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Vorwerk Thermomix TM6 im Review


The Thermomix TM6 from Vorwerk shows small improvements to its predecessor, Thermomix TM5. The machine brings together many functions and thereby slims down your kitchen unit. He does his job quickly, reliably and talks about difficult recipes. The high price and the somewhat sluggish touch operation, however, spoil the cooking pleasure. The changes compared to the predecessor are good, but no reason for an upgrade. And for convinced hobby cooks who also want to learn something while cooking, a real kitchen machine that leaves more space is probably the better choice.

Excellent results
Many recipes (with subscription)
More accessories, more precise scales, 160 ° C
Large display
Stutters and delays on the touch display
Very expensive
recipes not scalable

Of the Thermomix TM5 is only about five years old. In the case of technical products, this is an eternity, at Vorwerk, on the other hand, lightning speed – after all, there are between TM 31 and TM5 also went into the country for ten years. But unlike in the past, the Wuppertal-based company had competition in this product division: With the launch of the TM5, countless clones have sprung up like mushrooms and stole market share from the classic. In this respect, a faster product cycle is almost inevitable. But can the TM6 convince with its innovations?

Vorwerk Thermomix TM6: Sales only in person

How do you get a Thermomix? Vorwerk does not sell the device online and not to order, but almost exclusively via personal contact : You invite a representative home, then they cook, test and inform. Whoever is now convinced of the helper, then sets the proud price of 1. 359 Euro on the table.

But is it worth the effort? We tell you what makes the machine special, what the differences to the TM5 are and where things stay the same.

Free Thermomix demonstration: All information

Thermomix TM6: same in heart

When the TM6 was announced, there are some customers have been upset – especially those who have just bought the TM5. According to Vorwerk, the excitement has subsided again. Because: Many users have recognized that not much has actually changed. It was probably a small marketing faux pas to call the new device TM6 and not TM5 Plus or something like that.

In any case, where it matters, everything has remained the same. All parts remain dishwasher safe, the mixing bowl remains 2.2 liters in size and neither the motor nor the heating output have increased on paper (1. 000 and 500 Watt, 10 . 700 revolutions per minute). In this respect: Anyone who already has a TM5 at home has no reason to upgrade. Nevertheless, quite a few things have changed.

The TM6 has again increased its accessories: Now there is also a splash guard and a new measuring cup included. Image: CHIP / Martin Weiske

Great details

One thing immediately stands out about the TM6: the huge display. The touch screen now measures 6.8 instead of 4.3 inches in diagonal. This makes it much easier to read and with a slider you can also adjust the brightness to your kitchen. And one thing may make one or the other nerd heart beat faster: According to Vorwerk, a small, customized Linux runs on the Thermomix with its own libraries and components.

The menu navigation is basically intuitive . There are only a few control elements, and behind these, other functions and lists are clearly clustered. Images and texts are large. However, we are disturbed by the fact that recipes and lists do not scroll smoothly, but always jerk a bit and lag behind. After all, the display reacts pretty well even with damp fingers. Overall, we find the touch handling okay. The only question is whether “okay” is good enough for a 1st 360 – Euro device.

The larger display causes a small problem: If you stand directly in front of the Thermomix, the handle of the mixing bowl covers part of the display. Picture: CHIP / Rian Voß

Full scope only by subscription

The general handling of the TM6 is convincing. The lid closes automatically and the device warns of temperatures above with red LEDs 60 ° C. For safety reasons, the TM6 only heats if you also set a timer. All accessories can be safely cleaned in the dishwasher. A pre-rinse program also easily replaces the ingredients that have been added – on the other hand, if you follow the recipe instructions, you never have to worry about burnt ingredients. If you have any questions, the extremely detailed instructions will help you.

For the TM6, Vorwerk recycles the housing of the TM5. The predecessor had a slot on the side for the WLAN module and cooking chips in which recipes are stored. This slot is now sealed and the digital Thermomix cookbooks can only be found in the memory and in the cloud, which you can access via 2.4 GHz WiFi (b / g / n) or 5 GHz WiFi (n / a / ac) can access. Bluetooth 4.2 is now also on board, but so far has no meaningful function. You will probably be able to control the Thermomix remotely via app in the future. With a new Thermomix you get access to the Cookidoo recipe platform for half a year. Here you can use both the Thermomix and the app to date 7. 388 Search and find recipes. You can also filter by gait, diet or allergies.

With the Cookidoo app you can send shopping lists to your mobile phone, filter the large cookbook pool and create your own recipe lists. Picture: CHIP

A masterpiece every time

The highlight of the TM6 is still guided cooking. The Thermomix comes with an integrated, digital cookbook. So you can on the touch display on 265 access recipes, from simple rice preparation to normally quite difficult honeycomb toffee to to extensive main courses. The Thermomix goes through each step with you individually, so that every dish succeeds after submission. If you want to change something yourself, you can do so without the device standing in your way. If you want, you can also bookmark your favorite recipes, as well as tips and nutritional information or recently cooked dishes.

In addition, the app offers additional functions: With Cookidoo you can also create your own recipe lists, make a cooking appointment calendar and send shopping lists to the app. The latter function is particularly practical. It's a shame that you have to pay for it – because Cookidoo costs half a year of testing 36 euros per year. You can of course get manufacturer updates without a paid subscription. Some of them are necessary because: One day before this test, an update was played out that fixed a rather serious error that could cause the Thermomix to crash. On the one hand, it is good to know that Vorwerk is taking care of this – on the other hand, the device has been on the market for almost two months. Faster reaction times to bugs that we find by chance in five minutes would be desirable.

Of course you can also cook “by hand” according to a recipe. In the main menu you will find the three known controls for speed, temperature and duration, with which you can cook a lot yourself or work according to a classic recipe. We have the best free contact points in this tip compiled.

The three main controls change if you select a special mode (such as sous-vide). Image: CHIP / Martin Weiske

“Quality of Life” updates

There are some more practical innovations. For example, the mixing bowl now heats up to 160 degrees. You can even caramelize sugar with it. However, you must not turn up the controller on your own. The integrated scale now weighs up to six kilograms to the gram. The measuring cup can now be inserted and the lid offers a splash guard. In addition, you can now access slow cooking and sous-vide (low-temperature cooking) via a special program. With these two functions, however, we think: Why is the TM6 exclusive and is not simply patched with the TM5?

Can do almost anything

Of course, the Thermomix shines most in use. It weighs, mixes, mixes, crushes, grinds, kneads, beats, stirs, emulsifies, steams, boils and heats generally excellent. For example, the device does not knead dough in front of it, but also varies the direction. For ice crushing, it took us significantly longer than the recipe says, but after a few seconds you can conjure up fine slush thanks to the four height-adjustable knives made of ice cubes. You should not torture the mixer too often. If you are constantly pulverizing ice, the instructions advise you to replace the knives after half a year (costs: around 60 Euro). Otherwise, a replacement knife block is due after four years at the latest.

Recipes in which you can use all stages of the Thermomix are particularly impressive. Then vegetables simmer in front of you in the pot. The potatoes move to the lowest level without contact. And further up in the Varoma container, gentle steaming takes place. Since all recipes can be carried out step by step with precise instructions and good tips, mistakes are rare and you can hardly do anything wrong. And if you briefly switch to another function, you can immediately return to the right place using the automatic bookmark. When the recipe is complete, the Thermomix will play a classic jingle by default – this can be exchanged for a few other sounds, such as a short guitar or kalimba solo, and thank you except for Shorten seconds.

The butterfly stirrer and a spatula with gripping hooks are also included. The blender jar is no longer on top, but can be inserted semi-rigidly. And a splash guard ensures that you don't burn yourself with bubbling recipes.

But even if the Thermomix can do a lot, it still can't do everything. A baking function is reserved for the oven and you still have to peel the potatoes yourself and cut them into bite-size pieces. Nevertheless, the Thermomix is ​​a compact device that can tidy up your kitchen and replace many other devices. If that is worth the high price.

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