Test: Sony KD-65AF9 (TV) in the test

The Sony KD – 65 AF9 in review

Conclusion from 10. 12. 2018

The Sony KD – 65 AF9 sets new best values ​​in several categories in the test. That catapults the OLED television with 65 inch screen size at the top of the leaderboard. In terms of image quality in particular, the Sony device is currently the first choice. But the sound quality also makes an impression thanks to the innovative sound system. Sony also attached great importance to the modern design of the TV – which unfortunately has an impact on the price: You have to pay a lot of money for the best home cinema experience.

Excellent OLED image quality
Impressive sound system
First-class equipment
High price
High power consumption
No touchpad or gesture control

Starting at 2.929 00 €: Find Best Price for Sony KD – 65 AF9

The values ​​in the article refer to the test time of the product ( 10. 12. 2018 ) .

The ratings below show how it compares to the other products in the leaderboard.

test ratings (compared to all tested products in this category)

Sony KD – 65 AF9 in the test: OLED TV with the best 4K UHD picture

Already in the category of 55 – inch TV hit Sony with the model KD – 55 AF9 high waves. Now the “big brother” KD – 65 AF9 in the segment of 65 – Zöller new records. Unfortunately, the devices also have another detail in common: the high price. In our leaderboard is the Sony KD – 65 AF9 is the best TV, but for around 3. 500 Euro also by far the most expensive. But the OLED TV should become the focus of the living room due to its chic design.

In the ranks of 65 – Inch TV none of the manufacturers is stingy with the picture quality. The competition between Sony, LG and Philips is often decided on a few points in the test rating. Nevertheless, the Sony KD – 65 AF9 to set the new bar for OLED televisions. The screen with 4K UHD resolution (3. 840 x 2. 160 Pixel) provides an excellent picture with magnificent colors, both when displaying HDR, when playing Blu-rays and when upscaling Full HD videos.

The Sony KD uses – 65 AF9 also a new record for the checkerboard Contrast among the 65 – inch televisions – by a wide margin. The 249: 1 value did not reach any of the competitors. Of course, the visible contrast from an OLED side view is also excellent. The maximum brightness is with 673 Candela per square meter excellent, such values ​​otherwise only reach LC displays. OLED devices often weaken in brightness, the Sony KD – 65 AF9 has no problems here .

Sony KD – 65 AF9: OLED TV with the best 4K UHD picture. Picture: CHIP

55 – inch TV Sony KD – 55 AF9 in the test

Integrated home theater sound system with great sound quality

The design has the Sony KD – 65 AF9 taken over by his “little brother”: Das 65 – inch display is extremely thin, frameless and comes without buttons or speaker slots. There is a bulky V-shaped base on the back of the TV that can be folded out. Not only are the cables stowed in it, the device part, which is provided with decorative cover plates, also houses Sony's sound system “Acoustic Surface”, which has already been used in other devices.

The sound comes directly from the screen, which is set in minimal vibrations. Two side-facing subwoofers also provide a rich bass and simulate a spatial sound. The Sony KD – 65 AF9 can act as a complete home theater sound system as well as combined with external devices the television then takes the role of the center speaker. The end result is either way an excellent sound quality, the KD – 65 AF9 also reached here in our Tests a new record. Home theater friends get their money's worth.

Sony KD – 65 AF9: Part of the “Acoustic Surface” sits under the triangular cover plates in the base Picture: Sony

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Sony KD – 65 AF9 in the test: Many interfaces and Smart TV convenience

As expected, Sony did not save on the equipment either, after all, the 65 – Inch TV can also be the functional center of the living room. Cable, satellite and DBV-T2 tuners are each available in duplicate. Four HDMI interfaces offer enough options to connect peripheral devices, and three USB ports are also available. Even a separate headphone output has not been left out. A LAN connection and a WLAN module ensure network connectivity and there is also a component input for older devices.

The Android operating system enables easy use of all common Smart TV applications, streaming services and the Internet browser. Additional apps and games can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Using the USB recording function, the TV program can be recorded on an external hard drive. The only format that the Sony KD – 65 AF9 not supported, is DivX. With this shortcoming is the 65 – inch TV in comparison but not alone there and therefore it reaches Almost top marks in the equipment category.

The Sony KD – 65 AF9 is not stingy with interfaces and other equipment. Picture: CHIP

Conventional operation and high power consumption

After all the top ratings, it is almost only minor details that can be criticized. This is how the operation of the Sony KD works – 65 AF9 flawlessly, but more than a remote control and the familiar voice control from Android TV is not available. Other providers allow navigation via touchpad, “Magic Remote” or gesture control – Sony limits itself to the “conventional” methods. Some of them may be missing something.

The biggest weakness of the OLED TV is the power consumption. Sony generally does not pay much attention to good energy efficiency, not even with the KD – 65 AF9. The power consumption in normal operation is 181, 5 watts the second highest of all TVs we tested. For the energy efficiency class according to the EU standard, there is therefore only Note B. An eco mode is available, but of course this is noticeable on the brightness of the screen, especially with OLED televisions.

The Sony KD – 65 AF9 can be operated via remote control and voice control. Picture: CHIP

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Sony KD – 65 AF9 in the test: Twice as expensive as competitor devices

As already mentioned, the high quality has its price, at least the Japanese manufacturer sees it this way: The Sony KD is available – 65 AF9 currently for around 3. 500 Euro. Other 65 – inch televisions with a similar picture quality are however already available for half the price are. The design of the Sony KD – 65 AF9, where a lot of emphasis on the design of the back and the Integration of the sound system, the OLED television looks good even in the middle of the room. It is an eye-catcher, but you have to dig deep into your pocket.

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