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Conclusion from 24. 02. 2020

The Intel Core i9 – 10980) XE shows itself as a good enthusiast in the test -CPU that performs much efficiently at a fairly affordable price. The processor beats the predecessor, which makes the CPU a good upgrade option, but has to surrender to the overpowering Ryzen competition. If you only take a little more money in your hand, AMD currently gets a much better CPU.

Good performance
Comparatively cheap
Simple Upgrade
opposite Threadripper 3000 hardly competitive

From 1. 129, 00 €: Find Best Price For Intel Core i9 – 10980 XE Extreme Edition

The values ​​in the article refer to the test time of the product ( 24. 02. 2020 ) .

The ratings below show how it compares to the other products in the leaderboard.

Test ratings (compared to all tested products in this category)

Intel Core i9 – 10980 XE in the test: 18 cores in 14 nanometers

Under the code name Cascade Lake-X, Intel sends with the Core i9 – 10980 XE a strong CPU in the race for the enthusiast crown – and still loses significantly. The processor has 18 Computing cores that are hyperthreaded up to 32 Juggle threads simultaneously. The cores run from 3 to 4.6 GHz, whereby individual cores can also reach 4.8 GHz via Turbo Boost 3.0. The thermal power loss (TDP) amounts to 165 Watts, which appears to be low in view of the competition – although the manufacturers use different measurement methods, so the values ​​are not directly comparable.

Because Intel is still in the due to manufacturing difficulties ) nm process, while AMD has long been in the 7-nm -Node produced, the chipmaker is initially denied a narrowing of the structure width and thus the choice between more transistors in the same area or the same number of components in a smaller area. Cascade Lake-X is the second refresh of Skylake-X from the year 2017 and with Kaby Lake-X and Broadwell E the fifth 14 – nm architecture for enthusiasts.

Everything remains with the mainboard the old: who already has a LGA 2066 – PCB with X 299 – chipset used, the old Intel chip can be easily replaced by the Core i9 – 10980 Replace XE. This saves costs, while a new sTRX mainboard is required for AMD's current generation of thread rippers.

Shop recommendation for Intel Core i9 – 10980 XE 3.0GHz socket 2066

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Mainboard features for enthusiasts

A LGA 2066 -Mainboard has PCI-Express version 3.0 (Threadripper 3000: 4.0), 24 PCIe lanes, up to ten USB 3.0 ports, up to 14 USB 2.0 ports, M.2 and up to eight SATA interfaces with 6.0 Gbit / s bandwidth. The fast Intel Optane memory can of course also be used with these mainboards, as can DDR4 RAM in a quad-channel network.

The CPU offers two AVX – 512 – units for very fast matrix calculation and to support AI-based programs. Each core has 64 KByte L1 cache, 1.0 24 KByte L2 cache and the total L3 cache is around 25 MByte.

Benchmark Results: Intel has a problem

The good news first: Whoever 9960 XE or 9980 XE the Previous generation in the LGA socket, can with the i9 – 10980 XE in some aspects look forward to a reasonable performance upgrade. In our tests, the new CPU puts the handbrake in the encoding benchmark 10 percent and at x 265 – Encoding even via 20 percent too. In some tests, however, the CPU stands still: In the older Cinebench R 15 (multicore) and the ray tracing renderer POV-Ray come 10980 XE and 9980 XE roughly the same result.

The very bad news (for Intel): AMD offers with the Ryzen Threadripper 3960 X a model that undoubtedly defeats Intel's currently best Core-X. In everyday benchmarks like PCMark 10 the Intel processor is not yet completely disconnected, and also in single-thread mode of the Cinebench R rendering test 20 he still comes along. Once the 3960 X but the 24 – Core muscles can play, goes the Intel processor KO – Depending on the test, the thread ripper manages up to 50 percent more power. Best example: In the 3D render benchmark Blender (scene: Classroom) the i9 – 10980 XE around seven minutes, during the 3960 X is waiting for new challenges after just four and a half minutes. This makes a huge difference in everyday work in the industry.

Please do not misunderstand: At the time of testing, the Intel Core i9 – 10980 XE in our leaderboard third place, which is excellent. Only is the distance to the next two places – the 3960 X and the even better 3970 X – almost insurmountable.

Note: Unfortunately we could not take any game measurements because our test graphics card suffered a defect. However, these results are not relevant to the overall rating and we will add them as soon as we have a replacement.

AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3960 X in comparison

AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3960 X AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3970 X Intel Core i9 – 10980 XE

PCMark 8 (Creative)

. 4 152 Points

. 4 133 Points

. 3 914 Points

PCMark 10 (Extended)

. 4 262 Points

. 4 314 Points

. 3 683 Points

Cinebench R 20 (n-thread)

13. 698 Points

17. 065 Points

8th.608 Points

Cinebench R 20 (single thread)

508 Points

505 Points

476 Points

hand Brake

246, 1 fps

227, 8 fps

171 fps

x 265 – encoding

24, 6 fps

25, 0 fps

9.3 fps


11. 218 Pixel / s

13. 253 Pixel / s

. 7 373 pixels / s

TrueCrypt (AES-Twofish-Serpent)

1.400 MByte / s

1.600 MByte / s

1. 100 MByte / s

Blender (scene: Classroom)

272 s

222 s

417 s

Price and alternatives

About six years ago, Intel celebrated absolute market dominance, while AMD fans always said “Who should pay for that?” countered. The tables have now turned: In the current Threadripper series, the cheapest model is only available from 1. 400 Euro, you get the strongest Intel Core-X for 1. 130 Euro – and if you already have a LGA 2066 – Mainboard, you save even more money. From this point of view, the i9 – 10980 XE definitely recommended. But if you are not upgrading and have a little more money, you should rather have a 3960 X think.

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