Test: Technostar TES 200 in the test

Trekstor and Technostar e-scooter in the test

Conclusion from 22. 01. 2020

The Technostar TES 200 shows some strengths in the test: Especially the low weight of 14, 5 kilograms and the numerous available speed levels convince us. However, the e-scooter leaves a lot to be desired in many test fields. The braking distance of over three meters is much too long. We could only rate the driving behavior as “sufficient”. In addition, with just one battery charge 23, 5 km range in there. The price of the Technostar is now far below 400 Euro can hardly be beat, but we cannot give a real buy recommendation for our price-performance winner for frequent drivers.

Very affordable price
Low weight for better handling
Four adjustable speed levels
Short range per battery charge
Braking distance clearly too long
Only sufficient driving behavior

From 385, 99 €: Find the best price for Technostar TES 200

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Striking similarities to the bottom of our leaderboard

In the test we already noticed after the first start-up of the Technostar TES 200 on: The e-scooter behaves surprisingly similar to Trekstor EG 3178. The structure looks identical, as well as the processing and the engine power seems to be similar. After a second look at the packaging, you will notice: At the Technostar TES 200 it is even exactly a Trekstor EG 3178.

Only the branding including the paintwork has been changed: Instead of the “Trekstor” brand, a “Technostar” lettering now adorns the e-scooter and the color of the brake cables has changed from the orange typical of Trekstor to a bright red. Technostar markets the identical scooter more cheaply: Instead of the RRP of Technostar 499 Euro , And even this price is now under 400 Euro decreased.

The similarity to the Trekstor EG 3178 is not to be concealed Picture: CHIP

Shop recommendation for Technostar TES 200 E-SCOOTER E-scooter (8.5 inches, black / gunmetal / red)

Technostar TES 200 E-SCOOTER E-Roller (8.5 Zoll, Schwarz/Gunmetal/Rot)

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Technostar TES 200 in the test: a very patchy equipment

The Technostar TES 200 is the most affordable model among all e-scooters with street approval that we have tested so far. However, this is already noticeable in the only sufficient equipment. Although the TES 200 ex works with a bicycle bell on the handlebar, a small display with speedometer and odometer and a side stand, but you can almost consider this as the basic equipment of an e-scooter.

The list of shortcomings, on the other hand, is long: starting with lean workmanship and a steering wheel that cannot be readjusted manually, the Technostar indicator, rear-view mirror and a kind of luggage rack, bag or basket are missing. In addition, the electric brake on the front wheel bothers because it interferes very jerkily and aggressively with the driving action. Inexperienced drivers may experience a shock moment when braking for the first time.

After all: The electric scooter can be locked with a simple bicycle lock and thus protected against theft. The manufacturer also dispenses with an ignition key. Striking: Technostar (Trekstor) relies on the front wheel as the drive wheel. This prevents an uncontrolled breaking out of the tail on slippery ground, but it reduces the grip on the road, especially uphill, in part greatly.

Technostar instead of Trekstor: the e-scooter is identical to the bottom of our leaderboard Picture: CHIP

It doesn't get far …

A tightly dimensioned – provides the necessary energy watt-hour battery, which according to the manufacturer has a motor with 350 Watt continuous rated power supplied. Due to the low battery capacity, the Technostar TES 200 with one battery charge just once 23, 5 kilometers away. Competitors achieve values ​​between 30 and 60 Kilometre. The scooter is therefore unsuitable for longer journeys back and forth.

All other battery functions are also missing: We miss recuperation (recovery of energy by braking), even though an electronic brake is used. It is also not possible to remove the battery for charging and it cannot be replaced. If the built-in battery has lost a lot of its power, it cannot be replaced by yourself.

Among other things, the remaining battery capacity is shown on the display Picture: CHIP

Medium suspension, braking distance decidedly too high

When it comes to driving characteristics, the Technostar is very disappointing in the test. The sufficient performance tends to be poor and is only saved by the average turning circle with full steering lock and our time measurement when driving on the Nockerberg in Munich. The latter measurement follows 81 seconds also in the average. The maximum speed of the scooter, as with all e-scooters tested by us, is the legally permitted 20 km / h, but only after one longer acceleration phase reached.

Unfortunately the Technostar TES 200 also in this category a large list of criticisms. Particularly noteworthy: The braking distance of 3.1 meters is decidedly too high for an e-scooter. Other models sometimes come to a complete standstill twice at this distance. The driving behavior also leaves a lot to be desired. The suspension, which is particularly important for comfortable driving over paving stones, is also only satisfactory. You should avoid carbonated drinks on the Technostar.

The bottom line is that the scooter does its job, but driving is not exactly fun. If you need a scooter from time to time, that's fine – if you want to ride it every day, you have the TES 200 very quickly full.

A brake pedal triggers brakes on both wheels. Remarkable: A purely electronic brake works on the front wheel. Picture: CHIP

This is where Technostar shows its strengths

Of course the TES 200 not exclusively cause for criticism. This proves the handling in our test: Particularly noteworthy is the low weight of only 14, 5 kg. But he also needs that, because the battery cannot be removed for charging and therefore the entire scooter must always be plugged in.

Also very nice: Using the control button below the display, four different speed levels can be set. This means that the gas, which can be operated on the handlebars with your thumb, can always be fully pressed without always causing the full speed. The maximum load of 120 Kilogram is positive: No other scooter in the test field has been able to beat this value so far. However, given the somewhat weak engine, the question arises whether it can actually pack heavy loads.

The only complaints in this category are the not so easily accessible bell and the not very good illumination of the built-in headlights. In addition, due to its construction, the scooter is not suitable for transporting it when folded.

Due to its construction, the Technostar is not necessarily suitable for traveling in a folded form Picture: CHIP

Shop recommendation for Technostar TES 200 E-SCOOTER E-scooter (8.5 inches, black / gunmetal / red)

Technostar TES 200 E-SCOOTER E-Roller (8.5 Zoll, Schwarz/Gunmetal/Rot)

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