Test: Samsung Galaxy S20 in the test

Samsung Galaxy S20 im Test

Conclusion from 16. 03. 2020

The Samsung Galaxy S 20 is wrongly in the shadow of his big brothers. In the test also shows the smallest S 20 – Model performed excellently in all test categories. The new 120 – Hz display is top notch, the photo quality is great and the battery life is enough for one or two days. Galaxy-S 20 – Buyers are also delighted with the high-quality workmanship, brisk performance and almost complete equipment. Samsung has done almost everything right here – but the price is set high again.

Excellent display
Very brisk performance
Great photo quality
battery life in 120 – Hertz mode significantly shorter
No more classic headphone connection

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Samsung Galaxy S 20 in the test: excellent workmanship

Samsung breaks with a tradition and names the Galaxy S 10 – successor not Galaxy S 11, but Galaxy S 20 – suitable for the year. In addition, there is no successor to the compact Galaxy S 10 e , with which the Galaxy S 20 as the “smallest” smartphone of the new S 20 – row must serve. With its 6.2 inch screen, it is not a compact cell phone, but we find it noticeably more manageable than its big brothers S 20 Plus and above all S 20 Ultra . The Galaxy S 20 lies well in the hand and is with 163 Gram weight not too heavy – this is particularly noticeable compared to the massive Ultra model.

As with the other top models, Samsung uses high-quality materials, and the workmanship is great. Glass is used at the front and rear, the frame is again made of aluminum. In addition, the edges of the display have shrunk again: the edge of the display measures just two millimeters to the left and right. This means that a large part of the front of the Galaxy S 20 from the image area. Only a small hole at the top of the screen for the front camera disturbs the uniform look a little.

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Glass on the back and an aluminum frame: The processing of the Galaxy S 20 is high quality as usual Picture: CHIP / Marcus Kämpf

Bright, high-contrast, responsive: Galaxy S 20 convinced in the test with a great display

The display of the Samsung Galaxy S 20 measures 6.2 inches in diagonal and resolves in QHD ( 3. 200 x 1. 440 pixels). The pixel density is with 564 ppi very high, the display sharp and detailed. Thanks to the 20: 9-format, the smartphone is also easy to grip. One of the innovations of the S 20 – series is the optional refresh rate of 120 Hertz. This makes the device even more responsive – moving elements such as text are even sharper and easier to read when scrolling. We think the mode is very nice, but the higher Hz rate can only be used in the Full HD Plus resolution activated as standard – and the battery life is noticeably reduced, more about that in a moment.

When it comes to color representation, buyers do not have to make any compromises. Thanks to OLED technology, colors appear strong and contrasts strong. In our test, the Samsung Galaxy S 20 the standard RGB color space too round 153 percent off. The screen fully maps the DCI-P3 color space, which is important for HDR videos. Also the contrast value of 153: 1 is on the upper level.

Last but not least, the display brightness is in Excellent test: If the external lighting conditions require it, the S 20 the maximum brightness automatically to phenomenal 1.0 04 cd / m². This ensures good readability even under direct sunlight. When you play an HDR video, the screen also turns up fully. In short: The representation leaves nothing to be desired.

The Samsung Galaxy S 20 is Samsung's first smartphone with a 120 Hertz refresh rate Picture: CHIP / Marcus Kämpf

Hardly any battery life differences between 4G and 5G models

Samsung offers the Galaxy S 20 optionally with 5G support. In the direct comparison between the 4G model and the 5G model, which we both had in the test laboratory, there is hardly any runtime difference: 11: 02 hours for the 4G model and 10: 41 hours for the 5G model show a difference of good 20 minutes. This is hardly relevant and is partly due to small fluctuations in measurement and series. Otherwise, the two versions in the test are identical – apart from the mobile radio support.

However, the runtime losses are quite relevant in the 120 – Hertz mode. Under the same test conditions, both devices went limp over two hours earlier than with 60 Hz refresh rate. Nevertheless, the 4th 000 mAh large battery for at least a good battery life. The very good ones are relevant to us 11 hours of the Galaxy S 20 in the standard setting. The following table summarizes the battery life for you:

Battery life in comparison

Samsung Galaxy S 20 4G Samsung Galaxy S 20 5G

60 Hertz

11: 02 hours

10: 41 hours

120 Hertz

08: 44 hours

08: 43 hours

There is hardly any difference in battery life between 4G and 5G. However, with the refresh rate … Picture: CHIP / Marcus Kämpf

The discharged battery can be recharged quickly: The included power supply has a performance of just under 25 watts and charges the Samsung Galaxy S 20 in just once 98 minutes again fully. If it has to go fast, then the Samsung flagship 30 minutes for 50 percent capacity. Wireless charging is also on board. You can find out which wireless charger you should use in this article .

As usual brisk, even in complex games

With every new generation of its Galaxy S series, Samsung is also improving its performance according to the current state of the art. However, the processor used differs depending on where you buy the device. Buyers in the USA receive their Galaxy S 20 with the current Qualcomm Snapdragon 865, in Europe the South Korean manufacturer goes with its own Exynos 990 at the start. The latter works with eight separate computing cores and brings it to a clock rate of up to 2, 73 gigahertz. So there is always enough computing power available for complex games.

Not least thanks to the 120 Hertz displays is the operation of the Galaxy S 20 very smooth, the screen reacts quickly – you can also feel that compared to the not very slow S 10 – models. Apps start very quickly and are available in multitasking without delay thanks to the 8 GB of RAM. In PCMark for Android, the Galaxy S 20 handsome 11. 925 points from.

No matter whether videos, games, or everyday tasks: The Galaxy S 20 everything is put away well Picture: CHIP / Marcus Kämpf

Great photos – under all lighting conditions

Minimal incisions need Galaxy-S 20 – Users compared to the Plus and Ultra variants only in matters Make camera equipment. Because in contrast to the other two S 20 – models comes the Galaxy S 20 only with three instead of four camera lenses on the back. The manufacturer has saved the time-of-flight sensor (ToF sensor) for a better bokeh effect on the smallest model. Very few users should really miss it.

But on board are the 12 – Megapixel main camera with an f / 1.8- Aperture 12 – Megapixel ultra wide-angle lens with an f / 2.2 aperture and the 64 – Megapixel telephoto camera with an f / 2.0 aperture. The latter disappointed on paper with its meager optical zoom factor of just 1.1, but the results of the 3x hybrid standard zoom are still impressive. In a direct comparison, the zoom images look better than those of the Galaxy S even with double magnification 10, although the latter has a real double zoom. In order to obtain this handsome result, Samsung relies on a combination of optical zoom and clever cropping of the high-resolution zoom photos – so that you ultimately 12 – Megapixel pictures received. Both the main camera and the zoom lens are optically stabilized.

The photo quality convinces us very much: under good lighting conditions there is hardly any reason for criticism, but also under more difficult ones The flagship hardly shows any weaknesses in lighting conditions: You can also see recognizable details, good color rendering and a pleasantly brightened picture when you take pictures in dim light. Only the image noise increases here.

Also welcome features are the so-called single-take mode (more on this in Test of the Galaxy S 20 Plus ) as well as the possibility of videos with a resolution of up to 8K at 24 pictures per second. The latter is only recommended if you have an 8K TV at home.

In addition, selfie friends come to the S 20 fully at your expense. In the 10 – Megapixel front camera with f / 2.2 aperture is an auto focus. Unfortunately, such a feature is still missing in most other smartphones, regardless of the price range. The S 20 thus ensures a constantly sharp image with the front camera. And whoever deactivates the preset beauty mode even looks natural.

The camera of the Galaxy S 20 convinces in all situations. Picture: CHIP / Marcus Kämpf

Samsung Galaxy S 20: (Almost) no compromises in the equipment

The Samsung Galaxy S can shine particularly well 20 with almost complete equipment. The smartphone is delivered with the latest Android 10 and the in-house software interface OneUI 2.1. In addition to the actual device, headphones, an already applied screen protector and a jack adapter are included. You need the latter for classic cable headphones or speakers because Samsung does not have a 3.5 millimeter socket.

Apart from that, we cannot complain about the features. How the Samsung Galaxy S supports 20 all common WLAN standards, including the very new WLAN ax alias Wifi 6. Also in the LTE network there are up to 2. 000 Mbps in the downstream as well as up to 210 Mbps in the upstream on the go in a flash. Optionally you get the Galaxy S 20 also in a 5G variant, which enables even higher data transfer rates. The 128 Gigabytes of internal memory can be filled quickly if you want . Therefore, the Galaxy S 20 still the possibility to easily expand the storage space via micro SD card. However, the dual SIM functionality is then no longer required.

The USB-C 3.1 connection offers high data transfer rates, Bluetooth 5.0 and NFC are also installed, and an IP 68 – Certification protects the smartphone from the ingress of dust and water. The dual speakers do a great job and the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor installed under the display unlocks the smartphone reliably and effectively. In terms of price, the Samsung Galaxy S 20 at the market launch at 899 Euro in the 4G basic variant with 128 gigabytes. In the maximum configuration, this also turns into a four-digit price without any problems.

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Wireless charging, expandable memory and an IP – 68 – Certification: The Galaxy S 20 leaves almost nothing to be desired. Picture: CHIP / Marcus Kämpf

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