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When Tesla's neighbor saddles up

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Zero SR/S im Test

Since nearly 15 years Zero works Tesla's immediate vicinity to electric motorcycles. The Zero SR / S is the youngest baby in California. After the naked-biked SR / F, the SR / S comes with full fairing. Old school, do you mean? Not at all, we mean. On our test drive, we found that the latest Zero is pretty darn good on the road. Instead of the price screw, the makers should have turned the range.


Zeros newest horse in the stable is once again a highlight, although with well over 20. 000 Euro no bargain and again a few euros more expensive than its predecessor, the Zero SR / F.

This time Zero changed the optics above all. The new Zero comes fully clad and is extremely sleek with deep mirrors and a windshield. Engine, drive power and equipment are almost unchanged from the SR / F, which is not a bad thing – on the contrary. Half a year ago Zero had already presented it properly – there is currently no need for optimization.

With the range, however, we would have wished for progress. But there is currently standstill – realistically, you only get around with the bike without the power tank 175 kilometers away. For longer tours you need the quick charge function and good planning.

Enormous driving pleasure thanks to extreme torque and automatic
Streamlined design (if you like disguised bikes)
Low operating and maintenance costs
Smart functions such as location, charging timer, freely configurable driving modes
Up to 30. 000 Euro a costly pleasure
range with optimistic 200 km too short

Another great bike: The Zero SR / F in the test

Zero SR / S: range, top speed

Similar to the Zero SR / F, a naked bike, that we in autumn 2019 had tested , come You also with the Zero SR / S (the second S stands for Street) between 130 and 250 Kilometre far. Depending on the route (city, country, highway) and driving mode, this information differs extremely.

On our 112 kilometer long test drive in which our tester completed the Zero 60 percent of the route in eco mode, 30 percent in street mode and 10 percent in sport mode were still at the end 42 percent remaining range on it. That means: Realistically, you will hardly be combined in combination via 200 Kilometers come – and only then you can drive more calmly than aggressively and often hide behind the windshield, which according to Zero 13 Percent more range.

Ergo: For a nice evening round, the battery is enough, it should be an extended Sunday tour, it is already running out. Since the power tank with a 50 kilometers longer range to remedy the situation, it would be even more appropriate to purchase the Rapid Charge System, so the quick charger for about 3. 000 Euro.

110 PS and 200 Kilometers maximum speed do not bring tears of happiness to hard-boiled bikers. But with the absurd deduction, these should also be calmed down again when the engine stops 190 Nm torque has ready and leaves every Porsche and combustion motorcycle driver at the traffic lights. The tubular steel frame and the concentric swing arm do the rest to optimize the transmission of the torque to the rear wheel. And honestly: Motorway trips beyond the 200 km / h are only one thing: unnecessarily exhausting.

The Zero SR / S wants the sport version of the SR / F . Now one wonders: what is so different? And that is actually a legitimate question, because nothing has changed in terms of range, battery capacity, top speed or seat height. In the standard version it was 9 kilos heavier. Amazing, because the 14, 4 kWh battery now only weighs 63 instead of 80 Kilo. The reason is in the fairing: The Zero SR / S is in the Contrary to the naked SR / F a motorcycle with full fairing – optionally in gray and metallic blue (like available in our video). Zero was inspired by the aircraft design, the cuts are angular and very aerodynamic. This is most evident in the mirrors, because they sit UNDER the handlebar ends. You have to get used to it briefly while driving, but you quickly have an idea of ​​where to look. The windscreen behind which the rider can crouch is also not available on other Zero motorcycles.

Clear cuts: The design of the new Zero SR / S is inspired by aviation technology. CHIP

Zero SR / S: loading

If you want to load an empty Zero SR / S, you need time or money. Time if you have a standard SR / S. Because then it takes four hours at the wallbox , until the 14, 4 kWh battery is charged.

Who can afford the more expensive premium variant of the SR / S (23. 740 Euro), but fully charges the battery in 1.3 hours thanks to the 6 KW quick charging system. The very impatient can even get a 12 – KW fast charger against just under 3. 000 Euro surcharge, then it takes less than an hour . Incidentally, charging is only with alternating current (Level 2 AC). Why doesn't Zero rely on direct current (DC)? Because there is no good charging infrastructure for motorcyclists. Because 90 Percentage of the DC pillars are located on motorways, i.e. routes that are less frequented by motorcyclists but are heavily used by cars.

The 63 Kilo heavy 14, 4 kWh battery can ideally be charged within an hour – provided you have the 3rd. 000 Euro expensive quick charger. CHIP

Zero SR / S: driving modes and driving characteristics

Typical for Zero there are countless setting options, above all the driving modes “Sport”, “Street”, “Eco” and “Rain”. You can up to ten other driving modes in the app – ideal for meticulous drivers who optimally zero on their home route want to adapt to driving preference and road. If we had had more time during the test drive, we would have taken the basics of sport mode for the switchbacks in the south of France and combined it with the degree of recuperation of eco mode. Because the latter recovers most of the energy when accelerating, and even better: very often saves you from braking, since the recuperation in Eco mode is particularly strong.

Without much app fiddling – as with the SR / F in the previous year – we finally got along with the machine in street mode, since we were here through the curves of the The Côte d'Azur glided without the fear of going off the gas too much and thus recuperating too hard or accelerating too hard when accelerating out of the curve, which is a real number in sport mode.

A real added value in the Zero app are Alerts , for example if the parked bike is moved, falls or is fully charged. Also a timer function for charging , for example to use cheaper nighttime electricity, can be found in the app as well as a “Find my bike “Theft localization. Not all brand new, but still something for us where Zero stands out.

How does the new Zero drive? Good 110 Kilometers we tested the electric bike on the Côte d'Azur with many switchbacks and two shorter motorway sections. The Zero SR / S is with 229 Kilo another nine kilos heavier than the SR / F , but hugs well between our legs and allows you to handle them superbly with very little effort. No matter whether in the curves or at a higher speed: The SR / S runs like on rails. Thanks lower footrests and the higher handlebar, it can also be pushed into the bend in an upright posture and can be accelerated at the apex early. When driving, it behaves very similar to the Zero SR / F, whose test you can read here . A typical zero disadvantage persists: the large turning circle due to the small steering angle.

To 112 kilometers test drive – over half of it in smooth eco mode – we still had 42 percent battery capacity left .. zero

Zero SR / S: price and premium model

The Zero SR / S costs in its two color versions (gray and blue) 21. 540 Euro, so good 1. 000 euros more than the SR / F. Who the premium model with faster charging technology, heated handlebar grips and handlebar ends made of aluminum, attaches 23. 740 euros on the table. The battery is included for five years – no matter how many kilometers you drive.

Again Zero has slightly increased his prices and yes, the bike is expensive fun, but you pay for similar strong combustion bikes also this amount of money . You will receive a Funding of a total of 1. 200 Euro who is made up partly of a premium from the state and partly from Zero or from the dealer. Anyone who lives in Munich is also lucky and can further 1. 000 Euro funding . You also save on maintenance – and not just on drive costs, but also on service and maintenance. After all, electric motorcycles are tax-exempt for ten years and have significantly less wear on brakes and motor parts. Oil or spark plug changes are now flat for an electric motor.

Data sheet Zero SR / S

Zero SR / S


21. 540 Euro or 23. 740 Euro (premium model)


175 km or 219 km (Premium model)

Max. Torque

190 Nm

kW / PS

82 / 111

battery capacity

14, 4 kWh

Cost of a full charge

about 3 euros

loading time

4 hours

Charging time with 6 KW quick charger

around 1 hour


229 Kilo or 234 Kilo (premium model)

Seat height

787 mm

Battery guarantee

5 years without Mileage limit

Maximum speed

200 km / h

Double disc brakes and cornering ABS give us a good feeling of safety on the test drive. zero

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