The best chocolate in the test: test winner from Stiftung Warentest

A chocolate beats Milka, Lindt and Ritter Sport

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The best chocolate according to Stiftung Warentest

In the chocolate test, Stiftung Warentest did not select a well-known brand – neither Milka, nor Lindt or Ritter Sport for the best chocolate. Instead, a fairly unknown fair trade chocolate can secure first place. But the test winner is not only cheap and fairly produced, with every bar of chocolate chocolate fans even help to save the climate.

Stiftung Warentest: The good chocolate is convincing

That shouldn't taste like Milka, Ritter Sport and Lindt at all: Of all times an unknown Fairtrade chocolate runs out of rank in the test. “The good chocolate” was able to test itself against the others 24 Push through bars of chocolate. The experts attached the greatest importance to the taste, appearance and consistency of the chocolate. The chocolates have also been examined in the laboratory for germs, bacteria and pollutants, including contamination by mineral oil . The test winner “The good chocolate” was particularly convincing in terms of taste.

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The chocolate test winners of the foundation Product test: Result 12 / 2018

  • Source: Amazon

    The good chocolate

    1st place – overall grade: Good (1.9) Smell and taste are multi-faceted, with Fairtrade seal, is one of the cheapest chocolates

  • Source: Amazon

    Marabou Mjölk Choklad King Size

    place 2 – overall grade: good (2.0) Intense smell, thick pieces, firm and crispy

  • Source: Amazon

    Merci Edel-Rahm Tafelschokolade

    2nd place – overall rating: Good (2.0) Tastes intensely creamy and very sweet , soft and creamy consistency

  • Source: Amazon

    Milka Chocolate Alpine Milk

    place 2 – overall grade: good (2, 0) smell and taste intense of cream, quickly melting, somewhat sticky

The good chocolate is the best chocolate

“The good chocolate” ( at Amazon ) was awarded the best chocolate with the grade 1.9. The motto of the inexpensive test winner: Do something good with every piece of chocolate. Because for five chocolate bars sold, the Plant for the Planet organization plants a tree in Mexico. The aim of the organization is to prevent or at least delay the climate crisis. The sale of chocolate has already planted over 2.5 million trees.

Stiftung Warentest has shown in the latest chocolate test that this project also tastes good. “The good chocolate” is one of the tastiest bars of chocolate in the test: it smells and tastes very nutty, caramel-like and also a little vanilla, say the examiners. The laboratory did not find any germs or bacteria.

The chocolate is fair trade, the milk comes from the region and the production is CO2 neutral – nevertheless a bar of chocolate only costs 1 euro (100G). This works because there is no profit-oriented company behind it, but the non-profit Plant for the Planet.

Chocolate test winner: The good chocolate Picture: Plant for the Planet

Common mistake: This is how you eat Merci chocolate properly

Milka and Merci chocolates narrowly miss the win

The chocolates from Milka and Merci land just behind the test winner. You scored 2.0. The reasons: They are either in the taste or a little behind the first place in the laboratory examination for germs.

Other well-known brands, such as Ritter Sport and Sarotti, are only mediocre: in the taste test, you couldn't take on the test winner and both contain some pollutants, explains Öko-Test. But these are only available in very small quantities, so that both chocolate bars still cut off with “Good”.

Ritter Sport only ends up in the middle of the field Image: Pixabay

Expiry date: can I still eat expired chocolate?

Lindt chocolate without real vanilla

Lindt should be particularly annoyed: the whole milk chocolate from Lindt & Sprüngli tastes as good as the test winner as the only chocolate. Nevertheless, the result was “satisfactory” in the end. Stiftung Warentest criticizes that the packaging shows vanilla flowers and pods, but there is only one flavoring in the chocolate itself. The laboratory did not find vanilla in the chocolate, instead the flavoring vanillin.

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The most expensive chocolate is the worst

A look at the end of the test table shows that high-quality chocolate is not a question of price: Bottom in the chocolate test is the most expensive bar – Godiva Milk Chocolate – with the predicate “sufficient”. Stiftung Warentest found in the laboratory that the chocolate is heavily contaminated with nickel. The metal can get into the cocoa plant via the ground and thus find its way into the chocolate. However, the concentration is not harmful to health. Secondly, the experts complained about the declaration on the packaging of Godiva chocolate.

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