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Conclusion from 17. 02. 2020

The Xiaomi Mi 4S is in the 43 – inch version of an Ultra HD TV at a hammer price. In the test, the image quality could not completely convince us, but in view of the very low sales price, that's still okay. There is also nothing significant to complain about in the equipment. The built-in speakers are ok, the energy efficiency is good. In the video you can see what you should consider when buying a TV.

Still quite bright picture
Solid equipment
Strong price-performance ratio
White has shifted to bluish
Contrast could be better
Sound quality mediocre

From 299, 00 €: Find Best Price For Xiaomi L 43 M5

The values ​​in the article refer to the test time of the product ( 17. 02. 2020 ) .

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Xiaomi Mi 4S (L 43 M5-5ASP) in the test: TV from the price champion

Xiaomi has long stood for price-performance hits: For smartphones, wearables, vacuum robots and much more, the Chinese manufacturer is often a good one for price-conscious buyers Choice. Not surprisingly, Xiaomi is also involved in the TV market. As expected, there is the Smart TV Xiaomi Mi 4S at a hammer price: For 43 inch display Diagonal and ultra-HD resolution with HDR support only pay around 300 Euro. In our price assessment, the device is at the top of the list.

With the Xiaomi Mi 4S, the Chinese price-performance experts also want to score in the TV area. Picture: Xiaomi

Top recommendation of the leaderboard: Panasonic TX – 55 TMI 2004 in the test

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A reasonable image quality with weaknesses

But how good is the picture quality in view of the low price? The Xiaomi TV cannot fully convince us, but if you are not looking for an HDR experience, you should still be quite satisfied with the picture. Although the maximum brightness of 463 Candela per square meter does not match the values ​​of the top devices, but is still perfectly fine. The checkerboard contrast of 190: 1 is only mediocre – here the Xiaomi TV is rather at the lower end of the TV best list. The brightness deviations are at least in the frame. Since Xiaomi does not use dimming technology, black image content is never completely black.

The color display of the Xiaomi Mi 4S is okay, but shows weaknesses: The Xiaomi Mi 4S represents the standard RGB color space relevant for Full-HD-Blu-rays almost completely, we measure a coverage of 99 percent – that is good. You don't get the full DCI-P3 color space, because the Mi 4S only comes here 86 percent. The model cannot compete with HDR televisions. It is also noticeable that the white point of the display is visibly shifted to bluish. And the acceptable viewing angle range is normal for a VA-LC display, i.e. narrowly limited. If you look at the display from the side, you will see a very milky image.

Even in our subjective tests, the TV was at best mediocre. In the Blu-ray tests, for example, the Xiaomi television struggles for details in dark scenes. The technical base is also missing for the HDR display: Neither the color space cover nor the display brightness are ideal for this. The TV is also not a good PC monitor: the font display is inaccurate. He also has a high latency of 73 milliseconds.

Ultimately, the Xiaomi can be used as a television, especially with Ultra HD resolution for a very reasonable price, but you are a long way from stunning home theater quality.

The picture quality of the Xiaomi Mi 4S cannot quite convince us. Picture: Xiaomi

HDR – what is it?

Slightly thin sound

Two 8-watt speakers without a subwoofer are responsible for the sound in the Xiaomi Mi 4S, which technically does not promise much buzz. The sound is basically satisfactory, although the maximum possible volume is rather mediocre. At high volume, minor noise such as clinking and clanging can be heard. We already had televisions with significantly worse boxes in the test, so the Xiaomi is not noticeable. An external sound system is of course better.

Soundbar Test 2020: The best models in comparison

Everything essential in the equipment

The equipment of the Xiaomi Mi 4S is not as lavish as that of the top TVs, but there are also no significant gaps , TV tuners for cable, satellite and terrestrial reception are available, even if only in a single version instead of double. Three USB interfaces are available, and USB recording is also possible. You can also connect peripheral devices with three HMDI connections, thanks to the ARC function, this also works with the home theater sound system. There is also an optical digital output and a jack for cable headphones for audio purposes. Connect wireless models via Bluetooth 4.2. Further connectivity is guaranteed via WLAN-ac and LAN connection for network cables.

The operating system of the smart TV is Android TV, so you have access to the wide selection of apps , Popular streaming providers and media players as well as the most important video and audio formats are supported, but he does not support Apple Airplay. In the HDR area is HDR 10, HLG and Dolby Vision can be used – The quality shown is, as already mentioned, rather mediocre. The remote control has good ergonomics, but the buttons are not illuminated. And you don't have any special control options apart from the usual Android TV voice control.

The equipment of the Xiaomi Mi 4S is okay. Picture: Xiaomi

Price-performance recommendation of the best list: LG 65 SM 82007 LA in the test

Adequate power consumption

The power consumption of the Xiaomi Mi 4S is reasonable. In normal operation with preset brightness of 312 we measure cd / m² 61, 1 watt, the manufacturer gives a nominal value of 85 Watt on. The device bears the EU energy label A. The power consumption in stand-by mode is unremarkable. There is no light sensor that adjusts the brightness to the ambient light.

An overview of the EU energy label

Hard to beat in price

For the 43 – inch version of Xiaomi Mi 4S (L 43 M5-5ASP) pay around 300 Euro. This is a strong price, TV alternatives of similar quality cost 200 euros more or even double. You can only get a real home theater expert for the low Xiaomi price to a limited extent.

Top 3 shops for Xiaomi Mi XM 310002

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TV according to price-performance

LG 65SM82007LA BestCheck offer

  • Sound quality (2.8)
  • Image quality (2.4)
  • Facilities (2.0)
  • Energy efficiency (1.4)

Samsung GQ55Q60R Offer from BestCheck

  • Sound quality (2.5)
  • Image quality (2.5)
  • Facilities (1.9)
  • Energy efficiency (1.9)

Toshiba 55U7863DA Offer from BestCheck

final grade



  • Sound quality (2.8)
  • Image quality (3.2)
  • Facilities (2.9)
  • Energy efficiency (1.6)

Xiaomi L43M5 Offer from BestCheck

final grade



  • Sound quality (3.2)
  • Image quality (3.6)
  • Facilities (2.6)
  • Energy efficiency (2.0)

LG 55UK6400 Offer from BestCheck

final grade



  • Sound quality (3.1)
  • Image quality (3.4)
  • Facilities (3.0)
  • Energy efficiency (1.5)

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