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Conclusion from 24. 01. 2020

The Delonghi ECAM 370. 95. T Dinamica plus shows itself in the test as an excellent fully automatic coffee machine at a fair price. The machine prepares a full-bodied espresso with firm crema and offers tons of space to tune the settings to your favorite beans. Operation is easy and the display is easy to read. You can access options even more finely via the app. There are no abnormalities during maintenance. The only thing that bothers us is that the machine is brewing a little slowly. In the video we show you what to look for when buying a fully automatic coffee machine

Great espresso
A lot of freedom of adjustment

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Delonghi Dinamica Plus in the test: Eternal Crema

You shouldn't drink a good espresso too hot. When the temperatures drop, the tongue can discover more nuances – and a good coffee still tastes good, even when it's cold. The problem: The pretty crema collapses at some point. This is not the case with the Delonghi Dinamica Plus – even after a quarter of an hour, the crema still stands like a one. Our sommelier puts the espresso taste on a par with our current test winner, the Jura E8 2018 . This is very balanced, and the machine gives you enormous opportunities for fine tuning. You can send to the 13 Play around the grind settings and influence the coffee strength, quantity, milk quantity and temperature via the menus. The important lead time can be determined exactly. For our test beans, the sommelier has found the optimal settings in the middle, so there is plenty of space in both respects for stronger and milder roasts. The CHIP colleagues who tried the machine during the test period also enjoyed the taste.

Dinamica has many pre-programmed recipes on the menu, including the standards such as espresso, cappuccino and latte macchiato, but also creations unusual for fully automatic machines such as the café au lait or a whole pot of coffee for six cups. Variations of the recipes can be saved and you get three profiles – so you don't get annoyed in the morning that someone else has ruined your favorite coffee.

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Simple enough

There is also little to complain about when it comes to operation. Basically, the machine is easy to use thanks to the 3.5-inch display and sufficiently sized buttons. The favorite recipes are even automatically sorted by frequency. So you don't have to look far. In addition, it is no better or worse to maintain than most other models. This means that you should rinse, empty and wipe the Dinamica at the end of the day at the latest. You can put the milk container in the fridge so that you should only clean the lines on the machine every day.

The Dinamica Plus also comes with an app. Here you can make settings more clearly and more precisely than on the machine itself.

Key labels and symbols are easy to understand and big enough. Picture: CHIP Studios / Simon Kirsch

Mini shortcomings

If something disturbs us in the operation, then only small things. For example, the outlet only allows a cup height of 135 mm too. One or the other extremely tall glass may not fit underneath. We are also annoyed by Delonghi's 1.8 liter water tank, which, as always, comes without a handle – this makes filling, towing it back and inserting it a bit uncomfortable on the machine side. Finally, the machine is a little lame when preparing espresso. We measure 49 Seconds, which is not the slowest value in the test field, but not far from it. Our CHIP colleagues also found that the drip tray is difficult to clean. After all: With 42, 9 x 23, 6 x 34, 8 cm the machine is not small, but we already had significantly larger all-round fully automatic machines in the test.

Fully automatic coffee machines in the test

Jura E8 chrom 2018 Offer from BestCheck

  • Facilities (1.4)
  • Taste & Cover (1.0)
  • Maintenance (1.3)
  • Comfort (1.5)


Jura E8 Touch 2019 platinum (15293)

Jura E8 Touch 2019 platin (15293) Offer from BestCheck

  • Facilities (1.5)
  • Flavor & Cover (1.3)
  • Maintenance (1.3)
  • Comfort (1.5)


DeLonghi ECAM 370. 95. T Dinamica plus

DeLonghi ECAM 370.95.T Dinamica plus Offer from BestCheck

  • Facilities (1.1)
  • Flavor & Cover (1,2)
  • Maintenance (2.1)
  • Comfort (1.4)


DeLonghi EPAM 960. 75. GLM Maestosa

DeLonghi EPAM 960.75.GLM Maestosa Offer from BestCheck

  • Facilities (1.0)
  • Flavor & Cover (1.1)
  • Maintenance (2.9)
  • Comfort (1,2)


DeLonghi ECAM 656. 85. MS PrimaDonna Elite Experience

DeLonghi ECAM 656.85.MS PrimaDonna Elite Experience Offer from BestCheck

  • Facilities (1.1)
  • Flavor & Cover (1,2)
  • Maintenance (2.1)
  • Comfort (2.7)

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