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Conclusion from 28. 01. 2020

The Nokia 3.2 is an entry-level smartphone at a budget price. Accordingly, its performance is mediocre in the test, but the poor photo quality is particularly disappointing. After all, it scores with a strong battery life of 12: 35 hours in online mode. The display is unspectacular, but is still okay, the features lack many features that distinguish better mobile phones.

Strong battery life
Face detection and NFC
Little storage space
Poor photo quality
Average performance

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The values ​​in the article refer to the test time of the product ( 28. 01. 2020 ) .

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Nokia 3.2 in the test: HD display with a small notch

Although you often have to accept some compromises with the very cheap Nokia 3.2, the image quality is still solid in the test , The resolution of 1. 520 x 720 Pixel is mediocre, but works on the 6.3 inch display with a pixel density of 268 ppi still in order – the resolution is comparable with the Xiaomi Redmi 7 or the Huawei Y7 during iPhone and Co can offer more here.

Unlike the more expensive models, the Nokia device uses an LC display instead of OLED, but offers an acceptable brightness of at least 393 cd / m². In the test, the Nokia 3.2 waits with an average checkerboard contrast of 141: 1 and remains in terms of color space coverage with 97 percent (sRGB) and 70 percent (DCI-P3) only mediocrity. Compared to its predecessor, the display, like most modern smartphones, has been expanded upwards and offers a minimal notch and an aspect ratio of 19: 9


HD + im 19: 9-Format: As modern smartphone gives the display (partly) borderless and has a small notch. Picture: Nokia

Nokia 3.2 in the test: average performance

As a budget smartphone, the Nokia 3.2 is not expected to perform at the level of current top models, but the smartphone still achieved a satisfactory test Power. This is how the interplay of the four-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 429 (1,95 GHz) and the two GB of RAM for a reasonably smooth operation. In PCMark for Android, the Nokia has a good value of 4. 600 points, while those below 2 fps in the GFX bench show that this is by no means a gaming smartphone , Our test PDF was sent via WiFi within 14, 8 seconds loaded, which is a fairly average value in comparison. Especially in view of the low price, the performance of the Nokia 3.2 is okay for an entry-level smartphone.

Nokia 3.2 in the test: equipped with cons and pros

The Nokia 3.2 lacks some important aspects in terms of features, but the smartphone surprises with some for the price range rather unusual, properties. As expected, the Android phone offers an LTE connection with up to 150 Mbit / s, WiFi and Bluetooth 4.2. However, it lacks protection from dust or water, which is not unusual in this price range. Even the internal memory of only 16 GByte is small, but can be expanded using a memory card. You can also connect wired headphones or AUX cables via the audio socket.

You can unlock the Nokia 3.2 despite its low price either by fingerprint or face recognition. To enable contactless payment, NFC is on board and dual SIM enables the use of two SIM cards.

Mixed feelings: The equipment offers some interesting features, but also lacks something. Picture: Nokia

Nokia 3.2 in the test: disappointing cameras, strong battery

The cameras of the Nokia 3.2, however, disappoint across the board. The 13 – megapixel main camera disappointed across the board. The video function is also not very fun, just draw clips with 30 frames per second in full HD resolution. The 5 megapixel front camera is also only suitable for quick snapshots without great demands.

The battery is completely different. The 4.000 mAh battery is the clear highlight of the Nokia 3.2 in the test and brings it to continuous 12: 35 hours. Charging takes place via microUSB, which can take up to three hours with a full charge – after 30 minutes are round 24 percent charge in it.

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Comparison to the predecessor

But what exactly does Nokia have with the Nokia 3.2 compared to its predecessor, the Nokia 3.1, improved? The most obvious change catches the eye and affects the display: This has not only been expanded almost borderless, but also offers a slightly higher resolution (previously: 720 x 1. 440 pixels) and more image area. The pixel density is nevertheless lower. Inside, Nokia missed the processor, in particular, while the battery capacity was increased significantly. We have summarized all the exact data for you in the following table.

(Editor: Fabian von Thun, Test: Christoph Giese)

Differences at first glance: The Nokia 3.1 (left) compared to the Nokia 3.2 (right). Images: Bestcheck

To test the Nokia 3.1

Nokia 3.1 vs. 3.2

Nokia 3.1 Nokia 3.2

CPU (clock)

Mediatek MT 6750 N (1, 50 GHz)

Qualcomm Snapdragon 429 (1,95 GHz)

Random access memory

2 GB

2 GB


LCD, 5.2 inch, 1. 440 x 720 pixels, 310 ppi

LCD, 6.3 inch, 1. 520 x 720 pixels, 268 ppi


8th / 16 GByte

16 / 32 GByte

battery life (online)

10: 28 hours

12: 35 hours


NFC, Dual-Sim

NFC, Face Detection, Dual-Sim

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