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Conclusion from 04. 02. 2020

With the Aquos V, the Japanese manufacturer Sharp, which is particularly well-known for displays and televisions, wants to gain a foothold in the middle class segment in Germany as well. The differences to last year's Aquos C 10 are quite small in the test: Also with the Aquos V, buyers can expect a sharp display, very good performance for a mid-range device and a convincing battery life. If it weren't for the incomplete equipment and the disappointing cameras, the device would have been far less “satisfactory”.

Sharp LC display
Long battery life
Very good performance
Moderate camera quality
Incomplete equipment

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The values ​​in the article refer to the test time of the product ( 04. 02. 2020 ) .

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Sharp Aquos V in the test: display quality could be better

Today, the front of the Aquos V immediately catches the eye with its wide edges at the top and bottom of the screen – the design is not that special modern. On its 5.9 inches, the LC display offers an FHD + resolution of 2. 160 x 1. 080 Pixels, which results in a pixel density of good 406 ppi results. For a mid-range smartphone, this is a remarkable result, which can be compared with the data of the Honor 10 Lite or one Motorola Moto G6 Plus covers. There are also higher resolutions for the money (see for example that Sony Xperia 10 With 457 ppi), in practice the resolution can still be seen.

Bottom line, we cut satisfactorily the color space coverage, brightness as well as contrast. The checkerboard contrast of 118: 1 is bad (measured in complete darkness), but in ambient light we still get 53: 1 – a solid value. The same applies to the color space coverage, which is still in the sRGB color space 98 percent, but in the extended DCI-P3 color space only to 71 percent is coming. But the brightness goes with 505 cd / m² in order and makes content legible in most cases even in sunlight. If the device is lifted when not in use, the display also offers a minimalist display of important information such as the current time or incoming messages.

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The display quality of the Sharp Aquos V is fine – but unspectacular. Picture: Sharp

Sharp Aquos V in the test: gaps

With the general equipment of the Aquos V, the mid-range device has some nice functions and features, but it does not some important aspects. Also on board are about LTE with up to 450 Mbit / s, Bluetooth 5.0 and a 64 GByte large memory, which can be accessed via microSD by up to 256 GByte can be expanded. In addition, the device can not only be unlocked using the fingerprint sensor on the back, it also offers face recognition.

The things we miss with the Sharp Aquos V include certified protection against dust or water, a pre-installed Android 10 and NFC, which is particularly noticeable now with the increasingly popular mobile phone payment services such as Google Pay and Apple Pay. Dual-SIM is available for this and a 3.5mm headphone jack, which is only rare nowadays, also joins the device's USB-C port. The workmanship also has a high quality, to which the stable plastic frame and the elegant glass back contribute. However, the high susceptibility of these to imprints or scratches makes a cover almost inevitable.

Something is missing: Features such as NFC or protection against water and dust would complement the equipment. Picture: Sharp

Surprisingly good performance

For a mid-range device, the Aquos V can deliver an impressive performance. Equipped with an eight-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 Processor with 2nd 45 GHz and four GB of RAM it usually performs very well in various benchmark tests: Im PCMark test, for example, gives the Aquos V a strong 7. 492 points what it compares to a level with the Samsung Galaxy S 10 Plus or the Google Pixel 2 . In the GFX bench are also considerable 23 frames per second and our extensive test PDF will be displayed via WLAN after just 5.3 seconds. Thanks to the large working memory, multitasking and more complex 3D games are also possible. Given the estimated price of around 230 Euro can be seen the performance of the Sharp Aquos V.

(Middle) class performance: the performance of the Aquos V is not only convincing in the benchmark. Picture: Sharp

Strong battery life in the test

The battery of the Aquos V also convinced in the test. With a capacity of 3. 160 mAh it kept full during continuous online use 11: 32 hours through before the device returns to the electrical outlet had to. There it loads with 02: 19 hours but not too quickly. And inductive charging is not possible with this mid-range smartphone – but you can get over it in this price range.

Battery with strong endurance: round 11, the Aquos V lasts 5 hours online Operation by. Picture: Sharp

Photo quality of the Sharp Aquos V leaves something to be desired

In the price range of the Sharp Aquos V, experience has shown that you shouldn't place too great demands on camera equipment and photo quality. The device is equipped with a 13 – Megapixel dual camera with two lenses and f /2.0 aperture on the back, but the additional lens is only used for the blur effects. For selfies and more, the Aquos also has an 8 megapixel front camera – also with f / 2.0 aperture. In the test, the quality of the recordings can only convince to a limited extent; Even in good light, we complain about the reduced level of detail and the color fidelity.

Videos can also be recorded, although here too you have to be satisfied with a moderate quality. Resolutions up to 4K are possible, whereby the refresh rate then changes to 30 frames per second limited. Fast camera movements lead to a somewhat blurry picture, which is why you should opt for Full HD or less when using the camera.

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Sharp Aquos V

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