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Conclusion from 28. 01. 2020

As a budget tablet for under 150 Euro you have to make a few compromises with the Lenovo Tab M8 2. The display is okay for the price, but we don't like the moderate performance or the limited configuration. For example, the M8 2 offers LTE and face recognition, certified protection against water as well as dual SIM and a fingerprint sensor, but you won't find it here. As an entry-level tablet it can at least be the Amazon Fire 10 in most categories.

Favorable price
Inexpensive cameras
Rather poor performance
Average display
Manageable equipment
No protection against dust or water

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The values ​​in the article refer to the test time of the product ( 28. 01. 2020 ) .

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Lenovo Tab M8 2 review: average screen

The display of the Lenovo Tab M8 2 measures eight inches and offers a resolution of 1. 280 x 800 pixels. This results in a pixel density of lean 189 ppi, which especially disappointed in direct comparison with – but often more expensive – models of the competition. To do this, we measured a maximum brightness of in the test on the IPS display cd / m² and a checkerboard contrast of 133:1. The color space coverage also promises little fun: With a coverage of 86 percent of sRGB and 63 percent of the larger DCI P3 color space, the Lenovo Tab M8 2 produces a rather pale picture.

In view of the low price, the screen is still okay overall. It serves its purpose. If you want brilliant colors and a crisp display, you have to spend more money and Grab the Galaxy Tab S6 . If you don't want to dig deep into your pocket, you can also get a Lenovo Tab M 10 clearly better results.

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Lenovo Tab M8 2 32GB LTE (ZA5H0064SE)

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Display without highlights: Neither the resolution nor the measured values ​​stand out particularly with the Tab M8 2. Picture: Lenovo

Lenovo Tab M8 2 in the test: minimal equipment with drawbacks

The equipment of the Tab M8 in the 2nd generation covers the technical standards, but leaves nothing to be desired. In addition to WiFi, Bluetooth 5.0 and LTE, the tablet offers facial recognition and a memory card slot, via which the 28 GByte large internal memory by up to can be expanded to two terabytes. However, there is a lack of dual SIM, for example, an IP-certified protection against dust and water, NFC and a second loudspeaker. The connections are also not very spectacular and cover the bare essentials with microUSB and a 3.5mm socket. Android 9.0 is the operating system and the buyers have a choice of colors between platinum gray and iron gray.

Minimal equipment: The Lenovo Tab M8 2 dispenses with IP protection, dual SIM and NFC. Picture: Lenovo

Lenovo Tab M8 2 in the test: performance for smaller tasks

Unsurprisingly, the performance of the Lenovo Tab M8 cannot keep up with the (more expensive) competition even in the 2nd version. Equipped with a quad-core processor in the form of the MediaTek Helio A 22 Tab with 2.0 GHz and the two gigabytes While the general performance is okay for less demanding tasks, the device can be worn out for complex programs, games or multitasking.

This fact is also reflected in our benchmark measurements: In PCMark, the tablet reaches a value of 4. 870 points, while in 3DMark only 301 points are in it. The performance is below average but still better than the more expensive Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 2 . The low price is therefore noticeable in terms of performance. The same applies here too: Anyone hoping for brisk performance and extensive multitasking will be more satisfied in higher price segments.

Lenovo Tab M8 2 review: cameras for snapshots

The 5-megapixel main camera and the 1.9-megapixel front camera are also okay for the price, decent pictures are possible in good light. In the dim light, however, the recordings clearly lose detail, rustle and lose a lot of quality overall. Record videos in HD resolution with 1. 280 x 720 pixels on. There is no optical image stabilizer, Lenovo has even dispensed with a flash. In the dark, you can safely save yourself the photography.

As long as the lighting conditions are right, the photos can be seen. Picture: Lenovo

Lenovo Tab M8 2 in the test: Little capacity, nevertheless good runtimes

The battery of the Tab M8 2 has a capacity of 3. 950 mAh and is therefore even smaller than some smartphones. Nevertheless, the Lenovo Tab M8 2 lasts for a relatively long time: During continuous video playback, we came up with the test 12: 34 hours – at least with internet use 11: 36 hours. As surprising as the long runtime is the long charging time, which is awesome in the test 05: 19 hours. This is too much for tablets too.

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Lenovo Tab M8 2 32GB LTE (ZA5H0064SE)

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Lenovo vs. Amazon: duel of budget tablets

When it comes to “affordable entry-level tablets”, many people think of Amazon's Fire tablets, which already come with prices from 55 euros form the lowest tablet price segment. The Lenovo Tab M2 is also one of the cheaper models and comes in the price of about Amazon Fire 10 equal. But which of the devices can offer more for its low price?

The first differences are immediately apparent on the display: While the Lenovo tablet is limited to 8 inches, the screen measures des Fires 10, 1 inch and also offers a higher resolution of 1. 920 x 1. 200 pixels. The pixel density falls with 224 ppi also higher, which makes the image appear sharper compared to Tab M8 2. The Amazon device also has the edge in terms of color space coverage and brightness, while the Lenovo passes by in terms of contrast. It also achieved significantly better values ​​in the PCMark benchmark and offers slightly better performance. Since it also has LTE, the Tab M8 also has the edge in terms of equipment and not only takes better pictures with its main camera, but also lasts about five hours longer with its battery in the test.

If you can accept smaller drawbacks in the display, you should rather use the Lenovo model in direct comparison. If you don't care about cell phone, battery life and cameras, you can use the Amazon Fire 10 of a benefit from a larger display with more beautiful displays. That scarce 190 Gram higher weight should not disturb you.

Lenovo vs. Amazon

Lenovo Tab M8 2 Amazon Fire HD 10




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Good and cheap? The comparison shows whether the Lenovo also beats the popular Fire tablets. Images: Lenovo / BestCheck

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