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Conclusion from 28. 01. 2020

The Sony Alpha 6100 excited in the test from the first minute. The round photo and video package with extensive functions and features is convincing all along the line, even if the user-friendliness is somewhat neglected in view of the variety of settings. Last but not least, the low price makes the compact DSLM the ideal entry-level model – regardless of whether for filming or photography. When it comes to lenses, Sony customers have to dig a little deeper into their pockets.

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Sony Alpha 6100 in the test: A new competitor in the DSLM entry class

Right from the start, the Sony Alpha 6100 in the test. It starts with the price: The camera is in the price segment below 1 in the price segment that is of interest to promoters. 0 euros. Reason enough for us to take a closer look at the mirrorless model.

We introduce; the entry-level model of the 6000 -series from Sony without image stabilizer; weighing just under 400 grams: The Sony Alpha 6100 – the fourth model in the series with lots of experience. So it is on the back with a by up to 180 Foldable 3-inch touchscreen. The display has a sufficiently high resolution, but tends to show strong reflections in direct sunlight. We also find a fold-out flash for brightening up close, which is a good thing. The electronic one is at Sony Alpha 6100 permanently integrated in the housing. He has a picture diagonal of 0, 39 inch velvet 100 percent field of view coverage and resolves with 1, 44 million pixels moderately high and sufficiently clear.

The Direct keys are well placed and easily accessible. Freely programmable buttons invite you to adapt the camera to your own needs. Grade 1 in terms of handling. The menus are completely different: the Sony is bursting with settings here, unfortunately at the expense of clarity. The sheer number of cryptic names means that newcomers to the system can quickly access the operating instructions or documentation on the Internet. Touch support in the nested menu is missing. In addition, the Sony Alpha 6100 a knurled wheel on the front is missing.

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Sony Alpha 6100 in the test: Compact dimensions, light weight and still very good image quality make the DSLM the perfect travel companion. Picture: Sony

Sony Alpha 6100 in the test: image quality at a high level

In the second round of Sony Alpha 6100 in the test, the view moves to the inner values; The focus is on sensor, autofocus, runtime and also image quality. All in all 24 Megapixel holds the CMOS sensor of Sony Alpha 6100 ready. The hybrid AF system known from numerous other Sony models takes care of the sharpness with 425 measuring points. The autofocus impresses with tracking, eye AF and in terms of accuracy and speed with excellent values. Speaking of speed: series pictures with 11 fps up to a length of around 80 JPEGs go here in view of the slower UHS-I standards for the memory cards in order.

ISO 100 to ISO 25. 600 – expandable to ISO if required 51. 200 – and a shortest exposure time of 1/4. 00 0 s stand for recordings in different Lighting situations available. Under dim light, the Sony Alpha 6100: Only with ISO 12. 800 annoying noise really comes to light. This means that pictures from the DSLM from Sony even in low ambient light; for example indoors or during twilight, appear clearer and less noisy than we know from many competitors in this price segment. When measuring the resolution in the laboratory, the Sony Alpha 6100 to very good 1st 956 Line pairs per image height at ISO 100. At this point it becomes clear that the Sony software aggressively resharpenes JPEGs, because: The sensor of the Sony Alpha can physically resolve 6100 maximum 2. 00 0 line pairs per image height. One of the reasons why the DSLM has a good grip on the drop in resolution across the entire ISO spectrum. After all, there are no surprises in terms of battery life: The Sony Alpha 6100 brings it up in the laboratory measurement 630 Pictures. This is in this camera class almost standard now.

Sony Alpha 6100 in the test: The 3-inch touchscreen can be moved to 180 Fold degree forward, but lacks a gesture control in the menus. Picture: Sony

Sony Alpha 6100 in the test: ideal for bloggers and vloggers

When it comes to video recordings, the Sony Alpha 6100 in the test of your chocolate side. Is the camera moving in a price segment that also makes it interesting for aspiring video bloggers and amateur filmmakers? UHD video up to 30 fps, FullHD with 120 fps as well as time-lapse recordings can be selected, a successful video package. We also find the HDMI port and a 3.5mm jack for connecting an external microphone. In general, the recordings from Sony Alpha 6100 look very sharp, the reason: the 24 – MP sensor is used Films read out without pixel binning. This oversampled, 6K-equivalent signal is only reduced to UHD or FullHD resolution afterwards. The result: More details and more sharpness in the picture. On top of that there is the practical proxy function: In parallel to high-resolution videos, clips are placed in 720 p recorded, which accelerate the cut properly on slow computers.

Finally it gets really exciting, because: It is not the camera alone that takes the pictures. Only the combination with usable lenses can help photographers and filmmakers take impressive pictures. And that's exactly where Sony has now caught up to the strong competition: All in all 53 own optics and numerous options from third-party manufacturers with an e-bayonet are currently available. There is simply nothing left to be desired, provided a flexible purse is required.

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Sony Alpha 6100 in the test: Via the ImagingEdge app, recordings migrate directly to the smartphone and then to the Internet. Picture: Sony

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