Test: ViewSonic XG270 in the test

ViewSonic XG 270: Gaming monitor at a great price

Conclusion from 13. 01. 2020

In the test, the ViewSonic XG proves 270 that a gaming monitor with good picture quality and excellent Equipment far below 1. 000 Euros can cost. The display has HDR and offers a decent color representation. It is also responsive and supports Freesync and G-Sync. At the time of testing, the ViewSonic XG costs 270 600 euros – a very strong price. What you should pay attention to when buying gaming monitors, we say in the video.

Attractive price
High refresh rate of 240 Hz
Fast response time
Full HD resolution only
Colors could be even richer

The values ​​in the article refer to the test time of the product ( 13. 01. 2020 ) .

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test scores (compared to all products tested this Category)

  • Editor's Review Good (2.0)
  • Value assessment Attractively priced
  • Price approx. 549, 90 €

ViewSonic XG 270 in the test: good image quality

It doesn't always have to be thousands of euros to invest in a new monitor. If you want to protect your wallet, you can get the current ViewSonic XG 270 an excellent 27 inch display with full HD resolution and HDR function. Since it's only around 550 Euro, it is currently our price-performance recommendation.

In terms of image quality, the ViewSonic XG delivers 270 with its full HD resolution of 1. 920 times 1. 080 pixels a good test result, but the image quality is rather unspectacular: For example, the checkerboard contrast of 171: 1 and the color space coverage rather mediocre. The monitor covers 98 percent of the sRGB color space, but only 76 Percentage of the Adobe RGB color space. Here the top models deliver better results ( to the best list ).

The maximum brightness value of the IPS panel is around 387 Candela per square meter in the upper middle field – especially for HDR you would get an even higher one Expect brightness. The display itself works with a refresh rate of up to 240 Hz and offers a response time of just one millisecond – both values ​​that make gamers' hearts beat faster. Of course, an HDR feature, in this case HDR 10 – Support, not missing. Unfortunately, HDR does not impress on the Viewsonic because it lacks contrast and the corresponding color representation.

The ViewSonic XG 270 showed good image quality in full HD resolution in our test. Image: ViewSonic

PC and gaming monitor: That's how much Hertz you need

ViewSonic XG 270 at Amazon

Lots of equipment for little money

In terms of features, the monitor does not have to hide behind the clearly expensive competition. In addition to two HDMI 2.0 ports, you will also find a DisplayPort connection in the old version 1.2 on the bottom. If you still want to connect peripheral devices to your monitor, you can do this easily thanks to three USB 3.1 ports, one of the ports is also suitable for charging your own smartphone. However, you have to do without a USB-C port. The arrangement of the connections is well thought out. All ports on the subject of image playback can be found on the bottom right, while the audio connection and the USB ports are on the left.

When it comes to sound, the XG offers 270 two 3 watt speakers and an audio output for jack plugs in 3.5 mm format. Of course, the integrated boxes cannot replace an external sound system, but they are perfectly adequate for playing at normal volume.

But the cheap display has a few more features on board: These include for example a blue light filter, the already mentioned RGB lighting and the ViewSonic development “PureXP Blur Reduction”. This technology is supposed to ensure sharp images even with fast movements. In addition, the monitor is supplied with ten different presets for the different applications – but you can also create and save your own presets.

As you would expect, you can illuminate the back of the monitor differently. Image: ViewSonic

Excellent ease of use

If you want, you can not only adjust the height, tilt it forward or backward, but also turn it and thanks to the pivot function 90 degrees, so that the monitor can easily be used in portrait format. If you use your monitor in a bright spot, you will be happy that the monitor has side flaps that protect against the sun's rays. There is also a small fold-out hook on the back to hang up the headset.

You can open the menu with a joystick. It has a total of four levels and can be easily operated in this way. The volume is also controlled via the menu – you won't find any separate keys.

Thanks to the pivot function, you can also use the monitor upright. Image: ViewSonic

Good power consumption values

The power consumption without HDR function is 36 Watts – that's very little. The also 27 inches tall Acer Predator XB3 XB 273 KP for example used in our test with around 67 Watts almost double. The consumption in standby mode is a very low 0.2 watts. As is almost the case, the XG 270 a power saving mode. Overall, we rate the energy efficiency as “good”.

First-class price-performance ratio

The ViewSonic XG 270 was able to convince us in our test and is a price-performance recommendation. The display offers many features that are otherwise only found on devices with significantly higher prices and can also score with its good image quality.

ViewSonic XG 270 at Amazon

Gaming Monitors in the test

Acer Predator X35 Offer from BestCheck

  • Image quality (1.3)
  • Facilities (1.7)
  • Energy efficiency (1.7)
  • Ergonomics (1.9)

Asus ROG Swift PG27UQ offer from BestCheck

  • Image quality (1.0)
  • Facilities (2.7)
  • Energy efficiency (2.9)
  • Ergonomics (1.5)

Acer Predator XB3 XB273KP Offer from BestCheck

  • Image quality (1.6)
  • Equipment (1,2)
  • Energy efficiency (3.4)
  • Ergonomics (1.8)

Acer Nitro XV273KP BestCheck offer

  • Image quality (2.0)
  • Facilities (1.0)
  • Energy efficiency (2.5)
  • Ergonomics (1.8)

ViewSonic XG270QG BestCheck offer

  • Image quality (1.8)
  • Facilities (1.3)
  • Energy efficiency (3.4)
  • Ergonomics (1.5)

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