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Conclusion from 22. 01. 2020

The LG soundbar SL8YG left a good impression in the test. The sound knows how to please: The SL8YG reproduces stereo effects well, but the voice representation could be warmer and more natural. In terms of equipment, on the other hand, the soundbar lacks little. Your price is reasonable for performance. What you should pay attention to when buying sound bars, we say in the video.

Good sound
Strong equipment
Housing quite flat
Sound could be a bit more natural his
no airplay

From 499, 00 €: Find Best Price for LG SL8YG

The values ​​in the article refer to the test time of the product ( 22. 01. 2020 ) .

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LG SL8YG in the test: good multi-channel sound for home cinema

The LG SL8YG uses a 3.1.2 system, which means it has two front, one center and two height channels. It reproduces stereo effects well: its sound reproduction is clear and defined, the bass is also powerful thanks to the external subwoofer. In the test, we increased its volume somewhat. Voices are also very clear and easy to understand, but they lack a bit of warmth and fullness – here the SL8YG plays a bit cool and sterile. Despite the height speakers, our Dolby Atmos tracks are barely effective. There is the more expensive Samsung HW-Q 80 R much more impressive.

The LG SL8YG does a good job in the test. Picture: Simon Kirsch / CHIP

Detailed soundbar buying advice: The best models & the most important features

Excellent facilities

The equipment of the LG SL8YG is excellent and is on the level of the slightly more expensive LG SL9YG . It has an HDMI input and an output, the latter with Audio Return Channel (ARC). If your TV does not support this function, you can also connect the SL8YG to the TV using an optical cable. In addition to Spotify Connect, there is also Google Chromecast via WiFi. This allows you to easily stream content from an Android phone to the soundbar.

The Google Assistant, which comes with voice control, is also preinstalled. There is also multi-room support via the Google implementation: You can play music simultaneously in different rooms via one source. Like the LG SL9YG, the smaller LG SL8YG can also be connected wirelessly to matching LG back-channel speakers to enhance the surround effect. It even offers a USB port; but only music can be played over it. We found the handling of the soundbar to be okay in the test, but not outstanding – the remote control, for example, should be a bit higher quality.

Shop recommendation for LG SL8YG, black – 3.1.2 sound system (Dolby Atmos, 440 W, Meridian Audio, AI ThinQ, Google Assistant)

LG SL8YG, Schwarz - 3.1.2 Soundsystem (Dolby Atmos, 440W, Meridian Audio, AI ThinQ, Google Assistant)

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  • Facilities (1.0)
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  • Facilities (1.0)
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