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Conclusion from 23. 04. 2019

Samsung offers with the Galaxy M 20 a solid cell phone at an attractive price of about 229 euro, its largest Strength is a long battery life. Performance and equipment are ok, but not outstanding. The display is sufficiently sharp, but could be brighter and more colorful. Photos with the dual camera are average, because sharpness, exposure and details leave something to be desired. At first Samsung had set special deadlines for the sale, but at the beginning of April the Galaxy M 20 continue to order.

Very good battery life
Large Full HD Plus display
Dual SIM and memory expansion at the same time
Not waterproof
No OLED, but LC display
Android Oreo instead of Android Pie (update in August 2019)

From 199, 00 €: Find best price for Samsung Galaxy M 20

The values ​​in the article refer to the test time of the product ( 23. 04. 2019 ) .

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Samsung Galaxy M 20 in the test: Top modern, top processed

Samsung brings with the Galaxy M 20 the answer to Chinese manufacturers who have recently gained large market shares in India with cheap smartphones. The M20 is now also represented on the European market – initially only as a flash sale, on three days via Amazon. Currently the Galaxy M 20 still available – at an attractive price of 229 Euro. Sales were probably going too well to stop selling.

Visually, the bargain Galaxy meets all current criteria: Large display (6.3-inch) in a handy 19, 5: 9 format, water drop notch and relatively narrow margins. The large battery makes the cell phone only slightly thicker than average (8.8 mm instead of 8.4 mm). At first glance, the glossy plastic housing looks like glass. That looks classy, ​​but is also susceptible to finger taps and not quite as easy to grip. If plastic, why not a matt housing?

You can choose between the colors “Charcoal Black” and “Ocean Blue “. It is nice that both the fingerprint sensor and the camera on the back are beautifully embedded in the housing. Overall, the workmanship is very good. Only the transition from the display over the frame to the back could be rounded off a bit better, the display protrudes about 2 mm.

The M 20 can be unlocked via face recognition as well as via fingerprint. Both methods seem to take a little time to commemorate, although the fingerprint sensor works a little more reliably. When lying down, the unlocking works with the face only with about 5 of 10 To attempt.

The Galaxy M 20 in the plastic housing is top processed – but also prone to finger tapes. Photo: CHIP

Galaxy M 20 with large LC display

With 6.3 inches in the diagonal, the Galaxy M 20 a lot of display area, more precisely it takes around 81 percent of the smartphone surface on the front. Among other things, there is a gap at the top of the smartphone, because this is where the front camera sits in the gradually well-known water drop notch.

The display of the Galaxy M 20 resolves in Full-HD-Plus (1. 080 x 2. 340 pixels) and thus comes to a pixel density of around 410 ppi – that's sharp enough. Samsung uses the M 20 not a high-color and high-contrast OLED panel, but an LC display. The color representation is with a cover of 116 Percentage of the standard RGB color space below average. Unfortunately, HDR videos are not included because it does not cover the relevant DCI-P3 color space. After all, the M 20 a Widevine L1 license for the smooth streaming of HD content. This is missing from some of the Chinese cheap competitors. With a maximum brightness of 399 Candela per square meter (cd / m²) it will outdoors under direct sunlight it is also difficult to read content well. Although an automatic brightness adjustment is available in the settings menu, we could not determine this in the test when we shone a flashlight on the supposed sensor. We could see a slight brightening outdoors in bright sunshine, but the M 20 but a lot of time.

The 6.3-inch LC display of the Galaxy M 20 is sharp, but could be brighter and with more color and contrast. Photo: CHIP

Samsung Galaxy M 20: A real endurance runner

If you place a lot of value on your phone's long battery life, it is worth taking a look at the Samsung Galaxy M 20 even more. With a battery with a capacity of 5. 00 0 mAh holds the M 20 in our online runtime test around 13 hours through. In view of the continuous load that the test represents, this is a great result. The mobile phone plays videos continuously and surfs the net automatically. This tops the M 20 current top models like that Apple iPhone XS that Huawei P 30 Pro and that Samsung Galaxy S 10 .

A complete charging process takes with the 15 – Watt power supply via USB type C about two and a half hours. Other mobile phones that can be charged quickly can do this faster, but for those who charge their mobile phone overnight, it is not relevant anyway. After half an hour we measure a charge level of 23 percent. The M 20 not – not surprisingly for the price range.

Inside there is an Exynos – 7904 – Chipset with eight cores with clock frequencies of up to 1.6 and 1.8 gigahertz (GHz). The performance is not first-class, but still sufficient for everyday applications. 4 GB of RAM are available. Our large test file loads the M 20 for example in 20 seconds. For comparison: The average of all smartphones we tested is around 12 seconds. Our CHIP cell phone best list loads the M 20 at least as fast as the average, namely in 10 seconds. For complex 3D games, the M 20 however to its limits.

The installed Samsung Experience 9.5 user interface is based on Android Oreo, So is not quite up to date. Just like the last security patch, which is still from January 1 at the time of testing in April 2019. Whether the more colorful, playful surface is appealing is a matter of taste. An app launcher, for example, is included and if you want, you can reduce the navigation bar to three simple strips in the settings. However, they cannot be completely hidden.

The Galaxy M can charge wirelessly 20 not – but it has a very good battery life. Photo: CHIP

Dual camera with unspectacular quality

The main camera of the Galaxy M 20 snaps with 13 and 5 megapixels. The second camera is a wide-angle camera, so it covers a larger viewing angle. This is particularly useful for landscape shots or group photos. In contrast to the 8 megapixel front camera, the rear camera has an auto focus. There is no optical image stabilizer in any of the snaps.

The photo quality is only average. In daylight, the photos are fine, but could be sharper and more detailed, and in some cases are too much exposed. Small texts are easy to read. In dim light, the quality continues to decline: structures and details are difficult to see (see test image).

In the “Live focus” setting, portraits are not very sharp and too bright. The software-based separation of the subject from the background is not very precise. Selfies with the 8-megapixel front camera are unfortunately not very sharp and are too bright again. In addition, the skin is noticeably smoothed.

Videos shoot in full HD with up to 30 frames per second, on slow mo recordings You waive.

In low light, structures (such as the leaves of the artificial flower) blur on our test pattern. Photo: CHIP

Features: drawbacks compared to the Galaxy S 10

The equipment is not perfect. So you have to do without official water protection and a status LED for displaying calls and messages. There is also no always-on display. The mono speaker does not provide a spatial, bass-rich sound, but it is loud enough. We can cope with the not quite current WLAN standard n (instead of ac). It is a pity, however, that the M 20 cannot charge inductively.

Standing internally 64 Gbyte memory available, of which around 50 Gbytes can be used. If that's not enough, the memory can be expanded using a microSD card by up to 512 GByte expand. You don't have to do without dual SIM, the slot of the M 20 has space for two nano SIM cards and one microSD card at the same time. Pleasing: Bluetooth 5.0, NFC and a classic 3.5 mm jack connection are on board. In the LTE network they are available with transfer rates of up to 600 mbit / s in the downstream.

Jack yes, water protection no. In terms of equipment, the Galaxy M 20 a few more gaps. Photo: CHIP

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