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Conclusion from 24. 03. 2020

The Philips 65 OLED 984 achieved several excellent ratings in the test. The picture quality of the OLED TV is very good, especially the high maximum brightness is impressive. An integrated soundbar is responsible for the sound, which delivers an excellent sound. With the sumptuous features, the Philips even sets a new record. Even the energy efficiency is convincing. For the great design you have to dig deep into your pocket: The 65 – inch TV costs well over 5. 000 Euro.

Nice and bright picture
Excellent sound quality
Strong equipment with Ambilight
No HDMI 2.1 features
Only 2 USB ports

From 5.490, 00 €: Find best price for Philips 65 OLED 984

The values ​​in the article refer to the test time of the product ( 24. 03. 2020 ) .

The ratings below show how it compares to the others Products in the leaderboard.

test ratings (compared to all tested products in this category)

Philips 65 OLED 984 in the test: TV and soundbar stand freely in the room

The heart of the home theater is the Philips 65 OLED 984 everything to attract attention: The OLED television not only delivers a splendid picture, but is also the only Philips with four-sided Ambilight and also with an excellent, “floating” soundbar. So that all of this comes into its own, the TV and sound bar are mounted on the fairly high stand, so that the Philips stands freely in the room without its own TV shelf (“lowboard”). Wall mounting is possible.

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A very good OLED image with strong brightness

The picture quality of the Philips 65 OLED 984 is at the top level, but does not quite reach the top value in our TV leaderboard . What is striking is the strong maximum brightness for OLED televisions. We measure 955 Candela per square meter, so the Philips comes almost like the QLED TVs based on VA-LCD. Also the checkerboard contrast of 232: 1 is good. In the DCI-P3 color space, we measure a coverage of 97 percent, that's very good for home cinema. As an OLED television, the Philips shows no loss of contrast at steep viewing angles. In game mode for game consoles we measure a latency of 34 milliseconds. That's ok, but other top TVs react faster.

The model is only available in the 65 – inch size, the UHD image (3. 840 times 2. 160 Pixel) we generally like it very much. The display of Blu-rays is excellent, the upscaling of DVDs works and the TV picture also looks good. In the detail check, we see minor weaknesses in the details in dark scenes, especially in the HDR display. A closer look reveals the slight clouding, i.e. lighter spots in the black. As a rule, this should hardly be noticed. The OLED is strong in dynamic scenes with color transitions. Ultimately, the Philips is one of the ten best TVs in the test in terms of picture quality, so great for home cinema.

Best picture quality in the test: Panasonic TX – 55 GZW 2004

Excellent sound for home theater

The soundbar of the Philips 65 OLED 984 reaches the top value in our leaderboard – only the Sony KD – 65 AF9 (for test) can keep up there. There are three 20 – Watt speakers with subwoofer and in the listening test they sound excellent. The maximum volume is great. Even if you crank it up fully, you will hardly notice any noise. Male and female voices are reproduced very well in the test. The audio bar with the technology from manufacturer Bowers & Wilkins is open on all sides of the stand bracket and supports Dolby Atmos.

Super sound without soundbar: Sony KD – 65 AF9

Top value for the equipment

The Philips 65 OLED 984 in the test score the maximum. The interfaces do not differ from the other top TVs. The tuners for cable, satellite and DVB-T2 reception are available twice. There are four HDMI inputs and two USB interfaces for peripheral devices, via the latter USB recording is possible. There is also a component socket. If the excellent soundbar is not enough, you can use the digital audio output. Headphones can of course also be connected, optionally via Bluetooth 4.2. The WLAN standard is 802 . 11 ac on board, alternatively you can plug in a network cable. Only the new HDMI 2.1 standard is not supported – not even individual features. The higher data rate will be important for formats like eARC in the future.

The Philips gets a few extra points for this. The remote control is not only great to hold, it also has an integrated keyboard. This allows you to navigate the apps and the installed web browser much more conveniently. Unfortunately, the remote control does not have any illuminated buttons. However, the Ambilight system provides light and the LEDs on the back not only shine on the top and on the sides, as is usually the case, but also downwards. They project the colors on the display in real time onto everyone on the wall and thus successfully reinforce the picture impression.

With the latest version of the Android TV operating system, all common ones Smart TV apps are supported and the app selection can be expanded very well. The big streaming services and most important tools are of course already installed. Only Airplay is not on board as standard. The common video and audio formats are fully supported. This also applies to HDR: In addition to HDR 10 and HLG you can use the dynamic formats both Dolby Vision and HDR 10 + use. The equipment of the Philips TV can currently hardly be improved.

Retrofit Ambilight: Buy TV background LEDs cheaply

Adequate power consumption

For its size the Philips is 65 OLED 984 for electricity relatively frugal. In SDR mode with the preset profile, we measure a power consumption of around 114 watts. With increased brightness in HDR mode, the value increases to around 178 Watt. That is within the framework and we therefore still rate the energy efficiency as “very good”. A light sensor for the automatic regulation of the brightness is available. In the official measurement for the EU energy label, the Philips achieved the grade B, the manufacturer gives the typical consumption 195 Watts on. The stand-by mode is unremarkable.

An overview of the EU energy label

The top design has its price

For the Philips 65 OLED 984 with its special design and the equipment with sound bar and stand bracket, the manufacturer gets well: The price for the 65 – inch TV is currently around 5. 500 Euro. This makes the Philips the most expensive TV in our best list . Of course you get a lot and the OLED TV almost made it to number 1 on our leaderboard. Similar good 65 -Inch TVs are already available for half the price.

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TV in the test

Panasonic TX-55GZW2004 BestCheck offer

  • Image quality (1.0)
  • Sound quality (1.4)
  • Facilities (1.3)
  • Energy efficiency (2.8)

Philips 65OLED984 offer from BestCheck

  • Image quality (1.3)
  • Sound quality (1,0)
  • Facilities (1.0)
  • Energy efficiency (1.5)

Panasonic TX-65GZW1004 Offer from BestCheck

  • Image quality (1.1)
  • Sound quality (1.5)
  • Facilities (1.3)
  • Energy efficiency (2.2)

LG OLED 55C97LA BestCheck offer

  • Image quality (1.3)
  • Sound quality (1.9)
  • Facilities (1.1)
  • Energy efficiency (2.3)

Sony KD-55AG9 BestCheck offer

  • Image quality (1.3)
  • Sound quality (1.3)
  • Facilities (1.4)
  • Energy efficiency (2.3)

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