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Conclusion from 14. 01. 2020

For round 300 Euro sold Medion with the MD 18861 an average robot vacuum cleaner, but the test clearly deficits in terms of things Suction power and obstacle detection revealed. Although we like the control via smartphone and the safe navigation, the unimpressive results when removing the test dust and the high volume during operation are very negative.

Safe navigation
Control via smartphone
Quite loud
Moderate obstacle detection
adults suction

The values ​​in the article refer to the test time of the product ( 14. 01. 2020 ) .

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  • Editor's Review satisfactory (2.8 )
  • Value assessment Acceptable
  • Price approximately 299, 00 €

Medion MD 18861 in the test: good equipment

The equipment of the MD 18861, known from Aldi offers , offers the most important functions and gimmicks of a vacuum cleaner robot, but also lacks a lot. For example, the robot is continuously connected via WiFi and can be controlled via smartphone and transfers data such as a virtual map of the apartment to the same. The app can also set virtual limits for cleaning, view progress and set regular operating times.

The robot has a 14, 4-volt Li-ion battery and a quite large dust container volume of about 0.6 liters. Various sensors such as impact or drop sensors also enable safe navigation without the robot damaging itself or the surrounding furniture. A docking station for charging is of course included in the scope of delivery, we only missed a remote control as well as a display and voice output. However, these extras are not necessary.

Everything you need is missing from the MD 18861 a remote control and a wiping function, but the equipment is still fine. Picture: Medion

Medion MD 18861 in the test: disappointing suction power

Of course, the actual suction power and navigation during the cleaning process are particularly important for a vacuum robot. The latter works relatively well in the test, even if not all obstacles are avoided by the robot. While at least occasionally avoiding collisions, the robot always chose to confront Lego bricks, loose cables and carpet fringes. The robot therefore requires a tidy environment before each cleaning process in order to avoid damage to the device or the apartment as much as possible. The return to the charging station is then reliable and usually runs without major complications.

The suction power was quite disappointing in the test. So not only corners turn out to be critical points, but also the vacuum robot only managed 14 Remove percent of the test dust from the carpet – even for one 300 – Euro model a bad value. On the other hand, he removed applied wool fluff in nine out of ten cases and the general coverage was also satisfactory. In comparison to the other models our best list gets the MD 18861 here one of the worst values. The volume is also not convincing and is relatively high.

Leaves too much: The suction power of the MD 18861 disappointed in the test. Picture: Medion

Buying advice: robot vacuum

The purchase of a vacuum robot often harbors many points that need to be considered, depending on the design of your own four walls. This can start with the required sensors and end with the desired extras, such as remote control via smartphone or a wipe function. The question of whether there is a hairy animal in your household can also be a decisive factor when choosing a robot. Detailed buying advice and an extensive test of various top models can be found here while our leaderboard compactly summarizes the best devices for you.

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