Test: Samsung Galaxy A50

Samsung Galaxy A50 im Test

Conclusion from 18. 04. 2019

With the Samsung Galaxy A 50 the South Korean manufacturer continues its very popular range of mid-range phones. The smartphone shows some highlights in the test, such as the beautiful OLED display and the large memory. In almost all other areas, the A 50 in the upper middle class and should satisfy most users. Only the weak camera tarnishes the picture a little. The mid-range Galaxy is also not a price-performance hit.

OLED display with top values ​​
Good Mid-range performance
Convincing battery life
Disappointing triple camera
No dust and water protection
No wireless charging

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The values ​​in the article refer to the test time of the product ( 18. 04. 2019 ) .

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Samsung Galaxy A 50 in the test: color effects and good workmanship

Samsung continues its popular Galaxy A class of mid-range phones, only that the smartphones are now being given new names. Instead of annual updates for the different models such as A5, A7 ( for testing ) and A9 ( for the test ), there is now a sequential number – what less confusion should worry. It starts with the successor to the Samsung Galaxy A5: the Galaxy A 50. The South Koreans packed good hardware into the middle-class cell phone and also screwed the design. The result is very interesting.

The Galaxy A 50 works high quality and in many ways like a high-end cell phone. This is partly just a show, but still appealing. The back of the smartphone has given a Samsung a metallic rainbow shimmer. But these are just color effects, because the housing is made of plastic and the surface collects fingerprints in no time. Therefore the Galaxy A 50 pleasant in hand and is beautifully finished, also on the edges.

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The Galaxy A 50 has a high quality and has a metallic shimmer of color. Picture: Robert Urlacher / CHIP

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A high-end OLED display

The display is one of the highlights of the Samsung Galaxy A 50, because for under 300 Euro ( for price comparison ) you get a high quality OLED display with impressive measured values. The 6.4-inch screen with full HD plus resolution (2nd 340 times 1. 080 pixels) a brightness at the flagship level: in direct sunlight, the middle-class cell phone turns on 710 Candela per square meter high. The checkerboard contrast increases 189: 1, a peak in our best list .

As usual with an AMOLED display from Samsung, the color space is also excellent: the standard RGB color space becomes 147 percent covered, the extended DCI-P3 color space to 97 percent, almost complete. Nothing stands in the way of displaying HDR content with intense colors with these values. However, you have to do without HDR streaming on YouTube, Netflix or Amazon Prime Video – this is the Galaxy A 50 not unlocked. Apart from that, the OLED display is completely convincing, it definitely belongs in the high-end category.

The AMOLED display of the Samsung Galaxy A 50 offers expensive models Paroli. Picture: Robert Urlacher / CHIP

HDR vs. Ultra HD vs. 4K: these are the differences

Samsung processor with solid mid-range performance

As processor, Samsung has in the Galaxy A 50 their own eight-core model Samsung Exynos 7 Octa 9610 with 2.3 GHz clock. Its performance is roughly on the level of a Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 – a mid-range processor that is used in the Motorola Moto G7 Plus ( for the test ) and Nokia 7.1 ( for the test ) plugged. The Galaxy A 50 shows with the processor and the 4 GB of RAM in everyday use, a good performance. Basically everything runs smoothly in the menus and in apps, only the loading times are a bit longer than with smartphones with high-end processors.

In terms of graphics performance, the A 50 even slightly better results than the Qualcomm- Competition – but the 7.7 frames per second that the mid-range phone achieves in the benchmarks are far from enough for demanding games. This would require a Samsung Exynos 9, like the one built into the Galaxy flagships. For the performance grade there is still a smooth 2, because with “normal” tasks the Galaxy A 50 without any problems. In the group-internal comparison, it currently ranks between the 2018 he versions of the A7 and A9.

The Samsung Galaxy A 50 gets for his Performance a smooth 2. Picture: Robert Urlacher / CHIP

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Large memory, good features, a lot of Samsung stuff

Although the equipment is also mid-range and thus lacks certified dust and water protection, for example, the Samsung Galaxy A 50 nevertheless with some positive surprises. So are among others 128 GByte internal memory on board, you can find that at 300 – Rarely euro-cell phones. Approximately 110 GBytes of it are actually available. There is also support for SD memory cards up to a size of 512 GByte. A separate slot is available for this, the two slots of the dual SIM function (4G / 4G) remain free.

The current standards are in the area of ​​the radio modules available: With WLAN you get a fast connection through 802. 11 – ac and Bluetooth 5.0 is included. The download via LTE Internet reaches maximum 600 Mbit / s. Both a USB Type-C interface and a jack socket for headphones are available, a headset with a jack plug is included as an accessory. The fingerprint sensor is no longer on the back, but in the display.

The operating system is Android 9 with a security update that was current at the time of the test. Samsung has modified the user interface quite a bit and installed a lot of its own apps. As the past has shown, this usually delays the delivery of current Android versions. But the Galaxy phones are supplied with updates for quite a long time. With Samsung's additions, you can now choose, for example, between the voice assistants: The Google Assistant or Bixby – in order to use the latter, you have to register with your own Samsung account.

The Samsung Galaxy A 50 has a solid Mid-range equipment with positive surprises. Picture: Robert Urlacher / CHIP

IP 68 Protection class – what does this mean?

A “photo artist” with disappointing images

After all the good qualities of the Samsung Galaxy A 50 there is a disappointment with the camera – the manufacturer even advertises the cell phone as a “photo artist”. There are three sensors on the main camera 25, 8 and 5 megapixels are available, but they cannot convince. The camera features provided are 123 – degree ultra wide angle and a live bokeh effect . An optical image stabilizer or an optical zoom would be more helpful.

The photos of the triple camera do not convince us: the whole image lacks sharpness. It is irritating here that texts are visibly sharpened, but still remain blurred. Often, mid-range cell phone cameras show quite good quality in daylight photos, but have problems with dim light. For Galaxy A 50 it is the other way round: The photos in low light are quite solid, especially when it comes to color. Details are lost due to the soft focus against the noise. In the 25 – Megapixel front camera lacks auto focus. The selfies are ok, but out of focus.

A video recording in UHD resolution is not possible, and full HD recordings can only be made with 30 take pictures per second. Slow motion pictures are on HD (720 p) limited. A digital image stabilizer for video recordings is still available. The fact that Samsung installed a triple camera but then omitted so many details is somewhat incomprehensible. Our low rating of the camera as “sufficient” damages the overall rating of the Galaxy A 50.

The triple camera of the Samsung Galaxy A 50 takes unappealing photos. Picture: Samsung

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About 10 Hours of battery life in the online long-term test

The battery of the Samsung Galaxy A 50 turns out to be solid: In the long-term test with LTE Internet and medium display brightness, the mid-range cell phone achieved a runtime of just over 10 hours . Here with the 4th 000 – mAh battery can theoretically be more, but the result is satisfactory. A quick-charging power pack is included, but charging takes inconspicuous 02: 04 hours. To 30 minutes are approximately 29 percent of the battery is charged. Overall, these are good results, the Galaxy A shows special battery highlights 50 However not. Wireless charging is not available.

An acceptable price with a lot of competitive pressure

The price for Samsung's largely convincing mid-range cell phone at the time of the test was around 300 Euro ( for price comparison ). This is an acceptable price that the Galaxy A 50 but can hardly prevail against the many competitors on the market. Different Honor, Nokia and Motorola models are in the same quality range, but are sometimes significantly cheaper. And for the A 50 – Get price You also the high-end cracker Xiaomi Pocophone F1 ( for the test ). Anyone who is convinced of the Samsung quality can still access it.

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