Test: Samsung Galaxy A51 in the test

Samsung Galaxy A51 im Test

Conclusion from 02. 04 . 2020

The Samsung Galaxy A 51 turns out to be a good overall package in our test and is particularly convincing with its bright and colorful display. The long battery life also speaks for the Galaxy A 51. In addition, the spacious internal storage offers enough space for numerous apps, pictures and games. The overall impression is particularly clouded by the camera, which cannot be used apart from good lighting conditions. In addition, the fingerprint sensor under the display proves to be unreliable and slow. All in all, a good cell phone for buyers who simply need a functional smartphone.

Bright and colorful display
Long battery life
Large, expandable storage space
Miserable camera quality under lowlight
Quite a long charging time
Fingerprint sensor slow and unreliable

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Samsung Galaxy A 51 in the test: chic design and a great display

The Samsung Galaxy A 51 is in the lower middle class. But neither the design nor the value of the smartphone suffered as a result. The back is made of plastic, but is still a real eye-catcher and, depending on the incidence of light, shows a chic pattern. The front also hides the low price of the Samsung Galaxy A 51 surprisingly good: About 85 percent of the surface is covered with display, the edges of the screen are accordingly small. So no trace of stale and cheap design. Only the three buttons in the frame of the smartphone have a somewhat cheap pressure point and the vibration motor is also not very accurate. However, this is complaining at a high level.

The elongated 20: 9 display convinces us very much for a smartphone of the lower middle class. It measures 6.5 inches in diagonal and uses high-quality OLED technology. Colors appear stronger, black values ​​are great. It is therefore not surprising that the extensive color space that the A 51 can represent: 147, 7 percent of the sRGB color space and an almost complete dcip3 color space speak for the smartphone.

With the “Full HD Plus” resolution (2. 400 x 1. 080 Pixel) brings the mid-range Samsung to a pixel density of just under 404 ppi. It is roughly on the level of the much more expensive Samsung Galaxy Grade 10 and is more than sharp enough in everyday life. The brightness of the display is also convincing. Manually it can be up to 463, calibrate 8 cd / m², which is absolutely sufficient for use in buildings or on cloudy days. If the environmental conditions require it, for example in direct sunlight, the display boosts to almost 700 cd / m². This means that screen contents can be easily read under almost all lighting situations.

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Depending on the incidence of light, the back of the Galaxy A shows 51 a chic pattern. Picture: CHIP / Marcus Kämpf

Samsung Galaxy A 51: For the long runtime, it takes over two hours

Samsung installed in the Galaxy A 51 a 4th 000 mAh large battery. Thus, it has the same capacity as the current flagship Galaxy S 20 . Since the hardware inside the A 51 is however weaker than that of the flagship -Samsung, achieve it with 11 : 41 hours a significantly better battery life despite the same capacity. Even long-term users should therefore be able to use the cell phone for a day without stopping at the socket without any problems.

When loading time, the A 51 no surprises. The included power supply provides a maximum of 15 Watt, that is even below the level of Qualcomm's QuickCharge technology. To 30 minutes of charging are therefore only again 29 percent of the battery refreshed, it takes over two hours to fully charge the battery. However, this is not unusual for the price range, in the middle of the field, charging times of less than two hours are the exception.

You can only charge the smartphone via the USB-C port. It works wirelessly with the A 51 Not. Picture: CHIP / Marcus Kämpf

Truly no performance miracle

For his mid-range smartphone Galaxy A 51 Samsung installs its own mid-range processor Exynos 9611. It distributes its tasks to eight cores and clocks at up to 2.3 GHz. He has four gigabytes of RAM at his side, which roughly corresponds to the current level of the lower middle-class smartphones.

The hardware sounds very potent on paper, which corresponds to the use The result, however, is often not what the numbers promise: frequent commemorative seconds, longer loading times and many jerky animations are usually the reality with which users of the Samsung Galaxy A 51 must compensate. For everyday use for chatting, for emails and even a few complex games, the smartphone is quite sufficient, especially if you are always aware of how much money the smartphone cost. But neither a brisk performance nor demanding tasks should be given to the A 51.

The performance of the A 51 is at a perfectly adequate level. The smartphone quickly reaches its limits for more demanding tasks. Picture: CHIP / Marcus Kämpf

Four camera lenses sound more than it is

Samsung already shows the camera module of the Galaxy A very prominently on the outer packaging 51. It carries four camera lenses, in addition to a regular wide-angle lens with 48 megapixels and an f /2.0- Aperture also 12 – Megapixel ultra wide-angle lens with an f / 2.2 aperture also a bokeh lens and a macro lens. None of the camera lenses is optically stabilized. The selection of video resolutions is somewhat surprising, because the Galaxy A 51 4K -Videos with 30 take pictures per second, but fails due to full -HD with 60 frames per second.

The quality of the pictures in daylight is quite convincing. The colors get a bit too strong in some places, but this tendency can also be seen in most other smartphones from Samsung. In dark light situations, however, the quality of the images decreases so massively that the results are almost no longer usable. Even if the smartphone stands still during the recording, the results are more or less unusable, and the results are shot from a free hand as a single pixel width. No trace of object details or clear edges. After all, selfies can be used, the front camera is sufficient for the typical social media post or for video telephony.

Samsung uses the Galaxy A 51 four camera lenses, the design is somewhat reminiscent of the new ones Galaxy-S 20-Equipment. Picture: CHIP / Marcus Kämpf

Samsung Galaxy A 51: Great connectivity, but difficulties with biometrics

Samsung delivers the Galaxy A 51 with Android 10 out. The manufacturer places its own OneUI 2.0 software interface on top of it. It brings some additional features and functions and is always kept up to date by Samsung. After the first setup, the user can choose from the built-in 128 Gigabyte internal storage space still around 111 gigabytes available. Enough space for many photos, apps and more. If that's not enough, Samsung leaves the option for easy expansion via a microSD card open. The dual SIM functionality of the smartphone does not limit this. So two SIM cards and a microSD memory card can be used parallel to each other without any problems.

A headphone jack is still on board, so you are not forced to use wireless headphones. The connectivity of the smartphone also delights in the test: apart from WLAN-ax, the smartphone copes well with all WiFi bands. Bluetooth 5.0 and an NFC chip are also inside the Galaxy A 51.

We are a little disappointed with the quality of the mono speaker. It is pleasantly loud, but cannot convince with particular clarity or with particularly good depths. The smartphone also does not have IP certification. In addition, the fingerprint sensor of the Galaxy A 51 not a good job. For this price range, it sits remarkably under the display and works on an optical level. Unfortunately, the sensor works remarkably slowly in our practical test and generally requires several attempts to recognize the finger, and sometimes the detection does not even work. Here a more reliable sensor in the frame or on the back would probably have made more sense.

Samsung sets the price of the Galaxy A 51 to an RRP of 349 Euro. In the meantime, the device has already dropped significantly in price. Depending on the provider and offer, prices are around 300 Euro or even cheaper possible. Nice to see: The scope of delivery includes headphones and a pre-installed screen protector.

Test center: Christoph Giese

Editor: Jamal Fischer

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Dual SIM and expandable storage space: The Samsung Galaxy A 51 everything can act simultaneously . Picture: CHIP / Marcus Kämpf

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