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With a more than long-lasting battery and a chic borderless display, which completely does without a notch recess, the Motorola One Hyper can almost test in the test convince at all levels. Even if it extends a bit far, the pop-up indoor camera is a highlight in particular, which, together with the good recording quality and the range of functions of the outdoor camera, is becoming increasingly important. The FHD + display also knows how to please and is complemented by good performance as well as handy handling and quality workmanship. The only notable flaws here are the lack of IP certification and the unspectacular mono speaker. There is also an excellent alternative.

Notchless design
Good performance
Strong 4th 000 mAh battery
Convincing cameras
Dual-SIM only shared
No certified water protection
Disappointing mono speaker

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Motorola One Hyper in the test: borderless display without notch

The 6.5-inch total vision display is of course particularly noticeable on the Motorola One Hyper. Said “total vision” describes the renunciation of any kind of notch, which means that the almost borderless 19: 9 format could be implemented without restrictions or cutouts. As a Full HD + display, the One Hyper offers a resolution of 1. 080 x 2. 340 pixels and can so in the test with a pin sharp display with a pixel density of good 396 ppi score.

In addition, the manufacturer uses an IPS panel, which generally makes contrasts clearer and colors appear more natural. With a checkerboard contrast of 137: 1 without Ambient light and a color space coverage of 114 percent in standard RGB it can be convincing and can also be seen in comparison to the competition. Of course, high-end devices like the iPhone 11 Pro or that Samsung Galaxy S 10 better values ​​here, especially with regard to the mid-range price, but the display is fine and also pleases with a maximum brightness of 413, 6 cd / m². In most cases, the content is easy to read and is presented in an attractive manner.

Borderless without restrictions: The Motorola One Hyper dispenses with a notch and thus enables a complete 19: 9 format. Picture: Motorola

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Motorola One Hyper in the test: extensive equipment

In fact, the Motorola One Hyper also has a lot to offer as a mid-range device and does not have to stand out from its high-end colleagues keep covered. In the colors dark blue or dark pink, the high-quality plastic housing is a striking eye-opener that can also impress with functionality when the inner camera is activated. After Motorola completely omitted a notch at the top of the screen, the so-called notch, the interior camera was implemented as a pop-up camera. As with the OnePlus 7 Pro or the Honor 9X moves this out of the housing immediately when activated is ready for use almost without delay.

The One Hyper has some other interesting features. In addition to the aforementioned pop-up camera, these include the fingerprint sensor, the notification LED and protection against water splashes. The first drawbacks compared to other models can already be seen here, since Motorola does not use facial recognition or full water protection with IP certification. But at least dual SIM (alternatively a SIM card and a micro SD card), NFC and a 3.5 mm headphone output are offered and also with 128 GByte already benefits from generous memory: it can be expanded by up to one terabyte via microSD.

For everyday use, the Google Assistant also supports, which after activation with the words “Ok, Google” processes inquiries regarding the current weather conditions, upcoming appointments or music playback. When the phone is not in use, the Motorola surprises you with an automatic switch to “Do not disturb” mode when the device is turned over or the alarm is muted when picked up. The peek display also acts as a kind of always-on replacement. This allows certain data on the device or shortcuts to various apps to be displayed directly when moving. Loudspeakers are unfortunately only on the underside, which can interfere with video playback from the side. There is an FM radio on board and a protective cover is included, as with all One models.

Pop-up camera, fingerprint sensor, NFC and more: the Motorola One Hyper is quite impressive for a mid-range smartphone. Picture: Motorola

Motorola One Hyper in the test: Satisfactory performance

Equipped with an eight-core “Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 “Processor with 2.0 gigahertz, four GB of RAM and the 128 GB of large internal memory can also convince the general performance of the Mototrola One Hyper in the test. The device not only achieved good values ​​in benchmark tests (PCMark: 7. 434 Points), but also loads our extensive test PDF via WiFi in a quick 5.6 seconds. In normal use, the user interface also runs smoothly and thanks to the generous working memory, multitasking with several open apps is also very possible. Here, too, the mid-range device gives itself an iPhone 11 Pro beaten, of course, but for the lower price you get a lot here.

Motorola One Hyper in the test: pop-up and many camera features

In the test, the cameras turned out to be a major highlight of the Motorola One Hyper and not only thanks to the cool pop-up Architecture scores. On paper there was a very prominent 64 – MP main and one 32 – MP internal camera installed, which also bring a laser auto focus and an optical image stabilizer (main camera only). The Night Vision mode, which can offer good exposure even with poor image ratios using quad-pixel technology (merging four pixels into one), is also particularly promoted; the typical image noise is clearly reduced and details come across well. In daylight, however, pictures sometimes look a little too sharpened, as contours are heavily adapted by the software.

The ultra-wide-angle mode, which takes pictures with a, is also convincing Angle of 118 degrees. This makes it much easier for group photos or landscape portraits to capture all the desired content. A beauty mode also enables superficial facial processing directly when the picture is taken, and the auto-smile capture schedule triggers when all the people in view smile. Using artificial intelligence, the camera app also recommends other recording modes that seem more suitable for them.

Of course, videos can also be recorded with the One Hyper: the outdoor camera is included even resolutions up to Ultra-HD, but the frame rate of 60 also 30 frames per second is limited. (Full-) HD recordings, however, are both in the main and the inside camera in liquid 60 fps possible. Time lapse, hyperlapse and slow motion with up to 240 frames per second also in it and work satisfactorily in practice.

AI-controlled: Using artificial intelligence, the One Hyper suggests more suitable photo modes. Picture: Motorola

Motorola One Hyper in the test: Enormously long-lasting battery

The battery turns out to be the clear highlight of the Motorola One Hyper in the test. The 4.000 mAh-holding battery brings it to the test in the test namely amazing 14: 06 Hours in continuous online operation and also convinces when charging using the included quick-charging power supply: the battery is charged from zero to one hundred percent in just one and a half hours and has 30 minutes already over strong 61 percent charge , Motorola does not use wireless charging here, but the pure endurance of the battery is absolutely convincing. In the Leaderboard the smartphone secures one of the best places in this category at the time of testing and also leaves some high-end models behind .

Outstanding runtimes: The 4th 000 mAh battery convinces with a strong online runtime of over 14 hours. Picture: Motorola

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