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Wireless Charger in the test: What is important when buying

Conclusion from 13. 01. 2020

The Terratec ChargeAir dot convinced us in the test: Compared to the leader, there is only a small deduction in the “Efficiency” category. Apart from that, the buyer receives a device at the same level, our test iPhone even charges a little faster with this charger. In addition, the user pays much less. The TerraTec is also our price-performance winner.

Very fast charging time for the iPhone
Good charging time of the Android test cell phone
No power consumption in standby
Deductions for efficiency
Position of the charger not variable
No dual-charge functionality

From 22, 71 €: Find the best price for Terratec ChargeAir dot

The values ​​in the article refer to the test time of the product ( 13. 01. 2020 ) .

The ratings below show how it compares to the other products in the leaderboard.

test ratings (compared to all tested products of this Category)

  • Editor's Review Very good (1.4)
  • price-assessment Attractively priced
  • Price from 22 71 €

In some points better than the test winner

In terms of performance, there are mainly iPhone – 11 – Users at their expense, because: Our iOS test device iPhone 11 Pro is even faster charged with the TerraTec ChargeAir dot than with the test winner from Cellularline. For this Galaxy Note – 10 – User something put back, because Cellularline is ahead of the competition we have tested.

A completely empty iPhone 11 Pro is already after 3: 48 hours fully charged. Compared to the best value of 3: 09 hours here, however, there is still room for improvement. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 , our Android test device, needs 2: 56 hours – an average. After half an hour, the note appears again 20 percent available , for iPhone it is 21 percent.

Is in no way inferior to the test winner

In the “Equipment and Operation” category, the TerraTec ChargeAir dot is in no way inferior to the test winner from Cellularline despite the large price difference: The packaging includes a power supply and a charging cable as accessories. A status LED, which informs the user about the current charge level, is also built into the device. In addition, the TerraTec ensures a secure hold for the mobile phone and the charging station itself.

There are some deductions for some missing functionalities: The position of the charging surface, i.e. the angle at which the smartphone is opened the charger, cannot be varied. Unfortunately, there is also no dual charge option. But these deductions have the leader of our leaderboard also have to accept.

The big difference between the two lies in the shape of the device: While Cellularline's test winner is a device that stands upright, i.e. the smartphone with the screen pointing towards the user, the TerraTec's mobile phone lies on the charging station. The display points towards the ceiling and is therefore very easy to read. Users have to decide individually which variant they prefer.

If you don't want a stand, TerraTec offers the best wireless pad on our leaderboard Picture: CHIP

Efficiency costs TerraTec victory

Even if consumption of 0.0 watts of electricity in standby mode is very pleasing: in the “Efficiency” category TerraTec loses out on the Cellularline. This is mainly due to the high power consumption when the smartphone is fully charged, but is still on the inductive charging station.

The efficiency during the charging process is again on a par with Cellularline. Nevertheless, it must be noted: The TerraTec ChargeAir dot costs considerably less and is accordingly our price-performance winner. In combination with the shorter charging times for the iPhone 11 Pro and The equally good equipment can definitely be recommended for the TerraTec.

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TerraTec ChargerAir dot

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