooth?

Bluetooth headphones do not have their own transmitter, so televisions or stereo systems must have built-in the Bluetooth function. The range is also limited. Wireless headphones have a longer range because of their own transmitter and use a wider frequency range.

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