Test: Huawei P40 Lite in the test

Huawei P40 Lite im Test

Conclusion from 28. 04. 2020

The Huawei P 40 Lite does a lot of things right and it starts with the battery. Not only does it charge particularly quickly, it also lasts for long days without any problems. It convinces with a decent performance and takes really good pictures during the day. However, this no longer applies in darker lighting conditions. In addition, the display could be a bit brighter – even the predecessor could do that better. Due to the lack of Google services, users have significant restrictions in the range of apps.

Very long battery life
Fleet performance
Picture quality in daylight convincing
Display too dark
Incomplete equipment
Image quality in dim light leaves something to be desired left
No Google services

Huawei P 40 Lite in the test: Chic doesn't always have to be expensive

Note: There Huawei ships the smartphone without Google's App Store and users as a result of which, in some cases, have considerable restrictions, we currently dispense with an overall rating. In our cell phone leaderboard but you can see all sub-ratings to assess how well the device performs in a category.

Visual makes the Huawei P 40 Lite neat what ago. The back of our test device shimmers in a pink-blue, but still subtle color gradient. The frame of the smartphone is made of aluminum, which is partly shiny, partly matt – quite a rarity for this price segment. In addition, the front of the Huawei P 40 Lite neat what. A large part of the area of ​​the front is covered by the display.

This extends to a diagonal of 6.4 inches and resolves in Full-HD-Plus (2. 340 x 1. 080 pixels). It achieves a pixel density of 403 ppi, which we still rate as “very good”. However, the maximum display brightness gives cause for criticism. It does not come through 398 cd / m² in the test. Not only that the direct predecessor P 30 Lite has delivered more convincingly here, this below-average brightness also makes it difficult to recognize content in bright ambient light.

The color representation is impressive . The Huawei P 40 Lite covers 138 percent of the standard RGB color space and 97 percent of the DCI-P3 color space, that's great.

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Above all, the high display-surface ratio on the front creates a very valuable impression. Picture: CHIP / Thomas Konnerth

Huawei P 40 Lite: From early in the morning until late at night with one battery charge

Total 4. 200 mAh capacity is measured by the permanently installed battery of the Huawei P 40 Lite. The mid-range smartphone thus achieves an excellent runtime of 13: 25 hours in our test. In any case, that should be enough to accompany you over longer days.

And when the energy has run low, it only takes half an hour to again 76 percent of capacity is full. For a full battery charge you have to Schedule minutes, because the smartphone supports the charging capacity increasing battery level to save the battery. That Huawei is a 40 Watt fast charging -Power supply included is not a matter of course in this price range. Wireless charging works with the Huawei P 40 Lite but not.

The battery life of the Huawei P 40 Lite is great. Picture: CHIP / Thomas Konnerth

The Huawei P 40 Lite is whole nice and quick on the way

Huawei is one of the few manufacturers on the smartphone market that relies almost exclusively on in-house processors. So works inside the P 40 Lite the middle class CPU HiSilicon Kirin 810. The chip has a clock rate of up to 2, 27 Gigahertz and works with eight computing cores. For this, Huawei donated the P 40 Lite a decent six gigabytes of RAM.

The smartphone performed well in our laboratory test. Our elaborate test PDF file loads it in a brisk 4.6 seconds and also achieves a respectable 7 in PCMark. 703 Points. Our practical test also leaves little reason for criticism: apps start and close at a brisk pace, delays or commemorative seconds were hardly noticeable. In addition, the large working memory reliably holds the opened apps in the background. The P differs especially when it comes to simple tasks, including chatting or scrolling in social media feeds. Lite hardly from its much more expensive siblings P 40 and P 40 Per. The differences only become visible in games or other performance-hungry applications.

Even smaller games are on the Huawei P 40 Lite no problem: thanks to the mid-range processor, the smartphone easily overcomes such hurdles. Picture: CHIP / Thomas Konnerth

The ideal camera companion for the day trip

Huawei donated the P 40 Lite a quad camera system in a square arrangement. The main camera takes pictures with 48 Megapixel, adds with the pixel binning technology but always four pixels together. The results therefore result in a resolution of 12 Megapixels. In addition to the regular wide-angle lens, there is also an ultra-wide angle so that you can choose a larger image section. A dedicated macro lens is suitable for close-up photography and the bokeh lens provides depth of field information for portrait shots. However, you have to do without optical image stabilization. Videos records the P 40 Lite maximum in full HD resolution with 30 frames per second. This is better.

The photo quality in daylight is convincing: strong colors and a decent reproduction of the details characterize the pictures in good light conditions. However, the quality decreases significantly under dim light. If the smartphone stands still during the recording, the result is still okay, but the pictures are bad when shot out of hand. After all: The quality of the selfie camera is good, but like most other cell phones, the P 40 Lite an auto focus in the front camera.

The arrangement of the rear camera lenses is reminiscent of the design of the current iPhone Pro models. Picture: CHIP / Thomas Konnerth

Gaps in the equipment

The Huawei P 40 Lite comes with current Android 10, the manufacturer installs its software interface EMUI 10. 0.1. However, please note that the P 40 Lite has no license for the Google services, so the Google Play Store is missing, among other things. You can alternatively obtain apps from the Huawei App Gallery, alternative app stores or on the Internet as an installation file – however, there are some significant restrictions.

The connectivity of the smartphone also leaves something to be desired: Although the P 40 Lite WiFi 5 (WLAN-ac), the current WiFi 6 (WLAN-ax) is missing. You also have to do without an NFC sensor for contactless payment and IP certification (protection against water and dust). Furthermore, Bluetooth 4.2 and USB-C-2.0 are not state of the art. The same applies to the existing headphone jack, which should please some users.

In terms of storage space, the Huawei P 40 Lite nominal 128 gigabytes, of which around 110 gigabytes are available. The smartphone thus offers enough space for numerous media, apps and other data. The internal memory can also be expanded. However, a Huawei NM card is required and the dual SIM functionality is then lost.

The internal storage space is large. If it is not enough, it can be expanded using a Huawei memory card. Picture: CHIP / Thomas Konnerth

Huawei P 40 Lite: Lightning-fast biometrics included

As with the flagships from Huawei, the P 40 Lite on a mono speaker. It gets pleasantly loud, but it lacks sound quality. This does not apply to the fingerprint sensor. Although it is still classically in the frame and not under the display, it does an excellent job. The detection time is practically non-existent, the reliability for it almost at 100 percent. And thanks to the position in the power button, you can unlock the smartphone in most cases by pressing the button and even skip the lock screen completely.

The Huawei P 40 Lite comes at a non-binding recommended price 299 euros on the market. For this price, you get a pair of wired headphones, a protective cover and a pre-installed screen protector in addition to the mobile phone and the quick-charging power supply.

Test center: Christoph Giese

Editor: Jamal Fischer

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The speaker of the Huawei P 40 Lite is loud, but leaves something to be desired in terms of quality. Alternatively, there is a headphone jack. Picture: CHIP / Thomas Konnerth