Test: Samsung Galaxy Z Flip in the test

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip im Test

Conclusion from 04. 03. 2020

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip does a lot of things right in the test: Not only is it cheaper than its predecessor, but also better in many ways. The manufacturer combines a bright, color-accurate and high-contrast folding display with a small information display for the closed state. We also have nothing to complain about in terms of performance. However, the capacity of the two-part battery is somewhat low and the equipment is also incomplete. In addition, the camera did not really convince us in many scenarios.

Fleet Performance
Practical info display
Stepless folding including useful additional functions
Mediocre Low-light camera quality
Battery capacity somewhat low
Increased risk of scratching thanks to the plastic display

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The values ​​in the article refer to the test time of the product ( 04. 03. 2020 ) .

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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip in the test: Now it is folded in the other direction

The Galaxy Z Flip is the new flagship model from Samsung. The manufacturer has from the predecessor Galaxy Fold learned a lot and improved with the Z Flip now in some areas. That starts with the folding itself. In addition to a folding mechanism that they say is more stable, the direction of folding itself changes: Instead of opening the cell phone like a book, it now opens like a shell and is more reminiscent of folding phones from before 20 years. As a user, you have the feeling of using a smartphone much more than with the previous model.

Like the fold, the Galaxy Z Flip 200. 000 Folding processes undamaged survive. We test whether this is true: we only bought a Z Flip for this purpose, which we then unfolded and refolded in a folding robot made from Lego technology and designed by the test center. At the time of testing, the robot is still working, you will receive an update here can read.

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The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip can now be folded horizontally – vertically, like the Galaxy Fold, is probably out. Picture: CHIP / Marcus Kämpf

For the hardness fold test of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

For a detailed test of the Samsung Galaxy Fold

Galaxy Z Flip: This smartphone fits in every pocket

When unfolded, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is in no way inferior in size to current top smartphones thanks to its 6.7-inch display . But when you close it, you can see a real advantage of the device: It fits in almost any pocket, handbag, fanny pack and any other kind of bag that you carry with you on the go. The Z Flip can be almost completely gripped with just one hand. In terms of portability, this is a major advantage for the Samsung foldable compared to other smartphones with the same display size. To summarize the values: when closed, the cell phone is almost 1.7 cm thick as a thumb, but fits on the palm of the hand with only 7.4 x 8.8 cm. When unfolded, on the other hand, it reaches a proud 7.4 x 16, 7 cm, but is then only 0, 81 cm thin.

In contrast to the previous year leaves the folding mechanism can now also be adjusted continuously. The fold could only be opened or closed, with the flip the two screens can also be 90 Fold to the smallest laptop in the world. Samsung also offers some additional tweaks for this usage mode. Among other things, pictures can be viewed in the gallery on the upper half of the screen, while you can swipe, zoom and select actions with the lower half.

When folded up, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip easily fits into any pocket. Picture: CHIP / Marcus Kämpf

Samsung continues to use two displays

Similar to the previous model Galaxy Fold, the Z Flip again uses two displays: one for the outside and a much larger one inside. However, despite the touchscreen function, the outer display is no longer intended to use the Android interface, but functions as a standby display. It shows information such as the time, the current battery level and notifications received. For more it can be due to its size of just 0, 96 Inches and the resolution of 200 x 112 Pixels don't serve.

It gets interesting when you unfold the smartphone and the 6.7-inch OLED screen shines. It immediately stands out: Despite the large display, the foldable is surprisingly easy to reach around with one hand, which is due to the very elongated form factor. With a 22: 9 aspect ratio is so narrow that even movies (typically in 21: 9-Format) shown on the display on the side with black borders become. Speaking of edges: The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is thinner than, for example, the Motorola Razr . The display-surface ratio of just under 81 Percent does not come close to the conditions of other, similarly expensive smartphones.

The Full HD Plus resolution (2. 636 x 1 . 080 pixels) is enough for everyday life and calculates a pixel density of 452 ppi. The maximum brightness of the panel is also impressive. So are up to 353, 4 cd / m² can be calibrated manually. However, if the ambient light becomes demandingly bright, it becomes round 925 cd / m², so much more than double. This ensures that screen contents can be read under almost all lighting conditions. Combined with an over 150 – percentage coverage of the sRGB color space, a complete DCI -P3 color space and an almost perfect white point make the display really fun. The only thing you have to get used to as a user is the noticeable and visible fold in the middle of the screen.

Now plastic? The bendable display glass of the Galaxy Z Flip

Samsung is particularly proud of its new foldable Galaxy Z Flip on the display glass that is supposedly installed. According to their own statement, users of the Galaxy Z Flip would break the rules of physics and fold real glass without breaking it. When using the touchscreen, however, the surprisingly similar feeling that we know from using the Samsung Galaxy Fold strikes. As a reminder: The predecessor still used a plastic display to enable folding.

We assumed that the “glass display” is purely marketing . Unfortunately we could not disassemble our test devices to check that. In a video, the YouTuber “JerryRigEverything” the cell phone apart one by one, looking for the glass that Samsung promises . The result: Under a very thick plastic layer, which we already know from the Galaxy Fold, there is actually a wafer-thin glass pane, which breaks immediately after being exposed. Samsung has not lied, but you would expect something else.

When opening, a 6.7 inch display lights up. When closed, the Z Flip also offers an info display. Picture: CHIP / Marcus Kämpf

Processor out of date, but still good at performance

While Samsung with its Galaxy S flagships depending on the location either on a Snapdragon processor from Qualcomm, or on its own Exynos chips, the manufacturer sells the Galaxy Z Flip worldwide with a Snapdragon CPU. Although the built-in Snapdragon 855 Plus not the latest that Qualcomm has to offer, but there is no criticism of the performance: Up to 2, 96 Gigahertz is achieved by the Octa-Core with its fastest processor core. This is extremely fast, only devices like the current iPhones deliver more graphics performance.

The CPU is supported by a generous eight gigabytes of RAM, which in combination leads to a consistently smooth operation. Our elaborately designed test PDF fully loads the Z Flip in around 3.6 seconds and the device also achieves high benchmark values ​​in PCMark for Android: Just over 10. 000 points are in the result, so quite competitive with other devices in the highest price range.

Top performance despite the folding mechanism: The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is also very fast on the move, even with an inactive CPU. Picture: CHIP / Marcus Kämpf

To test the Samsung Galaxy S 20 Ultra

The battery cannot be folded, but is divided into two

While screen panels can be folded with today's technology, unfortunately this has not yet been the case with battery cells. The alternative: install two individual batteries in each half of the device. The Z flip is still not more than 3. 300 mAh capacity. Actually it's amazing that the built-in high-performance hardware still has a runtime of 9: 25 hours. As a user, you can get away with it in everyday life, not least because of the small information display. Incoming notifications and other information are visible without having to supply the large main display with energy.

Despite the sobering at first 15 Watt maximum power of the included power supply, the Z Flip charges quite quickly and was just over fully charged again for two hours. After half an hour of charging, there are also 43 percent of the battery charged. Enough for a few more hours of operation before the battery dies again. Incidentally, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip also supports wireless charging. The corresponding charging pad is located in the lower half of the foldable.

Like the housing of the smartphone, the battery is divided into two parts on the inside. Picture: CHIP / Marcus Kämpf

When the main camera also becomes the front camera

The South Korean manufacturer has probably not put any focus on the subject of cameras when developing its latest foldable. So the Galaxy Z Flip comes with a dual camera on the back of the upper smartphone half, consisting of a main lens (12 megapixels, f / 1.8 aperture) and an ultra wide angle -Lens. On a telephoto lens, with one of the most important features for Samsung when S 20 Ultra , you have to do without the Z Flip. After all, the main lens is optically stabilized. Recently, Samsung also installed a front camera in the flip phone, which can be found in a display hole at the top of the screen.

You can do without this on selfies, because that an inch-sized info display can also show the preview image if desired. When closed, the power button has to be pressed twice in succession, then the camera starts and accesses the two main lenses. The preview is shown on the display right next to the camera, albeit somewhat poorly, since the screen diagonal does not allow a large viewing area. The images are then triggered using the volume buttons.

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A popular camera feature from the S 20 also made it to the flip

You should definitely use the selfie function of the main camera, because the image results are much better than those of the front camera. The quality of the front camera is of course still fully usable for video telephony or on social networks, but the auto focus from the main camera is missing. That alone makes it very difficult to take a good picture. In addition, the dual main camera has higher quality lenses.

Under optimal lighting conditions, for example in bright daylight, the images of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip are very good. Bright colors and many details characterize the pictures. When it gets dark, however, the results quickly lose quality: if you shoot from your hand, the image results are much worse, a tripod helps only marginally. After all: The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is its own tripod. If you bend the top half of the display, the phone can be placed on a flat surface and then still shoots a picture with the main camera that continues to look forward.

Videos turns the Galaxy Z Flip with a resolution of up to 4K at 60 frames per second. Thus, in addition to various zoom features from the Samsung Galaxy S 20 Ultra also the possibility to be able to shoot 8K videos. We did not miss this feature painfully in the test, however, since the video material in its full resolution can so far only be viewed on the few 8K devices already on offer, most of which are Samsung TVs. A feature that it from S 20 to the Z flip, however, is the “Single Take” mode. With its help, a single pressure on the trigger is sufficient, which then up to 15 for seconds. Subsequently, an artificial intelligence rages and shows the best results in combination with various filters and / or video effects,

Thanks to the stepless folding, the Z Flip can also be used ideally as a tripod for itself. Picture: CHIP / Marcus Kämpf

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: Good equipment, but not enough for the price

Many aspects of the equipment of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip coincide with those of other current flagship smartphones. Current Bluetooth 5.0 and NFC are on board, as well as a USB-C port (3.1). Unsurprisingly, a headphone jack is missing. The supplied wired headphones can only be connected via the USB-C port. Of the installed 256 Gigabytes of internal memory are still around after setup 228 Gigabytes available, but this is not expandable. Furthermore, the device supports all common LTE bands in Germany, as well as all WLAN bands except WLAN-ax. 5G is also on board, with which the Z flip the Top-S 20 – devices have something ahead. In terms of software, the latest Android comes 10 with the in-house Samsung user interface OneUI 2.1.

Compared to the fold (Introductory price: 2. 100 Euro) the Z Flip is quite cheap , but buyers must start with around 1. 500 Euro still a good amount. Despite the premium price, Samsung has saved a few more extras. In addition to the mono loudspeaker, which is just about the average quality, the Z Flip is only partially capable of dual SIM. If you want to access two separate contracts on your foldable in parallel, you have to be satisfied with an eSIM and a physical SIM card. The foldable screen and the folding mechanism itself bring some small criticisms with it: The fingerprint sensor is not in the display, but is located, similar to Sony smartphones, as a simultaneous power button in the frame of the device. In addition, the Z Flip comes without IP certification and is therefore not protected against the ingress of dust and water. Over time, dust and other dirt could get into the folding mechanism and damage it, especially in trouser pockets. Not only there, the metal display frame could also be better: On the one hand, the models of the S series are significantly more elegant, on the other hand, unsightly pocket dust could also collect here.

If you are looking for a protective cover, at the time of the Test report still prefer to use the offers from Samsung itself, because the Z Flip requires a special protective cover made of two parts and with adhesive strips. After all, such a hard plastic cover is included in the scope of delivery. Screen protectors are, however, a no-go, since the already sensitive folding screen can then cause serious damage.

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