Test: Panasonic TX-55GZW2004 in the test

Panasonic TX – 55 TMI 2004 in review

Conclusion from 30. 10. 2019

The OLED TV Panasonic TX – 55 TMI 2004 convinced in the test with its excellent image quality and climbs the top of our leaderboard. In measurement and assessment, the Panasonic achieved top results across the board and beat all others 55 – inch TV in the test. We also give top marks for ergonomics. The integrated soundbar also ensures full sound. There is hardly anything to complain about on the OLED television – if it weren't for the immensely high price.

Outstanding image quality
Perfect ergonomics
Rich sound with sound bar
High sales price
Slightly restricted Smart TV OS
Average energy efficiency

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The values ​​in the article refer to the test time of the product ( 30. 10. 2019 ) .

The ratings below show how it compares to the other products in the leaderboard.

Test ratings (compared to all tested products in this category)

Panasonic TX – 55 TMI 2004 in the test: The picture convinces in all details

The Panasonic TX sets new records for the measured values ​​- 55 TMI 2004 not on – but he doesn't need that at all. Because in the field of image quality there is hardly any aspect that we do not rate as “very good”. The measured maximum brightness of 735 Candela per square meter is for an OLED TV excellent. The checkerboard contrast is similarly convincing, with a value of 241: 1 the Panasonic is one of the five best models in the test environment. The Ultra HD television even survives the detailed measurements with flying colors: We hardly notice any gamma or color deviations.

Whether HD content in upscaling or native 4K Videos in 3. 840 times 2. 160 Pixel, the picture is correct. Among the 55 – inch TVs (to the leaderboard ) there are definitely competitive models that do better in one area or another. In contrast, the Panasonic does not make anything completely perfect, but everything is very good. This also includes the display of color-intensive HDR content. This not only convinces with fine details, it also doesn't matter which HDR standard you use: The OLED TV supports HDR 10, HDR 10 +, HLG and DolbyVision. Of course, there is also 100% coverage of the extended DCI-P3 color space. All in all, we give the mark 1.0 for the perfect home theater device.

55 – Extraordinary OLED TV: Panasonic TX – 55 TMI 2004 in the test. Image: Panasonic

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Rich surround sound and an integrated sound bar

With two upward-facing speakers for surround sound and a forward-facing, permanently integrated soundbar for direct sound, the Panasonic TX – 55 TMI 2004 everything is also correct with the sound quality. You can only get better sound with special technology, such as the acoustic surface screen of Sony TVs or with a separate home theater sound system. However, many users should be completely satisfied with the sound of the Panasonic TV. We could only perceive disturbing noises such as clinking or clinking, at maximum volume, normally they offer a total of four 40 – Watt speaker with subwoofer a rich Dolby Atmos sound.

The integrated sound bar ensures a good sound. Picture: CHIP / Belkis Köz

Dolby Atmos: This is how the sound system works

Many interfaces, limited range of apps

The interfaces save the Panasonic TX – 55 TMI 2004 not: you get the mandatory four HDMI inputs, three USB ports with support for USB recording, component input, a digital audio output as well as network via WLAN, Bluetooth and LAN. There are two TV tuners for terrestrial, cable and satellite reception. As already mentioned, you get format support for all HDR standards, and you can also use most of the common video and audio formats. The only exception is DTS. A jack is also not missing.

The downside in the equipment is a Panasonic peculiarity: The manufacturer does not use the Android TV operating system like many competitors, but sticks to it Smart TV in-house development. “My Home Screen” is based on the Android alternative Firefox OS, whose further development in the year 2016 was set. Panasonic continues to support, but there are hardly any major changes. This is shown above all by the reduced app offering. So you can use Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and other popular offers, but on the other hand, well-known services such as Spotify are missing. “My Home Screen” does not have any real weaknesses, the smart TV system is satisfactory.

There is no HDMI 2.1, otherwise the range of interfaces is extensive. Picture: CHIP / Belkis Köz

Android TV vs Chromecast – these are the differences

User-friendly and comfortable

The second best grade comes from the Panasonic TX – 55 TMI 2004 in ergonomics. According to our test criteria, almost everything is right here. The connections are well marked, the settings are easy to understand and the device itself shows no abnormalities in stability. The remote control is user-friendly and feels pleasant, Panasonic has not forgotten even a button light for the darkened home theater. The OS supports voice control.

Also the remote control of the Panasonic GZW 2004 leaves a very good impression. Picture: CHIP / Belkis Köz

A current-hungry OLED television

The only test category in which we have the Panasonic TX – 55 TMI 2004 only rated as “satisfactory” is energy efficiency. The power consumption in normal operation of the TV is on average in our measurement 140, 9 watts. This is not particularly surprising for an OLED device, but the Panasonic is still a power-hungry variety. However, an energy-saving eco mode is available, the power consumption in standby is normal. The EU energy label is a grade B.

An overview of the EU energy label

Panasonic friends have to dig deep into their pockets

The real sticking point of the Panasonic TX – 55 TMI 2004 is his price. The 55 – TVs currently cost around 3 shortly after market launch. 160 Euro. This is a proud price, lots 65 – inch TV (to the best list) cost less – even our test winner in this area. The Panasonic offers great image quality, but unless you are specifically looking for a device with 55 inches screen diagonal, you get for under 3. 00 0 euros lots of excellent OLED or QLED alternatives.

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