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Conclusion from 19. 06. 2019

The Samsung Galaxy Buds (SM-R 170) prove to be a long-term companion for longer trips or sports activities in the test, they are also very well equipped and comfortable. Samsung unfortunately does not have splash protection. The sound is okay, but needs a little tweaking via the Galaxy Buds app. What you should pay attention to when buying true wireless headphones, we reveal in the video.

Strong battery life
Very good Equipment & operation
No splash protection

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Samsung Galaxy Buds in the test: partly excellent battery life

A lot of True Wireless headphones only run around four hours, sometimes even less, without recharging. But there are exceptions like the Samsung Galaxy Buds: In our test, they played 7.5 hours of music in one go with one battery charge. That is enough even for long trips, a marathon or a whole day of hiking. The quick charging function is also impressive: If you only use the empty in ears in the battery case 15 Charge minutes, you get over 2 hours of remaining battery life – this is a very strong value.

In return, the total battery life, including repeated charging, falls medically from: Because after just under 14 Hours of listening to music is necessary small case back to the socket for almost two hours. That being said, the battery life of the Galaxy Buds leaves nothing to be desired. The case can even be charged wirelessly via Qi. Otherwise only master Apple's Airpods 2 . We also have to criticize the Bluetooth range, which we only rate as “sufficient”. The player and the in ears should be in the same room if possible.

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The battery case of the Galaxy Buds is handy and can even be charged wirelessly. Picture: CHIP

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Galaxy Buds: Strong equipment, pleasant wearing comfort in the test

True wireless headphones are aimed primarily at users who want compact headphones that are not noticeable on their heads or in their luggage . The Galaxy Buds have an exemplary small case that can also be stowed away in your pocket. It is made of simple plastic and does not look overly high-quality, but it is functional and appropriate. Comfort functions are not lacking either. Samsung relies on an uncomplicated touch operation that allows the most important control functions. As soon as you take the In Ears out of the case, they automatically switch on. In the battery case, they are held by magnets and go out again. However, they pause the current music as soon as users take both plugs out of their ears – this is useful if you want to have a short conversation in the background without any banter. There is also an ambient noise mode.

We consider the comfort to be very good. The Samsung Galaxy Buds were firmly in our ears without pressing uncomfortably or attracting attention due to a strong air seal (occlusion effect). The latter is partly a problem of particularly highly insulating in-ear headphones.

The Galaxy Buds are controlled via the external touch surfaces. Picture: CHIP

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Solid sound: Tuning possible via app

In the standard setting we find the sound rather thin and lifeless. They sound clear, but rather cool and unnatural. If you install the associated Galaxy Buds app, you can easily adjust the sound. In this case, we even find that the bass boost is good for the sound because it provides physicality without overlapping the mids: more bass, more warmth and a little less bite in the treble. Depending on the nature of the ear and the fit of the headphones, the sound impression can vary. For us, the sound with this adjustment fits well for sports and commuting. However, users who want to enjoy their true wireless in-ear in a concentrated, quiet environment are better off choosing a more powerful model like the Bose Soundsport Free.

With a little tweaking, the sound is reasonably good, but not spectacular. Picture: CHIP

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