Test: Kärcher EDI 4 in the test

De-icing car windows – it's that easy

Conclusion from 16. 01. 2020

The Kärcher EDI 4 makes annoying ice scraping easy. In the test, we only needed some pressure to get light to medium layers from the panes. The device lies comfortably in the hand, is simple and one battery charge – depending on the scratching surface – easily lasts for a week. However, this method leaves ice flakes that you have to brush away. The lack of a charging adapter for the cigarette lighter is annoying, and the EDI 4 is so loud that it wakes up the whole neighborhood. In addition, it is currently a bit too expensive for us. In the video we show you how to de-ice your car even without an electrical aid.

Good scratch result without much effort
battery lasts a long time by
handy design
According to
No adapter for cigarette lighter
Ice remains must be brushed away by hand
Quite expensive

Kärcher EDI 4 in the test: handy scratching aid

Kärcher can never be accused of making their devices too complicated. The EDI 4 is very easy to handle : Protective cap off, switch on and push the device in a circular motion over the frozen car window. You don't need to put a lot of pressure on the black momentary switch, but you shouldn't stop pressing the device on the window, because then the scratch automatically stops rotating its slats. Say: You have to rough yourself up how much pressure is required.

In and of itself the EDI 4 is a bit difficult (530 grams without protective cap), but since it lies half on the disc, we do not notice anything negative. If the disc is not too big, you can reach every point with little effort. The plastic blades are also easily removed and replaced, should that ever be necessary: ​​simply pull them off and put the replacement back on.

The EDI 4 comes with an easy-to-remove protective cap. Picture: CHIP

De-icing car windows: With this trick it works

Good scratch result

We like the result of the scratching aid, but the device does not remove the scraped ice flakes. So you should still have a hand broom in the car to completely brush the window. And of course the EDI 4 with its blunt hard slats also reaches its performance limits somewhere, so you won't be able to mill a hole in the frozen pond with it. However, the performance is more than sufficient for everyday use. But you have to make sure that neither the car window nor the plastic blades are dirty, otherwise you will scratch the glass.

Six plastic blades scrape over the frozen disk at low speed. Picture: CHIP

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Volume completely exaggerated

Only one fact prohibits you from scratching ice at any time of the day or night: the volume. Up close, the EDI 4 is almost deafening and you can still hear it from a distance. So if the neighbor in your own home settlement is bothered by the fact that you jingle with your car keys in the morning, the EDI 4 is a guaranteed troublemaker. Conversely, the unusual type of scratch is also a nice way to start a conversation, a kind of conversation icebreaker. In our test passers-by stopped and curiously explored the Kärcher device.

The scraper disc can be quickly removed and replaced with a short jerk. Picture: CHIP

Battery lasts a week

In our test, the battery easily lasted for a week with daily scratching, so you can leave the ice scraper in the glove compartment on weekdays and on weekends then recharge. It doesn't hurt so much anymore that only a Schuko charging cable is included and no adapter for the cigarette lighter.

The biggest shortcoming besides the volume is current for us the price: the Kärcher EDI 4 costs around 50 Euro. For around 30 We would recommend it.

Shop recommendation for Kärcher EDI 4 Electric ice scraper, yellow, black, silver

Kärcher EDI 4 Elektrischer Eiskratzer, Gelb, Schwarz, Silber

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