Test: Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus 5G in the test

Samsung Galaxy S 20 Plus 5G in the test

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The Samsung Galaxy S 20 Plus 5G can hardly be left in the test Desires for a top smartphone open: it convinces with an excellent display, top performance and great battery life. In the new and optional 120 – Hz mode does the Galaxy S react 20 Plus 5G particularly supple, but the mode noticeably reduces the battery life. Class is also the photo quality, here only the S 20 Ultra put a little shovel on top. However, the prices for the Samsung Galaxy S 20 Plus in itself: 999 Euro for the standard version with 87 GByte or 1 . 249 Euro for the 5G version with 512 GByte are quite steep.

Very good OLED display with 120 Hertz
Very good performance
Great photo quality & new “Single Take” feature
No classic headphone jack
Significantly shorter battery life with 120 Hertz
High introductory price

Relate the values ​​in the article based on the test time of the product ( 24. 02. 2020 ) .

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Samsung Galaxy S 20 Plus 5G in the test

This year Samsung not only breaks with its name tradition and names the new Galaxy S trio to match the year 2020 “Galaxy S 20 “, but the manufacturer also puts a new model at the top of its portfolio: the giant Galaxy S 20 Ultra (in the test) . If that is a number too extravagant, you get with the Galaxy S 20 Plus but also an excellent smartphone on hand, which – as this test shows – does not have to hide from the more expensive Ultra model – and that for a better price.

The mobile phone pleasure is still expensive: The basic version of the Galaxy S 20 Plus with 128 GByte and 8 GByte RAM costs 999 Euro. For the 5G version, depending on the memory configuration, 1. 099 (for 8 / 128 GByte) or 1. 249 (for 8 / 512 GByte) Euro due. We'll clarify what you get for your money here. In our test, we refer to the 5G version of the Galaxy S 20 Plus.

The Galaxy S 20 Plus turns out large with a 6.7 inch screen size. For that it has a fantastic screen. Photo: Belkis Köz / CHIP

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The Galaxy S 20 Plus 5G is chic and high quality

The look of the S 20 Plus 5G is very modern. Compared to the predecessor Galaxy S 10 Plus a lot has happened: The display has grown a bit, now measures 6.7 instead of 6.5 inches in the diagonal, because the remaining edges on the top and bottom are even narrower , On the side is the S 20 Plus no longer bent as much, so changes in contrast on the sides or unwanted input are no longer an issue. Despite the very large display, the S 20 Plus still good to use, with one hand we find it sometimes exhausting. The hole for the front camera has now moved to the middle and is significantly smaller. The second wide-angle front camera had to give way.

Overall, the glass housing and the aluminum frame of the Galaxy S 20 Plus very high quality processed. In addition, the device is in accordance with the IP standard 68 officially protected against water and dust damage. Nice: If you don't feel like everyday gray or black, you can get the Galaxy S 20 Plus also in a fresh-looking blue. Opposite the S 20 Ultra, the Plus model even looks almost simple, even though it has proud dimensions (162 x 74 x8mm). The camera module on the back is also much more subtle than the Ultra model. The photo quality is hardly detrimental, as our laboratory test showed.

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The camera is the striking aesthetic feature on the back – and it takes great photos. Photo: Belkis Köz / CHIP

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Quadruple camera in a rectangle

The camera setup of the Galaxy S 20 Plus falls more simply than that of the Ultra, but that doesn't mean that it has nothing to offer. Samsung uses four sensors, which are arranged in a rectangle on the left side. In addition to the main sensor, there is also an ultra-wide angle sensor – both with 12 Megapixels – plus. This captures a broader perspective, which is useful, for example, for group, landscape or architectural shots. Samsung installs a time-of-flight sensor for the blur effect when taking portraits, and a telesensor with 64 Megapixels. The zoom photo has a resolution of 12 Megapixels because the software combines pixels. The telesensor offers 1.1x optical magnification on paper. In combination with digital help, a hybrid zoom is created that enlarges motifs by a factor of 3.

In single-take mode, the cell phone takes photos with different lenses and videos at the same time. The user can select the best recordings. Photo: Belkis Köz / CHIP

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Great photos with the Galaxy S 20 Plus 5G

To stay with the zoom first: Compared to an optical triple zoom like that of the Huawei Mate 30 Pro (in the test) is the zoom photo of the Galaxy S 20 Plus not quite as sharp and detailed. Small fonts are much more blurry. The Galaxy S can do better 20 Plus against its predecessor: For this we chose a 2X magnification in the camera and compared the pictures with the optical 2 – times enlarged photos of the Galaxy S 10 Plus . Details and structures are on the photos of the Galaxy S 20 Plus better to see, the photo is overall sharper and more attractive. An optical image stabilizer is available in both the ultra-wide angle and the telesensor and prevents photos and videos from blurring quickly.

What we like about the test laboratory photos in the standard setting in daylight is that they are very detailed. The only thing that bothers us a bit is the strong re-sharpening. Edges of objects appear unnatural, for example, a so-called “halo” wreath is formed. The photos of the iPhone 11 Pro (in test) we like it better in this regard. Although minimally more image noise can be seen here, they are more natural. In dim light some details are lost, so that the S 20 Plus not quite ans Galaxy S 20 Ultra and Huawei P 30 Pro (in test) comes up – but the quality is still very strong.

The Galaxy S 20 Plus allowed for the first time Video recordings in 8K resolution with 24 Frames per second. So far, however, the results can only be fully exploited by users of an 8K television. Alternatively, HD, Full-HD and UHD are of course also available, each with 30 and 60 FPS, available. In UHD at 30 Frames per second, you can also record videos in real HDR with a higher color depth and a larger color space.

New: the single-take camera mode. In this mode, a simple click on the trigger is sufficient in the camera app, whereupon the smartphone can be used for up to 10 Seconds continuously recording the scene. The device then sorts the results and finally outputs a selection of photo and video recordings under various filters, in slow motion or with a boomerang effect. The feature is funny and also works with the 10 – megapixel front camera. Speaking of which: Selfies work very well thanks to autofocus.

The Galaxy S 20 Plus has next to the main camera also a wide-angle, as well as a tele-zoom and time-of-flight lens. The latter is said to improve portrait mode. Photo: Belkis Köz / CHIP

Top grade for the display of the Galaxy S 20 Plus 5G

With its latest models, Samsung has already proven that the manufacturer knows how to install good displays. In the test, the OLED display convinced with strong colors and rich contrasts. In the setting “alive” it surpasses with 151 percent clearly the standard RGB color space. If you like it a bit more discreet, you can choose a “natural” display. Streaming fans get their money's worth, because the Galaxy S 20 Plus covers the for HDR 10 – Videos relevant, very large color space DCI-P3 to 100 percent off – the Galaxy S 20 Plus is also here for HDR 10 + licensed.

If bright light falls on the sensor, the S 20 Plus in automatic mode an extremely high maximum brightness of around 970 Candela per square meter (cd / m²). This means that content can still be read excellently outdoors in the sunshine. If you turn up the screen in the living room manually, it still reaches very good 466 cd / m². We measure here with 50 percent white. The Galaxy S is extremely bright 20 Plus also show small highlights in HDR videos – the screen can therefore show its strengths even in dark surroundings.

Das S 20 Plus has an OLED display with the high resolution of 3. 200 x 1. 440 pixels alias QHD +. In the standard setting, the screen works “only” with 2. 400 x 1. 080 pixels. If you want more, switch to QHD + resolution in the settings. The differences to Full HD + are limited. You can also change the display novelty of the Galaxy S 20 Plus only activate in Full HD resolution: the 120 – Hertz mode.

What a great screen: The display of the Galaxy S 20 Plus offers top quality. Photo: Belkis Köz / CHIP

120 Hz Display: Butter-soft display – shorter battery life

Users notice the higher refresh rate in an extremely fluid display, for example in animations and the much smoother scroll behavior. We like the 120 – Hertz mode very much good, because we can immediately see its advantages. However, we also notice the disadvantages: The battery life is shortened by more than 2 hours in the setting.

In the standard setting with 60 Hertz and Full- HD-Plus holds the S 20 Plus with his 4th 500 – mAh battery in our online runtime test 11: 41 hours through – that's a very good result. With 120 Hertz there are only 9: 29 hours. In the test, we dim the brightness to suit indoor use 200 cd / m² and leave the smartphone continuously loads and displays videos and websites from the LTE network. A script also simulates scroll and tip entries. Even with a result of nine and a half hours, most should still get through the day well, but it could be tight on days with heavy use.

A charging process is quick. Thanks to the 25 – Watt power supply increases the battery capacity in 96 minutes from 0 to 100 percent. After half an hour there are already 53 percent of the battery charged and ready for use. Wireless charging is also on board again, this time with up to 15 Watt maximum power and an enlarged inductive area. This is how wireless power share works, i.e. the wireless charging of devices on the Galaxy S 20 Plus, something better.

Optionally, you can use a 120 – Hz mode activate. This gives you smooth movements, but the battery life is noticeably reduced. Photo: Belkis Köz / CHIP

Exynos – 990 – Processor offers excellent performance in the test

Samsung uses the self-developed system-on-chip Exynos 990 in the new Galaxy-S 20 – Trio, an eight-core processor with a clock rate of up to 2, 73 GHz. The Plus model has 8 or 12 GByte RAM to the side. In other regions, the manufacturer relies on the current Qualcomm Snapdragon 865, a similarly performing eight-core.

The Galaxy S 20 Plus reacts extremely quickly for all tasks – even performance-intensive ones. In PC Mark for Android it comes to just over 12. 600 points and is therefore clearly ahead of the Galaxy S 10 Plus ( . 7 500 Points). A lot has changed in terms of graphics performance as well. It achieves a very strong result in the benchmark GFXBench – only the current iPhones are even faster.

On the Galaxy S 20 Plus runs Android 10 under Samsung's OneUI 2.1 user interface, the look of which is a matter of taste. There should be regular updates for two to three years. Experience has shown that the main version updates come with some delay. The security patch level of our test device dates to March 1 2020, is therefore up to date.

The performance of the Samsung Galaxy S 20 Plus is top notch. Photo: Belkis Köz / CHIP

5G in the test – is it worth it?

Samsung follows the big 5G trend and equips the Galaxy-S 20 – Models optionally with a 5G module. Since this is installed separately from the processor, there is the S 20 Plus as 4G and 5G version. We tested the latter here.

In this country, at certain points in time, you would radio in six cities 5G. The super-fast network is not yet widespread – in addition, the high-speed radio affects the battery life. We have already done the test. Voice over NR (phone calls via 5G) cannot be used either.

The 5G version of the Galaxy S 20 Plus is at least a hundred euros more expensive than the 4G version. It is questionable whether this is worthwhile at the moment.

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Everything included – except for the jack

When it comes to equipment, Samsung offers almost everything your heart desires. The internal memory is optionally 128 GByte or enormous 512 GByte (only as 5G version). If that is not enough, the memory can be expanded by up to 1 TB via a microSD card. Alternatively, there is space for a second SIM card in the Galaxy S 20 Plus (hybrid slot). However, if you want to use a dual SIM functionality and the extended memory at the same time, you have the option of integrating a second electronic SIM card via the relevant provider.

We liked the clear sound and the good bass of the stereo speaker very well in the test. NFC for cashless payment via Samsung Pay or Google Pay is on board, as is Bluetooth in the current version 5.0. The Galaxy S also supports 20 Plus in addition to WLAN-AC also the latest AX standard. LTE runs in the download with up to 2. 00 0 Mbit / s and in upload with up to 210 Mbit / s.

Unfortunately Samsung deletes the 3.5 millimeter jack; Galaxy-S 20 – So users have to switch to adapters, USB-C headphones or a wireless alternative. Samsung only installs a USB Type-C port in the 3.1 standard. The manufacturer already took this step with its Galaxy Note – 10-Line.

The Galaxy S 20 Plus is cheaper than the Galaxy S 20 Ultra, but still expensive. Experience has shown that it pays to wait a few weeks before buying, because the price will then drop significantly. And if you can't wait, you'll get a useful extra: pre-orders for the Galaxy S 20 Ultra until March 8th 2020, get the new Galaxy Buds + worth 169 Euro free of charge. After the pre-order campaign, only cable headphones with USB-C connection are included in the packaging. A screen protector is already attached.

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Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G BestCheck offer

  • Battery (1,2)
  • Camera (1,0)
  • Display (1.0)
  • Performance (1.2)
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Samsung Galaxy S 20 Plus 5G

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus 5G BestCheck offer

  • Battery (1,2)
  • Camera (1,0)
  • Display (1.0)
  • Performance (1.2)
  • Equipment (1,2)


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Expensive (4.4)

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  • Camera (1,2)
  • Display (1.3)
  • Performance (1.3)
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Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus BestCheck offer

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  • Camera (1,2)
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  • Performance (1.3)
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