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Water march! In our swimming goggles test, the Kayenne and Kayenne Jr. from Aqua Sphere made it to the top podium. Wirecutter / Quinn Dixon

Swimming goggles, beach and sun full: For our test we went to South Carolina and the Dominican Republic to 50 For hours 33 Put swimming goggles on the test bench. We did countless laps in swimming pools and exposed them to hundreds of waves and a lot of sand, salt and chlorine. In the end, we came to the conclusion that most adult recreational swimmers who want to stay in the water even longer should choose Aqua Sphere's Kayenne goggles. In our opinion, the Kayenne Jr. from Aqua Sphere is the best model for the children. The test was carried out by carried out in America. For this reason, German products that are not available in the USA may be missing. You are reading the German translation.

Update 11. 3. 2020: The product recommendations continue to apply, we have updated the prices.

Our favorites: Aqua Sphere Kayenne and Kayenne Jr.

  • Source: Amazon / Aqua Sphere

    Aqua Sphere Kayenne

    With its excellent seal, outstanding wearing comfort , minimal fogging, simple adjustment and low visual distortion, these are completely unbeatable through and through modern swimming goggles

  • Source: Amazon / Aqua Sphere

    Aqua Sphere Kayenne Jr.

    The same robust, comfortable, almost fog-free swimming goggles – only for children

The 2010 presented goggles from the Kayenne line of the manufacturer Aqua Sphere are both for Adults as well as for Children available. We were particularly impressed by the robust frame, the patented silicone eyecup, the easily adjustable straps and the remarkably scratch-resistant and fog-free lenses of the Kayenne. Equally suitable for swimming competitions, an hour lane pulling or a vacation week on the sunny beaches of the Caribbean, the technical progress of the Kayenne puts the competition's models in the shade.

Further recommendations: Speedo MDR 2.4 and Aqua Sphere Moby Kid

  • Source: Amazon / Speedo

    Speedo MDR 2.4

    If our favorite is sold out or you are averse to curved glasses, these swimming goggles are a great plan B for most adults

  • Source: Amazo n / Aqua Sphere

    Aqua Sphere Moby Kid

    If our favorite is sold out, these children's swimming goggles are a convenient, inexpensive and robust alternative

If our favorite is no longer in stock, the MDR 2.4 from Speedo one good alternative. ( Note from translator: Currently, the glasses cost around online 80 Euro and thus significantly more than at the time of the test (30 Euro at that time), is therefore only recommended to a limited extent at this price. ) The eyecups fit ideally with many different face shapes – even my eight year old son could they wear. Of all the models we tested, these swimming goggles were one of the most comfortable products. And although the MDR 2.4 was actually developed for adults, even small water rats can have fun with it. The flat, square glasses allow a panoramic view and do not lie directly on the eyes of the swimmers, so they also offer a more comfortable fit for people with long eyelashes or for water sports enthusiasts who have problems with the view.

The Moby Kid from Aqua Sphere scores with the very soft silicone frame and comfortable eyecups, their flat, distortion and fog-free as well as scratch-resistant glasses and the wide, easily adjustable strap that won't get tangled in the hair. The latter are still wide enough to hold the swimming goggles in place. In addition, the Moby Kid also sits firmly on comparatively narrow children's faces, and even on our longest pool trips we found the wearing comfort extremely comfortable.

Our budget recommendations for swimming goggles: Speedo Hydrospex Classic and Jr. Hydrospex Classic

  • source: Amazon / Speedo

    Speedo Hydrospex Classic

    No frills: These sober swimming goggles are characterized by what they don't have – and that has its positive sides

  • source le: Amazon / Speedo

    Speedo Jr. Hydrospex Classic

    Simple budget swimming goggles for mini swimmers

(Note d. Übers .: The two price tips cost around 10 Euro . They are currently for around 30 Euro available and thus at the price level of the top recommendations. The following section gives the status of June 2019 again.)

The Hydrospex swimming goggles from Speed ​​are available in versions for Adults and Children. Unfortunately, the straps cannot be adjusted without minor problems and, unlike other, more expensive models, the model does not have the panoramic field of view. However, if you only want to go swimming occasionally or you are just looking for good swimming goggles with no frills, the Hydrospex is a recommended, comfortable and fog-free alternative for which you do not have to dig deep into your wallet. The flexible nose bridge adapts to a variety of face types, while the scratch-resistant plexiglass in glasses quality remains clear and prevents fogging.

Why you can trust this test

This guide is the result of around 13 hours of online research and approximately 20 Hours in the pool in which we 33 Swimming goggles felt properly on the tooth and more than 16 traveled kilometers in swimming pools and in the middle of the waves in Folly Beach, South Carolina. This also includes the personal impressions of three families and their children from South Carolina who have their own pool. This group of people includes my wife, my brother, my sister and five children between the ages of four and twelve. It also describes the impressions after a one-week trip to the Dominican Republic, during which we wore the ten best swimming goggles almost continuously.

I spoke to President of the International Swimming Hall of Fame , Bruce Wigo, who in the year 1957 started his career in competitive swimming and since then can be found almost every day in the water, using today's swimming goggles and what a good model should do. After I had already selected our favorites, I involved the Speedo – Design Manager Nate Tracy in a conversation with the swimming goggles developed by him. With Mirko Bosio and Todd Mitchell, each at Aqua Sphere acted as development manager or managing director, swapped I also look at the fit, technology, glass construction, optical distortion, various anti-fog technologies, care and maintenance of swimming goggles.

Now to my person : Since 2015 I report about water sports equipment for Wirecutter and I already have reviews on Surfboards, wetsuits, water pistols and all kinds of beach equipment . Also in magazines like Outside , Men's Journal such as Garden & Gun my articles were published. Moreover, I am the author of the novel “ Ghost Wave “(2011) and co-author of the surfing non-fiction book “ Surfing: 1778 – Today “(2016). My reporting covers a wide variety of formats: national news and academic papers to travel reports – this means that my name also appears more frequently in the New York Times (the parent company of Wirecutter).

I live in Charleston, South Carolina, close to the water and have been swimming since my student days at the University of Georgia in the late 1980 years in my free time with passion – in pools and in the sea. I am the father of two children who were eight and twelve years old at the time of the test and who have been able to swim alone since the age of two – with and without glasses. Two of her best friends who helped us during the test are young competition swimmers in Spe. The younger was already able to win a state championship in backstroke swimming in the U8 age group. Her parents are real swimming goggles experts.

This purchase advice is aimed at recreational swimmers who really like a fish in the water want to feel – we mean both children and adults who are planning to romp in the sea or in the pool this summer. If you swim a lot, comfortable, high-quality swimming goggles are probably the most important part of your equipment.

Although they are now an integral part of everyday pool life , swimming goggles have not been around for so long. According to the website of the International Swimming Hall of Fame ( PDF ) Persian pearl divers used in 14. Century a primitive prototype of goggles made of polished tortoiseshell. The Polynesians probably used the air cushions in rings made of bamboo as glasses a long time ago. But still 1972 the swimming master wore Mark Spitz no swimming goggles when he made his way to victory and thus seven gold medals at the Olympic Games. And he is not the only one: The big swimmers of the 40 er, 50he and 60 he swam usually also without swimming goggles.

“It's hard to believe that [Spitz] only wore swimming goggles during training,” said Wigo in an interview . “Look at older records that were still in the early 1980 he emerged: None of the competition participants wore swimming goggles, which significantly changed swimming before the development of swimming goggles as we know them today the swimmers of the 40 er, 50he and 60 due to chlorine and salt irritation, he only swim for almost an hour and a half a day. With swimming goggles the training increased by 3. 00 0 meters up to 20. 00 0 meters per day. “

Nowadays, swimming goggles make it easier to see under water. Fish can see underwater with ease; we humans, on the other hand, need an air layer between our eyes and the water to be able to focus. Swimming goggle glasses and diving masks make that possible – on our trip to the Dominican Republic, we found that our children grabbed the swimming goggles first. Of course swimming goggles can by no means replace a diving mask, snorkel and fins as for a “real” snorkeling trip, no swimming goggles are for depths below 1, 80 meters as they do not withstand the same pressure as snorkel and diving masks. For the floating between tropical reefs, swimming goggles are “simply more practical than all the other stuff”, according to the expert opinion of my son.

The swimming goggles also have a more serious one Purpose: You may have noticed over the years that your eyes will burn in a pool of chlorinated water after a long stay. Chlorine is added to the pool water as a disinfectant, but according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention this burning does not come from chlorine itself. Rather, the chemical combination of chlorine and body excretion is the reason – above all sweat and urine . When ammonia or other human waste products combine with chlorine, they form “disinfection by-products”, chemical compounds like dichloroarmine and trichloroarmine, which not only cause red eyes, but can also irritate the respiratory tract (and the pelvis “according to Chlo r “smell). The solution – at least for the eyes – is to wear swimming goggles.

If you are a competitive swimmer, you will probably already have swimming goggles that you love deeply (maybe the Vanquisher from Speedo, or another, similar hydrodynamic model?). Therefore, we have not dealt with competition level swimming goggles for this test. Its slim, flat profile makes the Kayenne by Aqua Sphere particularly outstanding swimming goggles for competitions – especially swimmers in the open water benefit from it. Our main focus was on comfort, handling, visibility, the seal and the price. On the one tenth of a second that you 400 – meter-freestyle would get in thanks to super sleek swimming goggles, which we didn't really care about. Furthermore, this guide does not deal with goggles with strength. (If you are looking for such a couple, we will put the pages of or GogglesNMore to the heart.)

We took a closer look at many children's swimming goggles for this buying advice and often found that our favorite glasses were actually available in different sizes. Our tests showed that our favorites performed very well in both the children's and adult versions – the transition from children's to junior to adult swimming goggles is clearly blurred – in many cases, adult swimming goggles in size S or M already fit ours eight-year-old son very good (the Kayenne glasses for the grown-ups were even his absolute favorite). In general, however, it should be said that children under the age of six are best served with children's swimming goggles. Children between six and 14 years should take a look at swimming goggles in “junior” size throw.

Why should you buy swimming goggles for a toddler when they can't swim at all? My wife and I have seen over the past few years that wearing well-fitting glasses can reduce a child's fear of water even before they learn to swim (it will take away the fear of getting water on their faces and glasses) prevents burning eyes due to chlorinated water). As soon as the children enjoy swimming, the glasses ensure that they can spend the whole day at the pool; without making your eyeballs look like they were from Sharks with laser beams à la Austin Powers has been maltreated.

Long story short, no matter whether you are on now If you are looking for the ideal swimming goggles for a pleasant swim, for fishing games like “Marco Polo” or for a trip to a tropical harbor, you are definitely well advised with our recommendations for children and adults.

So we chose

After our extensive research, we ordered and tested 33 Models for children and adults. Here they just see the stack for the children. Wirecutter

If you look at Amazon or looking for “swimming goggles”, the search engine spits out a very wide range of products. During our test, there were more than 8100 Hits for the term “swimming goggles”, SwimOutlet showed 498 products. As part of our research, we spent more than five hours looking at the models between SwimOutlet .com and in Triathlete Magazine to decide. Another eight hours went into sifting through Amazon for the best rated models. Then we narrowed down our list of products to be tested, relying on our personal and professional experience.

Swimming goggles can basically be divided into three different categories . Fall into the first division Swedish glasses (English: in-eye-socket-goggle), the English name they owe to their small eyecups, which when put on in the eye sockets sit on. This type of glasses is often used in competitions. The swimming goggles fit snugly on the face and can become quite uncomfortable over time, the strong pressure on the eye sockets results in red borders around the eye area (“raccoon eyes”, better known as “violets”). We tested this type of swimming goggles and although we could not really make friends with it, they are probably a lot more pleasant than the models that were still on the market a few decades ago.

In general, in the second category Swimming goggles for fitness and leisure , which are provided with wider, pressure-distributing straps and have very soft silicone eyecups and larger-than-average lenses with a wider field of vision. You usually don't get violets with glasses like this because their compression force is spread over a larger area. The feeling of wear also remains pleasant with time. Our recommendations – like most of the other models we tested – belong to this variety.

The last category includes swimming goggles with extended field of vision . These include a newer, smaller subspecies that begin with the Aqua Sphere Seal Masks a year 1998 took. The swimming goggles are very similar to snorkeling and diving goggles but do not cover the wearer's nose. They offer a wide fit and take the pressure off your eyes. They are equipped with a panorama single or double lens system. Swimming goggles with an extended view do not necessarily shine with their hydrodynamics, but they are a real alternative for people who feel restricted by narrow swimming goggles or who want a nice, wide field of vision for their dives in the open sea. Very young children could appreciate the more open feeling as it also makes putting on and taking off easier. You can find some recommended models in this style below in the section “Other goggles tested”. We have also taken new additional features into account – extra wide straps like the one Froggelz – design as well as nose plugs, ear plugs and the like.

Our research taught us that most swimming goggle lenses are available in different colors and tones for different swimming conditions. Clear, light blue glasses, for example, are best suited for use in the morning and indoors. Blue lenses also provide better visibility in open water. Gray tinted lenses, on the other hand, are ideal for sunny outdoor use. In low light conditions you can use yellow, orange or amber-colored swimming goggles.

Finally we have our test list on 15 swimming goggles for children and 18 Reduced adult models. A good pair of swimming goggles should have a soft seal and easily adjustable straps that split at the back of the head to hold them in place. The strap should fit snugly without exerting excessive pressure on the back of the head, eyes or bridge of the nose. It should also be robust and able to withstand waves, sand, sunscreen and depths of 1.8 meters. Other signs of good swimming goggles are fog-free and no visual distortion.

So we tested

The author's wife and children spent hours diving with the goggles at different depths to test their durability. Wirecutter

As soon as our swimming goggles delivery arrived, we first checked them for any manufacturing defects and the promised accessories. We also examined the instructions for use; many translations were extremely poor and inaccurate and we only understood the train station.

We already knew that with some swimming goggles the complaints in the user reviews due to cunning Belts piled up. The only logical conclusion? We put it on and strained the glasses and their straps almost to the point of no more. Swimming goggles from Aqua Sphere, Cressi and Speedo have ratchet systems with buttons and levers for quick adjustments (in our opinion this is a great invention).

It took further practical tests to separate the wheat from the chaff and thus subsequently narrow our product selection, starting with the children's swimming goggles followed by the adult models. We awarded 1 to 5 points for each swimming goggle for the following categories: unproblematic taking off and putting on, general comfort, adjustability, fogging, distortion of the view and seal. Some swimming goggles immediately flew from our list.

Regardless of whether you are pulling lanes, having fun in the water park or facing high waves, good swimming goggles should defy fog. Wirecutter

Then we arranged a small goggle party for the daughters of our friends, who even swim competitions, and my children, who almost live in the water. For hours, the children dived and splashed in the water, busy doing the strap of the glasses. We received a lot of feedback on the hardware, pressure points and how much the silicone straps pulled on the hair. After the first test run, we passed the swimming goggles on to a family of friends who can offer both a pool and primary school children. They took a few days for the products, using the glasses extensively, and then brought them back.

The first I spent a round of testing with my wife in the pool under the scorching South Carolina sun to test our criteria above. For the second test round of adult swimming goggles, I took the eight best models to Folly Beach near Charleston. There I tested the glasses in salt water by swimming along the beach and having a little bit of fun with body surfing in fairly strong waves. I was pleasantly surprised at how well the outside-of-the-eye socket glasses kept water away even under extreme conditions without having to cut off my blood flow.

Some swimming goggle sets also came with nose and ear plugs. We also tested them in terms of comfort – but none was really comfortable. Although I personally cannot make friends with earplugs, there are good reasons for that. While these plugs are called “ Float ears “(otitis externa, an inflammation / infection of the ear canal skin), nasal plugs can ensure that there are no microscopic, nasty surprises in your sinuses. If you like to use both, we advise you to use specially designed plugs such as Putty Buddies , for the double set of Blupond or Doc's Pro . Although these were actually developed for surfing, the Pro Plugs are also ideal for swimmers.

The last scene of our test rounds was the Club Med Resort in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. There my brother, my sister and I, together with our partner and the five children with grandma, came together for a week-long vacation. With a huge stretch of beach and the largest pool I've ever seen, and a separate pool with lane boundaries, Punta Cana was truly heaven on earth for our passionate swimming goggle testers. We dived into the pool and the sea with the swimming goggles, wore them day in and day out, lubricated them more or less accidentally with sunscreen, buried them in the sand and confronted them with the elements of vacation (salt, sun and chlorine).

Detailed test report: Aqua Sphere Kayenne

The Aqua Sphere Kayenne performed very well with our testers. It is comfortable, very easy to adjust and it hardly fogs up. Wirecutter

Market leaders are usually market leaders for a reason, this wisdom applies equally to swimming goggles and to other product categories. As soon as we took the Kayenne swimming goggles from Aqua Sphere out of the robust case, we were able to get an idea of ​​the intelligent and efficient processing, which ranged from the packaging and the frames of the glasses to the instructions for use. Aqua Sphere develops and manufactures all of its glasses in Italy and pays special attention to the places where glasses and body come into contact ( PDF ). The company also applies extremely strict quality controls to the swimming goggles, which is reflected in the finished product.

The Kayenne from Aqua Sphere came 2010 on the market and has made a name for itself in recent years with its design. There is now a wide selection of sizes and colors for swimmers of all ages. Our Kayenne glasses for adults were equipped with mirrored and scratch-resistant glasses and UV protection. The tint was not too dark for the indoor pool, but rather offered an excellent, gentle color tint for excursions in broad daylight in the dreamy blue of the Caribbean. We were particularly impressed by the lenses of the Kayenne swimming goggles, as they remained relatively fog-free compared to the other swimming goggles we tested.

The Kayenne can be worn in a variety of different face shapes, from children to adults. In this picture you can see how the adult model stands for the author's eight-year-old son. Wirecutter

In our test, the slightly curved triangular glasses of the Kayenne fit a wide variety of face types: my narrow face, the slightly wider face of my wife and the small face of my eight-year-old son (it didn't matter whether he was wearing adult or children's swimming goggles). In fact, my eleven-year-old daughter loved the Kayenne Jr. swimming goggles in pink and blue, but she also liked the adult version to the same extent. Amazon reviewers also noted that flat-faced people who may have problems with other models and brands would get along well with the product. With pretty much 180 ° degrees, the field of view of the Kayenne models was almost as wide as with swimming goggles with an extended view.

All Aqua Sphere swimming goggles are equipped with an easily adjustable and extremely comfortable ratchet strap, which is called a quick release. With the Kayenne for adults, all you had to do to adjust the swimming goggles was to press a small, sturdy button and pull on a belt to fix the straps. As long as you pay attention, you should not get the straps in your hair.

In terms of durability, a user has The following picture in front of your eyes: If you accidentally get kicked in the face in a triathlon swimming competition while wearing Kayenne goggles, you and your goggles would probably get off quite lightly. In our test, we couldn't scratch the glasses, even though we tried hard. Our Kayenne swimming goggles – the adult and child versions alike – also came in a practical plastic safety cover. To ensure that your glasses feel brand new for as long as possible, you should rinse them with clear water after use and then stow them in the case.

In the Dominican Republic, Kayenne glasses have become favorites among adults and children. It didn't matter whether we took trains, drifted over a flock of parrot fish or found ourselves face to face with a young barracuda.

Many publications gave the Kayenne from Aqua Sphere top marks. Hobby triathletes have this product in a study by also perceived very positively. One writes: “[Ich] I used them in the pool and in the open (salt) water. I have to admit that I am very impressed. They are the best swimming goggles I have ever been allowed to wear.” Another comment reads as follows: “There is nothing to bother me about these swimming goggles; I will replace my current swimming goggles from Tyr, which I am still using, with this model”. Also the seven-time Olympic champion in swimming, Amanda Beard, meanwhile has the Kayenne in her heart, just like a number of other exceptional triathletes, including Timothy O'Donnell . Since the Kayenne swimming goggles have been on the market, they have been sold “a few million” times, according to Aqua Sphere spokeswoman Melissa Rodgers – and the trend is rising.

Defects, but no deal breakers

For me, the view through the Kayenne swimming goggles was a crystal clear affair. My wife, on the other hand, is a little farsighted and has long eyelashes. In her opinion, nearby objects were somewhat blurred by the Kayenne, and she said that her eyelashes always hit the glass. According to Speedo engineer Nate Tracy and Mirko Bosio from Aqua Sphere, this distortion is a shortcoming that leading manufacturers are seriously trying to remedy – nonetheless, this is a criticism that is a serious problem for some people.

Detailed test report: Speedo MDR 2.4

The transparent technology behind the Speedo model is particularly suitable for people with a wider face shape and long eyelashes. Wirecutter

2015 Speedo released an absolutely brilliantly comfortable swimming goggle: The Speedo MDR 2.4. If our favorite is no longer in stock, you have a slightly flatter face and longer eyelashes than the average or you are just short-sighted, this model might convince you. Our tests showed that the anti-fog coating of the MDR 2.4 is not as resistant as that of our top recommendation. Despite this, the company's own layer worked well – in direct comparison with our favorites, the swimming goggles simply steamed up stronger and, above all, faster. In practice, my family was particularly impressed by the strong hold. Not even the wild waves of the ocean could throw the glasses off the track during body surfing and swimming.

The MDR 2.4 has a ribbed, elastic Silicone gasket that wraps around the outside of the eye socket while remaining highly flexible. Instead of bending, the design of the lenses of these swimming goggles divides and bends slightly, Speedo christened this technique “Clearsight”. Nate Tracy from Speedo explained to us that for long-sighted people with long eyelashes, flat glasses can reduce a significant distortion of the main field of view of the swimming goggles. Accordingly, people with broad, rather flat faces could be particularly satisfied with the fit of these swimming goggles.

The adjustment system of the MDR 2.4 is pretty simple over to operate a ratchet at the push of a button. If the glasses are too loose, you only need to pull the strap briefly while swimming. If the glasses are too tight, you can simply press the button on the side to loosen them without getting out of rhythm while swimming. Please note that the strap does not offer as good a hold as that of our favorite – due to the The width at the back of the head also suffers. Various Amazon users made their displeasure about torn straps loud and although we demanded a lot from our glasses, we did not notice this specific problem.

Detailed test report: Aqua Sphere Moby Kid

These sturdy children's swimming goggles defied buckets of sand, sunscreen spills and hours of fun and games in the pool and sea. Wirecutter

If our favorite swimming goggles for children are no longer in stock, the Aqua Sphere Moby Kid is a great plan B. It was one of the most robust swimming goggles in the test and is also reasonably priced. A big plus is their fit, which is suitable for many different face shapes, be it that of my four-year-old niece or that of my eight-year-old son.

As with Aqua Spheres is somewhat more expensive swimming goggles, the company has spared no effort in the development of these goggles. The glasses are flat and there is no distortion of the view. In the swimming pools, they were also able to demonstrate their scratch resistance and freedom from fogging. They stayed tight. A variation of the usual ratchet system from Aqua Sphere are the wide and comfortable straps, which have a small, but very robust, spring-loaded lever. They can be loosened or tightened by means of the lever, whereby the adjustment is effortless and the mechanism still clicks into place. Even small children can easily learn how to use the ratchet system – and as soon as they get the hang of it, the little ones can adjust the swimming goggles themselves at will. The straps are very wide to fix the swimming goggles on the back of the head.

The eyecups of the Moby Kid are made of the company's own soft silicone Aqua Sphere are as comfortable and as dense as our favorite. In our test, the swimming goggles did a good job even during long periods of use. We recommend the transparent frame frames, as they expand a child's peripheral field of vision and allow a more open feeling (blue or smoke-colored glasses are ideal on sunny days). Just like the Kayenne, you should keep the Moby Kid swimming goggles in a case and clean them after each use – with good care, your grandchildren might even be able to enjoy the goggles.

In detail: Speedo Hydrospex Classic and Jr. Hydrospex Classic

The Hydrospex from Speedo is a simple option that delivers what it promises. Wirecutter

The Hydrospex Classic and Jr. Hydrospex Classic look simple, but quickly became favorites among our testers, whether young or old. I would compare the Classic with the first iMac: Behind an uncomplicated facade are hundreds of hours of hard work and attention to detail.

The Hydrospex glasses are cheap swimming goggles without frills and are characterized by what they are not. On the one hand, there is no adjustable or replaceable nose bridge with these glasses. (This balances the design with a particularly soft and flexible silicone element that adapts inconspicuously). There is also no adjustable ratchet strap. Adjustments are made with a rather old-fashioned but functional clip – simply loosen the strap from the holder, adjust and hook it back in. This doesn't work right away, but it works perfectly.

Of course, web drawing was not neglected in our test – the Hydrospex can sing a song about it. Wirecutter

The frame of the Hydrospex consists of a single piece of silicone – nothing special, but super comfortable. The shatterproof Lexan lenses in lens quality are clear, fog-free and, thanks to the flat lens, completely free of any distortion. In the Dominican Republic, my daughter, the highest order water mermaid, used the Jr. Hydrospex much more often than the other models in our test group. When I inquired about the reason, she replied succinctly: “It works”.

It should not go unmentioned that the Hydrospex Models, unlike conventional swimming goggles with particularly wide lenses or other Speedo or Aqua Sphere products, do not have wide fields of vision. However, the transparent silicone helps to avoid the classic tunnel vision that often occurs with swimming goggles with a black frame and without a panoramic view. The glasses are available in a simple color palette of different shades of blue and gray, all of which filter all UV radiation without exception.

Other goggles for adults and children tested

Swimming goggles for adults

in this category there are many really good models. Two great products are the PV 10 from SealBuddy and the Cayman from Aqua Sphere . The PV 10 is extremely comfortable, but it steamed up comparatively strong . The caiman lost points because it put a little too much pressure on the testers' skulls than the other models in the test. In both cases, the glasses of these glasses were more curved than our favorites. Any distortions that occur due to this curvature are limited to our peripheral field of vision. This is not particularly annoying, but it is nevertheless noticeable. In the case of swimmers who spend a long time in pools, curved glasses visibly strain and tire the eyes.

Curiously, there were nine swimming goggles regarding the construction of the frame and the Glass designs almost identical. There were minimal deviations in straps as well as glass tints or eye padding. According to Aqua Sphere spokeswoman Melissa Rodgers and Speedo representative Rebecca Timms, this is due to the fact that many companies buy their swimming goggles from the same Asian producers. You choose a swimming goggle model with the desired features from the range of these manufacturers and then sell it on Amazon or other portals. Such glasses are not subject to the same quality standards as those of manufacturers such as Aqua Sphere, Cressi, Speedo and Tyr. In fact, our research showed that seven of these very similar swimming goggles came from China.

Some goggles seemed promising when they were unpacked, but the first impression was wrong. After putting on and the practical tests, the swimming goggles from Aegend, Aquazone, Cooloo, GDealer, iFlying, iSpeed, Rosa Loop and Zoma significantly distorted our field of vision – that disturbed. Our field of vision became blurred on most models, even near objects such as our own hands were out of focus – including the important black tile marking that tells the swimmer that it's time to turn around. Occasionally, the disturbed field of vision led to a slight disorientation. A violent headache would probably have been the result if we had worn the goggles a little longer.

We also found wider swimming goggles with an extended field of vision for adults and children Test move-in. As mentioned above, these goggles come very close to snorkeling and diving goggles, but they lack the sealing section that covers the nose. Rather, they offer a wide fit around the face and are not directly around the eyes. They are equipped with a panorama single or double glass system. Most swimming goggles with a particularly wide field of vision cannot shine with ideal hydrodynamics, but are a good choice for children who feel restricted by narrower goggles or who want a nice, wide field of vision when swimming in the open sea.

Also the Aqua Sphere Seal and the Aqua Sphere Vista we got our hands on. Aqua Sphere originally developed the Seal in the year 1998 to provide triathletes with a wider field of vision and to reduce the risk of eye injury in the event of an accident or collision with a swim mate. No other design has lasted as long as the Seal with its wide field of view and great comfort regardless of the shape of the face. The Vista, however, has a remarkably wide and above all good seal and was one of the most comfortable swimming goggles in the test. There is a little bit of bitterness anyway: In our Vista test model, a glass fell out in the Dominican Republic. The exchange was carried out smoothly by Aqua Sphere, nevertheless this incident of the glasses installed a place on the podium.

swimming goggles for children

When talking about new swimming goggle models, Frogglez don't go unmentioned. Invented by the dentist Christian Hahn from Kentucky, he got the idea behind the Froggelz glasses because of his Children. Swimming goggles were difficult to put on and adjust, the strap got stuck in the hair and also pressed on the ears. Hahn was frustrated and there was a flash of inspiration to solve the problem: he picked up one of his old diving suits and picked up the scissors; he cut out a strip of neoprene and replaced it with the rubber straps of his children's swimming goggles. After a few years of experimentation and one or two prototypes later, the Froggelz have been 2013 available on the market.

Our conclusion about the Frog gel is more likely to fall positive from: The Neoprene belt system is well processed and quite helpful for both leisure and competitive swimmers. Since the glasses of the goggles are a weak point, the straps on swimming goggles from the competition are more suitable. Our small testers complained that the actual Froggelz glasses would fog up too quickly, while the glasses of the Froggelz UDT mask scratched too quickly. After some use, the silicone seal had a weak spot on the bridge of the nose, which ultimately made the glasses unusable due to water penetration. In particular, my daughter's long hair was very grateful to the frog gel strap.

If a child has already developed an aversion to the rubber straps , you can help him with the following options. The neoprene belt cover from Cressi can be easily pulled over the normal straps. Alternatively, you can click on the easily adjustable elastic band kit from Tyr fall back to complete the strap to replace. The Tyr strap kit was rated good in terms of comfort, but my experience showed that the elastic band, which could even be wrapped around my head twice and was quite low, kept sliding down and pressing against my ears when I was swimming. My son and I also agreed that the narrow straps put too much pressure on the back of the head.

Also the highly rated swimming goggle models Kids Skoogles from Speedo and the Kids Swimple from Tyr were in our test. Both of them are affordable outside-of-the-eye socket style options – especially for children with narrower faces – but in our tests, they were our kids' favorite regarding the Comfort and adjustability. Our young competitive swimmers Sophia and Nala were more into the Swedish glasses cut cut of the Jr. Vanquisher – Accustomed to swimming goggles from Speedo, which are supplied with four adjustable nose piece parts to ensure a fit that is as individual as possible. The Jr. Vanquisher is a solid alternative for small turbo swimmers. In view of the thin straps and the more classic swimming goggle cut, young recreational swimmers who do not train in the club could start with our other options.

Very young children seem to like the open feel of swimming goggles with a particularly wide field of vision. In particular, the easy putting on and taking off is a decisive factor that our youngest of the Baloo glasses convinced by Cressi. Since 1946 Cressi is an integral part of the diving landscape. Our little testers were able to gain a lot from these glasses, they scored thanks to UV protection, excellent anti-fog, robust and very clear lenses, soft sealing material and simple ratchet straps. Like its colleagues at Aqua Sphere, Cressi develops and manufactures a large part of its glasses (including the Baloo) in Italy; we are more than satisfied with the quality of these swimming goggles.

What we have to complain about at the Baloo is the limited selection of lens tints. If you value this feature, the purchase of a Seal glasses from Aqua Sphere can be a sensible investment. Also the Submariners from Babiators we included in our test group, which was developed with particularly young users in mind. Although these swimming goggles hit the bull's eye in theory and convinced us with their all-round view and wide straps, we think the goggles are too foggy.

anti fog

According to Mirko Bosio from Aqua Sphere, swimming goggles fog up when water vapor cools quickly when touching the glass surface. As soon as warm, moist air emanating from a face meets cold glasses and cannot escape, tiny water droplets develop (imagine your mirror after a hot shower).

To prevent this, you should hold your swimming goggles – even before you go into the water – in the pool or the sea, so that the temperature of the Glasses can adapt to those of the water.

If the misting on the glasses should go away, you can replace the droplets with a thin film of water. This is very easy by using a surfactant or a hydrophilic Substance works to reduce the surface tension of the water. This includes saliva as well as baby shampoo if you only apply a thin layer (but you should definitely let the baby shampoo dry) – but be careful, according to Nate Tracy of Speedo, these methods destroy the refined chemical compounds that the companies use during the manufacturing process apply to the glasses. Despite the well-intentioned advice from other sources: Use toothpaste only in the mouth and not for your glasses – you really don't want to get this stuff in your eyes!

Care and Maintenance

Manufacturers use chemical compounds for their anti-fog coatings, the effect of which wears off over time. With the right care and maintenance, the time span can be extended a lot.

First of all, you should clean your swimming goggles with clear water after each use, to rinse out harmful chlorine or salt residues. In addition, the inside of the swimming goggles should not be touched if possible. “One of the biggest no-gos when it comes to swimming goggles is touching the inside of the glasses,” said Speedo Tracy. “The product team is cold when it sees how someone wants to clean new, unused swimming goggles by wiping them inside with a spatula and bare thumb. If cleaning is carried out in this way, he noted, the anti-fog coating could no longer function adequately after just a few minutes – not only after months, as is usually the case. Tracy continues: “There are a few options on the market for restoring the anti-fog coating. Although these cannot keep up with the initial treatment in the factory, they nevertheless extend the lifespan of the swimming goggles by a few months. ”

Keep at the end in the back of your mind that any glasses with a manufacturing defect could arrive at you. For this reason, we recommend that you order the swimming goggles some time before your holiday and put the good piece through its paces. Just slightly (bending) the frame or pulling on the straps and buckles quickly reveal one or the other defect (and then there is still enough time to get a replacement).


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