Test: Samsung 860 QVO 2TB (MZ-76Q2T0BW) in the test

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Conclusion from 10. 02. 2020

With its ample storage space of two terabytes and strong values ​​in our read performance tests and a still good write rate, the Samsung 860 convince QVO in the test. Since the gigabyte-per-euro ratio is also good, the price-performance ratio is also attractive.

High reading speed (545 Mbyte / s)
Good writing speed ( 482 Mbyte / s)
Large storage at a fair price
Write rate could be even higher
Performance drop with full cache

From 206 99 €: Find the best price for Samsung 860 QVO 2TB ( MZ – 76 Q2T0BW)

The values ​​in the article refer to the test time of the product ( 10. 02. 2020 ) .

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Test ratings (compared to all tested products in this category)

  • Editor's Review Very good (1,2)
  • price-assessment Attractively priced
  • Price from 206 99 €

Samsung 860 QVO 2TB (MZ – 76 Q2T0BW ) in the test

The Samsung 860 QVO has a lush capacity of two terabytes. It has a form factor of 2.5 inches and transfers data via SATA III interface. It has a 6 GB high-speed SLC cache in which it operates at maximum data rate (see below). If on the 860 QVO is enough free space, Samsung increases this cache also dynamic to a total of up to 78 GByte. In regular use, there should therefore be no restrictions for most users. Who writes the record very full (and for example under 300 GByte has remaining storage space) and then the cache is overwhelmed with a data transfer of more than 6 GByte, the transfer rates must be significantly lower (around Make MByte / s. In our opinion, this effect should not occur for most users in practice, but only rarely.

Shows size: The Samsung 860 QVO has 2 terabytes of storage space. Picture: Samsung

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Samsung SSD 860 QVO - 2TB (MZ-76Q2T0BW)

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Samsung 860 QVO 2TB (MZ – 76 Q2T0BW ) in the test: strong performance

The performance of the Samsung 860 QVO was convincing in the test. When reading it brought it to excellent 545 Mbytes per second , the required access time was just 0, 03 milliseconds. The IOPS value (“input output operations per second”) is ordinary 29. 630 iops.

Not quite as strong, but the write rate is still good. So the Samsung 860 QVO 2 TB it in the test for values ​​of up to 482 Mbytes per second, also here the access time with 0, 03 Milliseconds waning low. The operations per second crack with 30. 579 iops even the 30. 000 he brand.

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transfer rate access time IOPS (512 byte)


545 MByte / s

0, 03 ms

.) 630 iops


482 MByte / s

0 03 ms

(). iops

Attached you will find the five SSDs m with the best price-performance ratio from our SATA SSD best list.

SATA according to price-performance

Samsung 860 QVO 4TB (MZ-76Q4T0BW) Offer from BestCheck

  • Reading performance (1.0)
  • Writing performance (1,2)


Samsung 860 QVO 2TB (MZ – 76 Q2T0BW )

Samsung 860 QVO 2TB (MZ-76Q2T0BW) Offer from BestCheck

  • Reading performance (1.1)
  • Writing performance (1.6)

Crucial MX500 1TB (CT1000MX500SSD1) BestCheck offer

  • Reading performance (1.0)
  • Writing performance (1.5)


WD Blue 1TB (WDS 100 T2B0A)

WD Blue 1TB (WDS100T2B0A) Offer from BestCheck

  • Reading performance (1.1)
  • Writing performance (1.9)


KingDian S 280 240 GB (S 280 – SMI 2256 EN – 240 GB)

KingDian S280 240GB (S280-SMI2256EN-240GB) Offer from BestCheck

  • Reading performance (1.1)
  • Writing performance (2,3)

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