The best hand cream: test winner at ÖKO-TEST

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content based on the test results from ÖKO-TEST

Trockene Haut: Diese Stellen sind besonders betroffen

Good hand creams don't have to be expensive: In November 2019 tested ÖKO-TEST hand creams; of 50 Creams dusted half of the top grade. But it is worth taking a look: consumers cannot tell whether a cream is good for the skin, neither by the price nor by the brand. ÖKO-TEST has found questionable ingredients in some hand creams that you should avoid. Nine of the tested products, especially well-known and popular brands, contain problematic components.

Hand creams are often burdened with controversial ingredients

A moisturizing hand cream helps with dry and stressed hands. However, you should not resort to any product, because well-known brands in the test attracted attention with questionable ingredients. 14 of the 50 tested hand creams therefore only achieved a maximum of “sufficient” in the test, seven of them even “insufficient”. In animal experiments, for example, the substance lilial prevented the test subjects from reproducing, another substance is suspected of causing cancer in humans. Therefore, ÖKO-TEST has checked the ingredients of all hand creams and comes to a clear result.

Die good news: all hand creams made from certified natural cosmetics have received the top rating “very good”. But ÖKO-TEST also has nothing to complain about when it comes to the affordable house brands from Dm, Rossmann, ALDI and REWE. We show a selection of the test winners in our table. You can view the entire test free of charge at ÖKO-TEST , or order the entire issue as an ePaper .

The best hand creams: A selection from the test by ÖKO-TEST

Price tip natural cosmetics branded natural cosmetics cream Price tip normal hand cream


Lavera hand cream base sensitive

Dr. Hauschka hand cream

Dr. Scheller Calendula hand balm


very good

very good

very good


Donates intensive care and moisture

vitalizing, moisturizes

lipid replenishing, rich, protective


round 12 Euro for 4 Tubes

round 10 Euro

around 1 , 50 Euro

To the shop (Amazon) To the shop (Amazon) To the shop (Amazon)

This is how ÖKO-TEST assesses hand creams

The 12 nature-certified products are all free from questionable and / or controversial ingredients and therefore “very good”. 13 the 38 Non-certified hand creams are also without flaws.

In seven products the controversial fragrance “Lilial” . It is no coincidence that Lilial is not a problem in natural cosmetic products. The artificial fragrance is taboo here.

taillight bliden seven hand creams, including the Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Instant Hand Cream, O'Keeffe's Working Hands Hand Cream and also the Eucerin pH5 hand cream. These contained questionable ingredients such as MOAH, paraffins (Neutrogena), formaldehyde (O'Keeffe's) or Lilial (Eucerin). However, Eucerin also stated that it had already changed the recipe for its cream and that it is now dispensing with these questionable ingredients. However, the questionable substances were still detected in the test batch.

Three of the test winners in the hand cream test. Images: manufacturer

Why the fragrance Lilial is controversial

The fragrance Lilial can be found in many hand creams and is also a common component of perfumed care products and detergents. However, Lilial is not nearly as harmless as its spring-like scent suggests. What is more severe than a relatively low allergy potential is that it has been shown to be toxic to reproduction in animal experiments. In a BASF study from 2006 for example, the admission of Lilial via food in male rats to shrink testicles and in females to stillbirths. No wonder that Lilial is at least controversial.

Already since 2012 is discussed about a reassessment as a CMR2 substance within the framework of the European Chemicals Regulation (REACH). The category CMR2 contains substances for which animal experiments suggest that they are also carcinogenic, mutagenic or even harmful to reproduction. The scientific advisory board of the EU Commission (SCCS) came in August 2015 too concluded that the use of “rinse-off” as well as “leave-on” cosmetics remaining on the skin was “not safe” due to the uncertain data situation. This is why ÖKO-TEST consistently devalues ​​Lilial in care products.

ÖKO-TEST advises: Find the right hand cream

  • Cheap and good does not exclude each other. Five hand creams that score top marks in the test are already for less than one euro each 100 milliliters.

  • Do you want the fragrance Lilial in cosmetic products, the declaration gives an initial insight. It must be named Butylphenyl Methylpropional be listed.

  • Frequent washing destroys the protective layer of the skin and can lead to skin irritation and cracks. However, it is a fairy tale that moisturizing hand creams are “addictive”.

The article “The best hand cream: test winner at ÖKO-TEST” was implemented by CHIP authors and is based on the results of the article “ Hand creams in the test ” of ECO TEST from 12. 10. 2018. You can read the entire test purchase online . The CHIP test center was not involved in the investigation.

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