Test: Nintendo Switch Lite in the test

In practice, the Switch Lite proves to be extremely practical. The compact format and lower weight ensure good mobility and a very comfortable fit while playing. In addition, the fixed controls provide a firm grip and cannot be accidentally decoupled from the tablet unit, as with the normal switch. The longer battery life is also positive. While the normal switch in the first generation wears out after almost 3.5 hours of continuous gaming, the Lite version lasts for about 5 to 5.5 hours – depending on the game. In both scenarios we play solo and without an active internet connection. The longer running time pays off, especially for longer flights or trains.

However, the more compact design – and in particular the smaller display – also has a seriously negative aspect. Fonts are often displayed so small that they can hardly be read on Switch Lite. This is because most switch games were not programmed for a smaller panel. An example of this is the otherwise excellent Fire Emblem: Three Houses , which is generally very text-heavy as an RPG. Here, Nintendo should definitely improve and patch affected titles “fully compatible” to the Lite console.

Anyone who is thinking of purchasing a Switch Lite in addition to a normal Switch will also faced with annoying usage problems. If you like to shop in the eShop title without physical data media, you will encounter the unnecessarily complicated license management from Nintendo. Because instead of simply being able to insert the memory card from one switch to the other, digital versions are bound to a single console. This is despite the fact that the same eShop account is linked in the background on both consoles. Sony and Microsoft solve this aspect much better and allow multiple parallel installations. After all, Nintendo allows eShop games to be downloaded to the second switch. Then we need an active internet connection to start the game, since only one switch can be used as the “main console” for offline operation. Again, this is a barrier that is meaningless to us for everyone who wants to use two switch consoles in parallel.

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