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Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 im Review

Conclusion from 29. 10. 2019

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 scores in our test above all with its very good ergonomics: intuitive menu navigation, a bright display and numerous operating options help Watch to a very good grade in this category. The accuracy of the measured distances should also be emphasized positively. However, the wearable lacks some sports functions that can be found in competing products. In addition, the Watch Active 2 has problems in the “Equipment” and “Battery” categories: The latter is actually very long-lasting compared to other smartwatches, but unlike other heart rate monitors with GPS, the watch does not last long enough and takes too long to charge . All in all, the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 achieved the test grade “satisfactory” at a very sporty price.

Bright color display
Quite accurate measurement of fitness data
Integrated Voice Assistant
Very short battery life
Very high acquisition costs
Digital bezel more uncomfortable than analog

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The values ​​in the article refer to the test time of the product ( 29. 10. 2019 ) .

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Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 in the test: modern design with unsightly compromise

While the design of many sports watches and fitness wearables comes up short, the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 speaks a different language : Modern and chic buckles the 52 grams sports watch around the wrist. A striking innovation: the bezel around the display has disappeared. During the predecessor of the Watch Active 2 and also some other wearables from Samsung always put on an analog, rotatable bezel around the display of the watch, you are looking for something rotatable in vain on the Galaxy Watch Active 2. Instead, Samsung digitized the component and installed a display edge with a touchscreen around the display. If you run it along with your finger, it functions in a similar way to the analogue bezel of the predecessor.

Although the digital version of the rotating mechanism may provide a modern touch, it is the benefit here is not really given: The main purpose of the bezel is that the watch can also be used without the touchscreen. This is necessary if your fingers are sweaty or you have gloves on. With a touch-sensitive bezel, the touchscreen is used again, but only in an alternative way. For practical use, Samsung would have liked to be able to install an analog bezel again.

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From analog to digital: The Samsung-typical bezel now reacts to touch inputs Picture: CHIP

More sport than a smartwatch, less than the competition

While Samsung also classic smartwatches with no sporty additional touch is on offer the Galaxy Watch Active 2 to a sportier target group: more sport functions than with a conventional smartwatch should attract customers who are looking for a sporty wearable without excluding numerous smartwatch functions.

Nevertheless, the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 cannot keep up with the competition in the “Sports functions” category: modes such as open water swimming and triathlon expand the classic sports profiles of a conventional smartwatch. The watch lacks, among other things, virtual duels against friends, tracking for a recovery period, an evaluation for discarded sports performance and special profiles, such as alpine skiing. This results in our rating of 2.9 (“satisfactory”) in the category “sports functions”.

Even in the “Equipment” category, the Galaxy Watch Active 2 does not necessarily shine with top marks: The wearable achieved just “satisfactory” in our test. Many missing functions are responsible for this: contactless numbers, a compass and blood oxygen measurement are just a few of the features that could have given the Galaxy Watch a better rating. After all, she has an integrated music player, a weather widget on the watch, a phone find function and splash protection.

Not to be missed: Of course, the Watch Active 2 also has a heart rate sensor. Picture: CHIP

A good bad battery

The built-in 340 mAh large battery in the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 achieves an operating time of around 4.5 days in classic everyday use with a permanent connection to the smartphone. GPS was not activated. This value is excellent when compared to other smartwatches. In comparison to other heart rate monitors with GPS function, this runtime is rather in the lower average. Especially with activated GPS, the watch just reaches 11, 4 hours until you run out of juice. Competing models with a similar range of functions offer significantly more.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch is charged inductively. The Qi-Charger is included in the scope of delivery. For a sprint from 0 to 100 percent needs the watch 130 minutes. Thus, the Watch Active 2 is not one of the faster-loading watches and should be supplied with power either the evening before or overnight so that it can be fully operational again the next day.

With a continuous connection to the smartphone, the watch will last 4.5 days with the GPS deactivated Picture: CHIP

Very good ergonomics and a sporty price

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 scores especially in the categories “Ergonomics” and “Accuracy”. The latter achieved a grade of 1.9 in our test (“good”). This is mainly due to the measured, very small route deviation of 2.2 percent and the very low variability of the route deviation of just 0.4 percent.

In terms of ergonomics, the Galaxy Watch Active 2 even achieved a grade of 1.5 (“very good”). Responsible for this: Excellent menu navigation, the great and sensitive touchscreen and both analog and digital controls outside of the touchscreen. We also liked the high screen brightness: the display was still very easy to read in direct sunlight. Only the operation during sporting activities can be rated as “satisfactory”.

The is available Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 , depending on the equipment, at a price of around 300 to 400 Euro. The wearable also demonstrates sportiness in terms of price: competing products from Polar and Co achieve a better test result at a more affordable price.

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A speaker is also built into the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 Picture: CHIP

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